Sagittarius tattoo: photo compilation for men

All people born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius know that visually the sign is represented in the form of a centaur with a bow and arrow. Today, tattoos with such a pattern are so popular that they are applied even regardless of belonging to the sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius tattoo is especially relevant for men, and why, you can understand from the interpretation of the designation.

The centaur as a symbol of the Sagittarius sign is the personification of masculinity and strength, determination and love of freedom. More details can be obtained if we consider the current sketches of tattoos with Sagittarius, take into account where they are depicted, in what style, color, with which symbols they are combined.

Zodiac sign tattoo «Sagittarius»

Sagittarius is a fire sign, patronized by the powerful planet Jupiter. To understand the meaning of a tattoo, not only the general designation of the zodiac sign is taken into account, but also the format of the sketch and details. The master can depict a Taurus in several ways:

  • Arrow — such a tattoo says that a man is on the path to self-development, makes plans, develops goals for the future.
  • Shooting centaur — means that a man not only clearly knows what he wants from life, but also has strategic ideas and ways of how to achieve all goals.
  • Bow and arrows — such a tattoo says that a man is always ready and can stand up for himself and his loved ones, and the symbol helps to avoid mistakes and increase activity.
  • Centaur with two faces — a man is focused on the future, but he does not stop thinking about the past. This helps him recognize and correct mistakes by intelligently planning new movements.
  • Sagittarius zodiac sign symbol — a tattoo suggests a sacred philosophical overtone. It is filled with freedom-loving, passionate natures who want to strengthen the best sides of character.

What places on a man’s body are suitable for applying a Sagittarius tattoo?

Well, if a man has already decided on a sketch of a tattoo, in this case, according to its appearance, scale and meaning, you can choose a suitable area on the body. It is known that the locations of the tattoos also provide for their designation and interpretation.


The zodiac sign Sagittarius on a man’s shoulder is an indicator of his reliability, strength, endurance. You can always rely on such a man, as he is determined and ready to defend his freedom.

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In the forearm area, tattoos are usually demonstrative, which means they do not provide for a deep semantic message. The centaur will look ideal, symbolizing courage, justice, kindness, strength.

Wrist tattoo

In general, amulets and talismans are stuffed on the wrist of the wrist, protecting against temptations, temptation, and evil. As for the Sagittarius tattoo, mythological drawings of a centaur can be preferred over the symbolism of the zodiac sign, since it can wake up the weaknesses of Sagittarius.

Tattoos on the palm, hands and fingers

Symbols of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are drawn on the hands in the area of ​​the hands, palms and fingers to activate creativity, increase efficiency, and overcome laziness, which Sagittarius is typically prone to.

Tattoo sleeve

The sleeve is not just one tattoo, it is a whole canvas of body painting, implying more an aesthetic than a sacred meaning. You can depict a centaur with a bow and arrow, emphasizing the strength of mind and body, courage and courage in your character. In many ways, the meaning of the tattoo will depend on the background and additional details.


A tattoo with the sign of Sagittarius on the neck can affect a man’s thinking and perception of the world. It is generally not recommended using this area so that the zodiac sign does not awaken the weaknesses in the man.


A chest tattoo has one important function — it protects a man from dangers. A sketch of a shooting centaur will cope with such a task, but it is not recommended applying symbolism on the chest.


A tattoo with a Sagittarius on the side is a symbol that will help solve life’s problems, achieving success in various endeavors. Also, a tattoo here can help a man gain wisdom and inner strength.


The ideal place for this type of tattoo is the thighs and lower legs. Here, any drawing will be a talisman for a man, a source of vital energy, passion, desire to move and conquer peaks.


A great place to apply a beautiful, spectacular sketch of a centaur. Other options for the image of such a sign may be unsuccessful for a man, reinforcing traits such as naivety, laziness, and self-doubt in him.


On this place, you can stuff a tattoo that allows you to change the quality of life and the worldview. A Sagittarius tattoo on the shoulder blade will help you find a way out of any situation, enhancing your mental acuity and ingenuity.

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On the leg, the symbols depicting this sign of the zodiac will look great, «work for the future of a man». It will be a talisman against wrong actions and mistakes, ill-wishers and evil, a symbol that enhances the best qualities of Sagittarius.

Attention! Esotericists believe that tattoos with the sign of Sagittarius must be applied to the lower body in order for the tattoo to bring only good things to life. By activating the legs, putting sketches of Sagittarius here, you can get rid of the shortcomings, developing only the best qualities. Preference should be given to the trajectory of movement of the arrow — up to the right side and a little to the side.

Are there any recommendations for getting a Sagittarius tattoo?

Tattooing is, first, stress for the skin and the body, as well as a choice for the rest of your life, and after that, aesthetics and wearable art. To make the decision to get a tattoo justified, follow these simple tips:

  • find a reliable tattoo parlor and experienced tattoo artist;
  • look at the previous works of the master to evaluate his skills;
  • assess your physical and intellectual maturity for a particular tattoo;
  • do not save money on such an important process, remember that such services cannot be cheap;
  • create an author’s sketch on the photo without plagiarism;
  • decide for yourself what semantic message the tattoo should carry;
  • ask the master what materials he uses, assess the risks of allergic reactions;
  • find the perfect place on the body for your sketch;
  • evaluate your pain threshold in order to correctly choose the place for the tattoo and the complexity of the sketch.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on the body?

Practice shows that the ideal places for depicting zodiac signs are in the lower body, since otherwise tattoos can strengthen weaknesses in a person. For Sagittarius, it is recommended to choose legs, thanks to which the tattoo will bring good luck, correct decisions and actions, and high activity into life.

Another suitable place for a Sagittarius tattoo is the buttocks and tailbone, that is, a purely non-trivial personal tattoo. A tattoo in the area of ​​the feet and thighs promises positive changes in life. An important condition when choosing a place on the body is its proportionality with the sketch of the tattoo.

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Styles and colors that are popular for tattoo with a sign «Sagittarius»

Stylish treatment of a tattoo is a significant criterion that can drastically change the perception of a tattoo, and it’s meaning. Most often, a Sagittarius tattoo is depicted in several versions:

  • realism — the technique better draws the details of the picture, namely, the muscle lines of the centaur, his strength and readiness for battle;

  • watercolor — in this technique there are no clear lines, borders, but bright colors prevail, transmitting tattoos in a fantasy format;

  • minimalism — symbolism is often depicted in this style, since a minimum of details, simplicity and brevity are welcome;

  • Handpoke — the technique involves simple, uncomplicated sketches without complex elements, as well as uneven images and external protest to imposed stereotypes.

If this is an image of a centaur, the artist can use three colors — brown, beige and black. When a flame is depicted in parallel with the sign, there are red, orange shades.

Symbols with which a Sagittarius tattoo can be combined

Symbolism plays a significant role, each additional element and object can modify the external and semantic load of the tattoo. The following symbols are acceptable for a Sagittarius tattoo:

  • the Infinity symbol;
  • Sagittarius inscription «Sagittarius»;

If a man is young and active, bright colorful tattoo sketches in the form of artistic painting and in the style of realism will suit him. For men of a respectable age and a conservative mindset, tattoos in a minimalistic and restrained format are acceptable.

The centaur looks original and impressive against the background of space; the master can also add other animals to the sketch.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

You need to get a tattoo in a tattoo parlor with a license, where qualified artists work. Such services have guarantees of safety and quality. In unverified places with masters at home, you can not only get a poor-quality result, but also get skin injuries, but also infect an infection.

Sagittarius tattoo can be applied not only to those men who were born during this period of the year. These can be those who have a strong and decisive character, are freedom-loving natures. It is preferable to apply the signs of the zodiac on the lower part of the body so that the symbol has a positive effect on the quality of life.

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