Lion tattoo on arm for men: photo selection

Some people apply tattoos to show their features, attract attention or discover new qualities in themselves, hiding a sacred meaning under the pattern. There are those who use tattoos not from the aesthetic, but from the practical side, hiding scars and skin defects. The original solution will be: A lion tattoo on the arm for men, it remains only to find out what the lion means, to compare it with the application area.

A wearable drawing of this format will be distinguished by its versatility of interpretations — power, power, strength, aggression, wisdom and steadfastness. A lot also depends on the style of the tattoo, the sketch and the composition as a whole. To understand more about such a tattoo, it is worth looking at the options for sketches and their meanings.

Lion tattoos on arm for men

Lion tattoos are always a certain meaning and sacred meaning, just like that, such images are not applied to the body. To deal with a detailed decoding of different types of lion tattoos, you need to pay attention first to the place where the master filled the tattoo. The arm can be conditionally divided into several zones — the shoulder, forearm, wrists, hands, palms, fingers and hands.


Most often, men today prefer to beat a lion tattoo on their shoulder, especially if this part of the body is embossed and muscular. It is believed that the closer a man puts a tattoo to his face, eyes and head, the more he puts meaning into the drawing, seeks to imitate the animal, adopting its strong qualities.

Top 5 such tattoos:

If the picture shows a calm and proud animal, a man shows willpower and wisdom, strive to develop these qualities. If there is aggression, grin, movement, this means leadership qualities, courage, courage, power in a man.

On the forearm

The most suitable tattoos for male lions are on the forearm, as this is the largest and most visible part of the arm. Most often, such tattoos do not hide the meaning in themselves, but openly demonstrate it to the environment — the man declares that he has all the qualities of a strong predator.

Top 5 such tattoos:

Most often, such tattoos are aimed at causing fear and apprehension, respect for its owner. Such a man not only wants to take a leading position, he is capable and deserves it.

On the wrist

The wrist is great for small and simple tattoo sketches, you can make paired symmetrical designs. In general, human hands are something that can influence the outside world, and hands are powerful energy centers of the body. The lion on the wrists speaks of the desire of a man to somehow influence the world around him.

Top 5 such tattoos:

By putting a lion on his wrist, a man demonstrates self-confidence, the ability to control any situation. Young guys in this case prove to society their strength and power.

On the palm

The palm is rarely used for tattooing by men, especially when it comes to complex images. More often here, you can see inscriptions and various symbols that open up new opportunities for a man. A lion in the palm of your hand is a sign of uniqueness and originality, self-confidence and potential.

If a lion is drawn in the palm of your hand, the man does not thereby try to declare something to the world and the environment. On the contrary, he thereby directs all meaning into himself, trying to adopt the best qualities from the king of beasts — wisdom, power, leadership, the ability to defend himself.

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On the wrist

The most common idea on the hands is a lion tattoo with a crown, thereby a man declares to society that he is a leader, a strong and strong-willed person with whom it is better to be friends. This area of ​​the hands is always open and visible, which means that it is a symbol and a sign for all people, which should be understood only in this way.

Top 5 such tattoos:

In this case, sketches of lion tattoos suggest only small sizes, much more often the lion is depicted in the form of graphics and symbols, rather than in the style of realism.

On fingers

Usually, the figure of a lion is a large-scale drawing that requires a significant amount of space on the skin. Therefore, rarely anyone puts such tattoos on their fingers, and to a greater extent these are symbols and figurines of lions without detail, for example, only one muzzle, eyes, etc. Symmetry is often used so that hands with tattoos look harmonious.

Top 5 such tattoos:

The main meaning of the lion on the fingers is in front of you, a creative person who is aware of all the strength and power of the fingers. The lion in this case acts as a source of power, strength and unlimited abilities of a man.

Tattoo sleeve

The most popular method of applying male tattoos on the arms is the sleeves. They allow not only to apply the lion in its entirety, but also to add details to the drawing that enhance the symbolism of the sketch. The interpretation of the tattoo, its sacred meaning, will largely depend on the way the lion and the background are depicted.

Top 5 such tattoos:

From the sleeve with the image of a lion, one can understand that the owner is an imperious and purposeful man, with undisguised justice and nobility. It is believed that by applying such an animal to the whole hand, a man will thereby be able to adopt and strengthen all the best qualities of a lion in himself.

The meaning of a lion tattoo for men

The lion is an animal that is always associated only with good qualities. Looking at the sketches of a lion tattoo on the arm of a photo for guys, you can understand that the details play an important role and can drastically change the meaning of the tattoo. For example:

  1. A lion in a calm state means power, strength, power and wisdom, self-confidence, as well as leadership abilities that allow you to manage a team, family, state, etc.

  1. A lion in a fight is an epic image, literally “screaming” that the owner himself is always ready to fight for himself, his principles, as well as for his family and loved ones.

  1. A roaring lion with an open mouth is a popular pattern on a man’s body, denoting a man’s desire to become famous and show his leadership to everyone.

  1. A lion next to another weak animal — the owner shows that he will never offend the weak, moreover, he is ready to stand up for him, not allowing anyone to harm him.
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  1. Art tattoo of a lion in a beautiful treatment — a man seeks to earn respect in certain circles, to prove his social status.

  1. A lion in the style of Buddhism is a symbol of prosperity and good luck, justice and wisdom, constant movement forward towards goals.

  1. Lion in the style of Islam — acts as a talisman from evil and dark forces.

  1. A lion with wings is a sign of the reunion of two elements: air and earth, as well as a man’s desire for inner freedom.

  1. Two lions that look in different directions — a man distinguishes the past from the future, a sign that life is divided into «before» and «after».

  1. Leo, as a sign of the zodiac — strengthening the best qualities in a person, achieving harmony within oneself.

  1. Lioness — a man has a companion, to whom he is ready to be faithful until the end of his life.

  1. The lion cub — the owner of the tattoo strives for self-improvement, he accumulates strength and knowledge to achieve more in life.

  1. A lion with a crown is a manifestation of greatness and royalty in character, emphasizing and strengthening leadership and power.

  1. Red lion — the owner has a strong masculine principle, strength and leadership, bordering on aggression.

  1. The muzzle of a lion is a talisman who enhances the spirit and strength, instills in the owner the courage and potential to cope with various difficulties in life, to be self-confident.

Important! The designation of a tattoo should not contradict the owner, his characteristics, personal qualities and lifestyle. If this is a young guy who has a soft and insecure disposition, a lion tattoo on his arm will cause dissonance.

On which hand is it better to depict a lion, and is there a difference?

To understand if there is a difference in which hand a man will get a tattoo on, you can look into the science of palmistry. It says that fate, influence on character and future, implies the dominant hand of a man. That is, the working hand shows who the person is at the current moment.

The non-dominant hand characterizes the potential of a man in the future. Thus, we can say that tattoos that speak of the already existing qualities of a man are applied to the active hand. And if a lion tattoo is needed for protection, strengthening the best traits in character, imitation of an animal, then it is applied to a non-dominant hand.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo in relation to the place on the arm?

To make the tattoo look beautiful and harmonious, you need to correctly match the sketch and the place on the arm where the man wants to fill it. You need to pay attention to the proportionality of these parameters, namely:

  • large-scale drawings, compositions, artistic art sketches or several animals hit at once on a large area of ​​the skin, for example, in a sleeve format;
  • moderate tattoos with minimal detail are suitable for elbows, shoulders and hands;
  • small sketches, the image of only the muzzle of a lion, his eyes or grin, the symbolism of everything is depicted on the fingers, wrists.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo

It is easy to determine the place for applying a tattoo in the form of a lion, for this a man will need to ask himself a few questions:

  1. Do you need a lion to change yourself or demonstrate the qualities you already have?
  2. Will the animal denote some meaning, if so, what?
  3. Will the drawing be distorted during movements?
  4. How willing are you to endure pain? What places are more or less painful?
  5. What semantic load does the lion carry in itself — aesthetic, sacred, artistic, psychological?
  6. Will the lion visually transform the selected part of the body, or vice versa, distort it, emphasizing the flaws?
  7. What is the purpose of a tattoo — protection, changing yourself, demonstrating yourself, protesting society?

If a man needs a lion to change himself and re-evaluate the values ​​​​in life, tattoos are made in a secluded place that can be easily hidden. If this is an external protest, a demonstration of one’s qualities and a warning to others, the tattoo is made massive and not hidden from view.

Styles and colors that are popular for lion tattoos

The style of a tattoo is an important criterion in assessing its attractiveness and understanding the meaning. To date, the following styles of tattoos with lions are popular:

  1. Geometry — looks spectacular, restrained and strict, but it does not attract too much attention, since the pattern is not visually catchy.

  1. The art style is a popular style among young people, in which lions are not as realistic as cartoon and positive.

  1. Old school — in this style, the lion can be of different colors, but always growling with an open mouth and a grin, personifying the protector of his pride.

  1. Graphics — the lion is made in black and white, and the style is characterized by regular lines, virtuoso delicate shading.

  1. Realism is a complex technique that accepts any shades and variations of sketches. It demonstrates the volume of the picture, its depth, color reproduction, due to which the realism of the lion is expressed.

Symbols that can be combined with a lion tattoo

A lion is rarely depicted on a tattoo without symbols and details, as a rule, other drawings are included in the composition, most often these are:

  • lion with feathers — means the harmony of wisdom and aggression, balance, wisdom of the owner;

  • a lion with a rose — speaks of the devotion of the owner to his chosen one, the readiness to protect the family and be with one woman until the end of life;

  • lion with a crown — the owner wants to strengthen his leadership qualities and demonstrate greatness to the environment;

  • lion with a skull — says that a man is ready to fight to the last for his honor and family;

  • lion dreamcatcher — a talisman and amulet that protects the owner from evil and dark forces.


A tattoo with a lion on the arm is always epic, brutal and extraordinary. The owner in this way is trying to show the world that he is worthy of respect for his strength, wisdom, leadership qualities, justice. The meaning of a tattoo can be interpreted somewhat differently depending on the place of application, style, detailing.

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