The meaning of a tattoo with unusual animals for men

Men’s tattoos can be divided into those that depict animals, symbols, inscriptions, people, plants, mythological creatures, religious and cartoon characters. Most often today, men stuff animals. Unusual animals look very original, for example, decorative birds, marine inhabitants, various funny animals.

To choose a tattoo with unusual animals for men, it is important to pay attention not only to the aesthetic component, but also to the meaning of the tattoo. But the meaning will largely depend on the sketch, location on the body, style and color scheme. This is worth talking about in more detail.

Tattoo with unusual animals

Tattoos with bears, lions, dragons, snakes and owls have already become classics of the genre. But for those who strive for extraordinary solutions, deep subtext and novelty, modern tattoo artists offer tattoos with various unusual animals. The top list of the most interesting ideas includes the following characters:

Bull — a bull tattoo in body art represents masculine strength and power, inner core and invincibility. Some cultures and peoples consider bulls to be a symbol of divine power because its roar is similar to thunder, and the stomp on the run with an earthquake. It is also said that the bull is a symbol of solar energy.

Photo 2

Shark — symbolize aggression, danger, self-confidence, courage and insubordination. In many ways, the meaning of the tattoo will depend on the sketch itself, whether it will be a calm or attacking animal.

Photo 3

Butterfly — the tattoo symbolizes looseness, complete freedom and the joy of existence. The owner of such a tattoo can thus speak of his positive and easy approach to life.

Photo 4

Spider — always a frightening sight that carries a double meaning, danger and aggression along with wisdom and balance. Sometimes a tattoo can serve as a talisman against dangers, and in another case, talk about the danger of conflicts with you.

Photo 5

Lynx — it is a symbol of natural beauty along with danger and strength. A kind of cute predator that can be perceived differently depending on the sketch.

Photo 6

Griffin — a warrior bird and the king of the air, a symbol of complete freedom of choice and aspirations for power, the conquest of peaks. The flying griffin speaks of the desires for conquest and hunting, calm about the wisdom and life experience of a man. Approximately the same meaning carries a falcon and a hawk.

Photo 7

Carp — an authentic phenomenon in body art, denoting perseverance, courage, lack of fear. The same meanings suggest many other fish tattoos.

Photo 8

Lizard — in one case, the reptile symbolizes wisdom, in the other it is a symbol of good luck. Slavic culture, on the contrary, considers the lizard a harbinger of danger, while Europeans consider it the personification of darkness.

Photo 9

Elephant — the tattoo speaks of calmness, power, devotion and wisdom of the owner. At the same time, the animal expresses’ masculinity, strength, ferocity in case of danger.

Photo 10

Panda catfishes — a representative of different subcultures, expressing friendliness, independence, kindness, spontaneity. And since pandas are dying out, such tattoos are made by conservationists.

Photo 11

Horse is a symbol of diligence, speed, strength, perseverance and courage. A man with such a tattoo is swift in action and freedom-loving in choice. In addition, it is a symbol of masculinity, fertility, disobedience to life’s troubles.

Photo 12

Leopard — a symbol of predatory charm, strength and power. The owner of such a tattoo strives for a free life, has natural grace and charm.

Photo 13

Cat — the image of cats symbolizes maternal care, if it is a black cat, it is attributed to the nocturnal inhabitants, which is why interpretations can be very ambiguous.

Photo 14

Turtle — personifies longevity, regularity, life experience, high intelligence, patience.

Photo 15

Dove — a symbol of peace, friendliness, purity, the complete absence of aggression. In some cultures, it is a sign of pacifism, kindness and sacrificial love.

Photo 16

Deer — a sign of nobility, inner and outer beauty, grace, charm, the absence of evil and aggression.

Photo 17

Dolphin — a symbol of intelligence, kindness, friendliness, love and fine aesthetic taste in a man.

Photo 18

Scarab — the owner of the tattoo speaks of his inner youth, energy, confidence and determination. The insect is a talisman who attracts prosperity and good luck to life.

Photo 19

Butterfly — embodies beauty, aesthetics, airiness, an easy and direct approach to any life situations.

Photo 20

Bat — bring insight and attentiveness into the character of the owner, can entirely change the perception of oneself. In addition, it is a talisman who protects from fears, attracting good luck.

Photo 21

Salamander — the personification of the fiery element, passionate nature.

Photo 22

Hummingbird — a sign of youth and spontaneity of the soul, friendliness, positive thinking, lightness and love of freedom.

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Photo 23

Jaguar — a sign that you are not a simple person who thinks about the meaning of his stay, an imperious nature who knows how to restrain his strength and power at the right time.

Photo 24

Puma — flexibility and ability to adapt, active lifestyle, self-sufficiency of the owner.

Photo 25

Cheetah — the personification of speed, aggression, determination and greatness in the character of the owner.

Photo 26

Raccoon — the animal symbolizes accuracy, scrupulousness, quick wit and ingenuity. A kind and friendly animal that highlights the same qualities in a man with such a tattoo.

Photo 27

Pitbull — the dog acts as a symbol of aggression towards everything around the man, great physical strength, the presence of cruelty in character.

Photo 28

Monkey — a sign that the owner has a sharp mind, quick wit, dexterity. It can also be an indicator of playfulness and humor in character.

Photo 29

Stingray — a symbol of danger along with dexterity and spiritual freedom.

Photo 30

Whale — spiritual and physical strength, incredible power and steadfastness, stamina and power, but at the same time the complete absence of aggression.

Photo 31

Why do men get such tattoos?

Initially, tattoos were used only by warriors and representatives of the highest social strata. Unusual animals, such as sharks, birds, spiders, wild animals, were intended for fighters for the lands to protect them from losses, to give strength and power, courage and fearlessness. Rulers and rich people made such a tattoo plan to be different from ordinary people.

After some time, extraordinary tattoos became popular in eastern countries, each unusual animal carried a sacred philosophical meaning. Mythical characters personified superpowers, wild animals — physical strength, others — intelligence, thinking, experience and wisdom.

Today, unusual animals are stuffed into the skin by creative individuals who do not want to imitate anyone and be like everyone else. Tattoos with cats, turtles, decorative birds, sea inhabitants are intended to change the self-assessment, so that society changes the perception of such men, to achieve respect, authority, recognition.

Where do men get animal tattoos?

Animals in the form of tattoos are always an indicator of strength, life and movement, so most often they are stuffed on active and moving parts of the body. To choose a place, a man must know the sacred meaning and meaning of each area on the body.


Shoulders are always responsible for the reliability of a man, as far as his family, life partner and loved ones can rely on in difficult situations. Therefore, tattoos with animals are stuffed here, which could show the degree of reliability, responsibility, strength and stability of the owner.

Photo 33Photo 34Photo 35

Photo 34

Photo 35


This part of the body always remains in sight and rarely can be hidden by clothing. Therefore, any wearable drawing here is a protest or a challenge to society, a demonstration of strong qualities in the character of an individual. Kind animals will show positive, friendliness, loyalty in a man, predators — strength, courage, intelligence.

Photo 36Photo 37Photo 38

Wrist tattoo

A tattoo on the wrist is an indicator that a zest is hidden in a man. That is, if some character or an unusual beast is stuffed here, its pronounced features will be inherent in the owner. Also in this place, tattoos are stuffed, which can serve as talismans, amulets, helpers.

Photo 39Photo 40Photo 41

Tattoos on the palm, hands and fingers

Hands are the part with which a person influences the world around him. This means that unusual animals in this place are assistants in all areas of activity. Fast and strong animals represent physical abilities, birds, reptiles — mental abilities, wisdom and right decisions.

Photo 42Photo 43Photo 44

Tattoo sleeve

Sleeve tattoos are not just a tattoo, but a whole work of art. You can stuff it with canvas and other details, which means that the sacred meaning will be many times stronger. Hands and forearms are open areas on the body, which means that an unusual animal here will be a demonstration of the strengths of a man.

Photo 45Photo 46Photo 47


A tattoo on the neck is a way to stand out and the crowd, which is what extraordinary and self-confident men strive for. Kind and calm representatives of the flora show that a man is open to society and relationships. But wild animals and predators will be an indicator that a man is ready for defense, strong, and maybe even aggressive, or a totem beast protects him from evil.

Photo 48Photo 49Photo 50


Tattoos in this place have always been worn and are worn by men whose activities are associated with a risk to life. An unusual animal here will help strengthen the spirit, protect against ill-wishers and danger, protect the heart from disappointment and betrayal. But still, the main task of the tattoo is protection from life threats.

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Photo 51Photo 52Photo 53


A non-trivial option for tattoos, if a man does not strive to demonstrate his body art to the environment. This is both a great way to show your originality and hide tattoos from unwanted eyes. Any wild animal here will help a man adopt the best qualities and abilities.

Photo 54Photo 55Photo 56


Tattoos with various unusual representatives of the flora on the thigh play an aesthetic role more, but they still have a sacred meaning. Tattoos speak of the lightness and playfulness of a male character, they are indicators of his passionate nature, an active position in the intimate sphere of life.

Photo 57Photo 58


The back is that part of the human body that is responsible for its safety and the ability to defend itself from dark forces. Therefore, tattoos on the back are amulets against ill-wishers and bad deeds, they are also indicators of the reliability of a protector for a woman.

Photo 59Photo 60Photo 61

On the shoulder blade

Very personal, implying a deep semantic load, tattoos are applied to the shoulder blades. This place concentrates the energy responsible for the male ego and vital needs. Therefore, the choice of a picture shows what a man is striving for, how he sees himself, what animal he wants to imitate.

Photo 62Photo 63Photo 64


Most tattoos on the legs are symbols of a man’s stability, his prudence, determination. Animals in these places are necessary to become mentors in life, helping to choose the right path. Only a self-confident man stuffs an unusual animal on his feet.

Photo 65Photo 66Photo 67

Are there any recommendations for tattooing with unusual animals?

Any animal that a man prefers to prick on his body is a kind of totem that implies its own characteristics, influence on the life and character of a man, a sacred meaning and a special perception by the environment. Before resorting to modern body art, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Animal — read the detailed designation of the animal that you choose for the tattoo. Find out the history of such tattoos and their modern meaning.
  2. Style — Today, the same tattoo can look radically different, depending on the style. Choose a style according to your image, lifestyle, age, character and disposition.
  3. Tattoo parlor and master — until you find a reliable place and an experienced master, there can be no talk of any tattoo.
  4. Sketch — prepare a photo with a pattern that you would like to see on your body. It should be your author’s version, not plagiarism taken from the Internet.
  5. Price — find out how much a tattoo of this format will cost approximately, perhaps you will not be able to afford such a pleasure yet. But this does not mean that you need to save on body art.
  6. Place of application — choose a suitable area on the body so that the tattoo is proportional to it (otherwise it will be a nondescript or artsy tattoo).
  7. Details — think about what, in addition to the animal itself, which will be on the body, the master should draw. It can be different symbols or inscriptions, background or other animals.
  8. Disguise — evaluate how much you can afford a tattoo on your body. If the dress code or work environment does not accept a tattoo, it is better to get it in a hidden area of ​​the body, or maybe you are so confident in yourself that you can wear a tattoo in a conspicuous place.
  9. Pain threshold — Evaluate how much you can endure pain. Each area on the body has its own physiological properties and degree of sensitivity.
  10. Character — a tattoo on the body should always correspond to the age of a man, his disposition and character, lifestyle, principles and prejudices.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on the body?

Once you’ve decided on an animal, its size and detail can give you a clue as to where on the body you’d like it to be. For example:

  • large animals, whole compositions, the artistic style of application is appropriate in such areas as the back, chest, forearms, arms and legs;
  • medium-sized animals, birds and marine life with a moderate amount of detail will harmoniously look on the shoulder blades, shoulders and palms and hands, as well as on the hips;
  • small creatures, for example, insects, reptiles, without unnecessary details and symbols, are most often depicted on the fingers, wrists, neck, and back of the head.
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Styles and colors that are popular for unusual animal tattoos

The style of tattooing is an important factor that affects both the aesthetics and the meaning of the tattoo. To date, several dozen styles are practiced, but the following options are applicable for depicting unusual animals:

  • 3D or realism — thanks to the skillful use of shades, chiaroscuro and light transmission, the master pins the most realistic sketch;

Photo 68

  • old school — bright colorful options according to the principles of the old school underwear;

Photo 69

  • trash shelf tattoo — an extraordinary approach to the image of the same extraordinary animals;

Photo 70

  • minimalism — restrained shades and a minimum of details, which makes the drawing easy to perceive;

Photo 71

  • line art tattoo — in creating a drawing, the master uses only lines, which results in an exquisite drawing;

Photo 72

  • dotwork tattoo — a point method of applying paint under the skin, due to which the pattern fits into the skin structure as much as possible;

Photo 73

  • graphic arts — such tattoos resemble drawings with a simple pencil, where hard and rough lines prevail;

Photo 74

  • geometry — accepts only smooth and straight lines, geometric shapes, which will appeal to perfectionists;

Photo 75

  • watercolor — bright and colorful tattoos, reminiscent of the work of an artist using watercolors.

Photo 76

Symbols that can be combined with an animal tattoo

Symbolism can both enhance the sacred meaning of a tattoo, and entirely change it. As for birds, insects, wild and domestic animals, most often they are supplemented with the following symbols:

  • Yin Yang — the animals themselves can act as the personification of two opposite energies;

Photo 77

  • eye — a mirror of the soul, as well as a designation that a person looks directly into the soul;

Photo 78

  • key — a symbol of the mystery and mystery of a person, devotion and fidelity to one’s choice;

Photo 79

  • Kolovrat — a symbol of the world order and a kind of amulet of the human soul;

Photo 80

  • Crown — a symbol of greatness and power, the aspirations of a man for this;

Photo 81

  • cross — says that the meaning of the tattoo is closely intertwined with faith and religion;

Photo 82

  • Dreamcatcher — a talisman and amulet against the influence of dark forces;

Photo 83

  • moon — connection with the cosmos, a symbol of otherworldly forces and the mystery of the soul;

Photo 84

  • watch — to the designation of the tattoo, you need to attach the dependence on time, cyclicity.

Photo 85

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

You can only get a tattoo in a specialized salon that has a license and permission for this kind of service. In such a place, masters who have the appropriate education and experience work. If you beat the tattoos from private traders and amateurs somewhere at home, the risks of infection, infections, injury or poor-quality results are too high.

The meaning of animal tattoos in the criminal world

Some animals may suggest a dual meaning, which will not always be beneficial to the owner. The fact is that the designation of a tattoo in real life may not coincide with what is designated in criminal circles and in the zone. For example:

  • cat — in prison it is a sign of thieves;

Photo 86

  • bat — a symbol of night thieves in prison;

Photo 87

  • griffin, falcon, raven — a symbol of a particularly dangerous thief;

Photo 88

  • grin of a panther, puma, leopard, lion, tiger — anger at the police and the authorities;

Photo 89

  • shark — a sign of a bribe taker or a robber, a smuggler;

Photo 90

  • swallow — the prisoner has already achieved freedom and does not want to go back to prison;

Photo 91

  • bull — a dangerous person, capable of reprisal, unable to control himself;

Photo 92

  • spider — a drug addict or a thief who does not regret the arrest;

Photo 93

  • dog — the mark of the one who mocked the cellmate;

Photo 94

  • lynx — a symbol of authority that does not recognize any laws and authorities.

Photo 95

Many men hide their belonging to places of deprivation of liberty, and only a tattoo can open the curtain of secrecy. It’s another matter to fill the “wrong” tattoo of an animal and later, by the will of fate, get into the zone, difficulties and problems are possible.


Many of the tattoo ideas for guys listed above are in huge demand today, such as different birds on the shoulder, insects on the neck, wild animal sleeves on the arm or predators on the back. Peace-loving animals are also in demand, they were mentioned in the article. The sacred meaning carries not only the sketch itself, but also the place of application, symbolism, style and color scheme.

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