The meaning of an eagle tattoo for men and guys

A separate place in art is occupied by birds, personifying freedom, inner harmony, purposefulness and greatness. Therefore, bird tattoos are popular today among men and women of all ages. If we consider an eagle tattoo, the meaning for men can be different, depending on the sketch and location.

The eagle is a symbol of pride, greatness, life experience and wisdom, free will and spirit. A tattoo can mean power, high social status, experience and profound knowledge in many areas of the wearer’s life. But to correctly interpret the tattoo, you need to consider the place on the body, the style and details of the pattern.

Eagle tattoo

The eagle is a proud and domineering bird, but at the same time it is a predator and a rather dangerous creature in the animal world. Therefore, there are many interpretations of eagle tattoos, depending on the drawing itself and the emotional message from the bird. That is, it can be a calm and proud bird, or maybe a predator in battle or attacking a victim.

Most often, men choose the following options:

Soaring eagle — a tattoo speaks of a man’s desire for freedom, power, a demonstration of his self-confidence, superiority over others.

Photo 2

Diving eagle — the owner can stand up for himself not only in word and deed, he will be able to keep his own and achieve any goals.

Photo 3

Eagle with head turned to the side — the owner is the master of his own destiny, strives for power and public recognition, has leadership skills.

Photo 4

Predatory attacking eagle — a man is always ready to defend his opinion, has clear principles and life priorities, he will never back down from his own ideas and worldview.

Photo 5

Eagle head — calibration is an indicator of life experience, achievements and wisdom, thanks to which a man has achieved a lot, but also sacrificed a lot.

Photo 6

Important! Eagle tattoos are suitable only for adult serious men. For guys, such tattoos will be incompatible with the image, lifestyle and experience.

What is the meaning of an eagle tattoo for a man?

To understand where the fashion for tattoos with eagles came from, it is enough to dig a little into history. In ancient times, it was believed that the eagle is a collective image of all predatory and dangerous birds, such as falcon, hawk, vulture. Therefore, for many nations it was an idol for worship, a totem and a talisman.

There were legends in many tribes and peoples that the eagle offered fire to man in exchange for peaceful coexistence. From here there were rumors that eagles are the lords of fire, since then, the Sumerians began to get tattoos with this bird. The Aztecs considered the eagle a symbol of majesty and strength. They were also attributed to the heavenly forces opposing the inhabitants of the earth.

Later, the eagles began to be treated as hope, good news, a source of vitality and motivation. The Romans treated eagles as symbols of the purification of humanity and spirit, guides of dead souls to the gods. The Greeks considered eagles majestic, the fastest and most powerful creatures.

The Indians decorated their heads with eagle feathers, believing that in this way warriors and men became bolder, more courageous, stronger and wiser. And today, men stuff this bird on their bodies to demonstrate features similar to it, or to adopt the strongest qualities from eagles — courage, speed, pride, wisdom, experience, fearlessness, freedom.

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Where do men get eagle tattoos?

Before impaling an eagle on his body, a man must take care of the correct interpretation of not only the sketch itself, but also different places on the body. The fact is that the eagle in different places may suggest a different meaning and different interpretations.


If a tattoo with an eagle is located on the shoulder, a man thereby demonstrates the presence of courage and masculinity in himself, considering himself a true warrior and always ready for battle. A woman must understand that she has a reliable protector in front of her, next to whom you can build a nest and produce offspring.

Photo 7Photo 8Photo 9


If a man puts an eagle on the area of ​​the forearm, then he wants to demonstrate to the environment his best qualities, similar to the image of a bird. He shows his wisdom and life experience, clear principles and priorities in life, readiness to uphold them, the firmness of a man’s word.

Photo 10Photo 11Photo 12

Wrist tattoo

If an eagle is pinned on the wrist, its meaning will concern the desire of a man to influence the outside world and the environment. Perhaps a man strives to accumulate life experience to always make the right decisions. Or maybe the eagle is a talisman and a talisman who protects the owner from mistakes.

Photo 13Photo 14Photo 15

Tattoos on the palm, hands and fingers

Hands, palms and fingers are the strongest place in the human body, as extraordinary and creative personalities believe. Therefore, a tattoo in the form of an eagle in this place can be considered a source of inspiration, new deeds and deeds. Inside the palms, the eagle is often beaten so that it strengthens the courageous character traits, endows the owners with strength and inner determination.

Photo 16Photo 17Photo 18

Tattoo sleeve

Only courageous and determined men can fill their entire hand with a canvas depicting an eagle. If it is a sleeve, then it is a demonstration to society that in front of it is an imperious, proud, man with a strong spirit, ready at any moment to fight for his truth. He has enough knowledge and wisdom to behave correctly in any situation.

Photo 19Photo 20Photo 21


A man who has an eagle stuffed around his neck will become an indicator of the stamina and strength, endurance of the owner. Such men, as a rule, are conservative in nature, having a calm, reasonable disposition, and tattoos on the neck always have a profound meaning. If there are other elements besides the eagle, the man thereby acquaints the viewer with his life and experiences.

Photo 22Photo 23Photo 24


The location of the tattoo with an eagle on the chest is a sign that a man is striving for career growth, turning dreams and goals into reality. This is a bright representative of an ambitious and passionate nature, not ready to give in to difficulties and sit in one place.

Photo 25Photo 26Photo 27

On the side

If the tattoo is located on the right side, it will always have a positive meaning, the personification of good traits in the character of the owner. When a tattoo is stuffed on the left, this can be a manifestation of negative experience, pain and disappointment experienced. Also, the right side is located directly under the heart, which means that the meaning of the tattoo will be intertwined with heart affairs.

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Photo 28Photo 29Photo 30


Since men rarely bare their hips, because of this, tattoos in this place are extremely rare. If at this place a man stuffed an eagle, thereby he connects it with the intimate component of life. For example, he demonstrates his passionate nature, devotion to one woman.

Photo 31

Photo 32

Photo 33


The eagle on the back is not just a beautiful sight, it is an indicator that you have a real perfectionist in front of you. If a man takes up any business and always brings it to its logical conclusion and perfection. His character is distinguished by purposefulness, assertiveness and inner energy.

Photo 34Photo 35Photo 36


On the shoulder blade, an eagle tattoo is an indicator of courage and courage in the character of a man. He is always ready to defend his truth, priorities and principles. If this is not an eagle, but its feathers, a man uses them as a talisman against wrong deeds, deceit, betrayal and the influence of dark forces.

Photo 37Photo 38Photo 39


If an eagle is depicted on the leg of a man or both at once, this is an indicator of his stability, a clear position, unwillingness to change his mind even under pressure from authoritative men. The eagle also symbolizes invaluable experience, thanks to which a man stands confidently on his feet and moves in the right direction.

Photo 40Photo 41Photo 42

Are there any recommendations for getting an eagle tattoo?

In order for the tattoo to be done correctly and carry a deep correct meaning, it is important for a man to heed a few tips:

  • choose a reliable salon with a license and a master with rich experience in drawing eagles;
  • find out the decoding of the tattoo so that there are no “surprises” later;
  • do not use other people’s ideas for tattoos, let your photo with a sketch be unique;
  • correctly match the style and color scheme of the tattoo with the place of application, evaluate their proportionality so that the place on the body and the scale of the eagle are in harmony (they are not huge or too small and inconspicuous);
  • each place on the body hides its sacred meaning, find out in advance;
  • consider how it will be possible in the future to hide the tattoo in inappropriate circumstances and places;
  • familiarize yourself with the equipment and materials used by the master.

Advice! Assess the state of your health and skin before getting a tattoo. If there are dermatological problems or ongoing diseases, it is better to temporarily abandon such stress for the body.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on the body?

If you have decided exactly where exactly the tattoo will be stuffed, now you can think about how the eagle can be represented here.

  1. Back, chest, sleeve, legs or side — the area of ​​such a part of the body allows you to fill a beautiful colorful composition. It can be a soaring bird with massive wings, a composition with other creatures, a predator at the moment of attack, an artistic illustration of an eagle in nature.
  2. Elbows, hips, shoulders, palms and hands — the scale of such parts of the body is smaller than the previous version, so the tattoo will be more modest, for example, only the head of an eagle, an eagle in the style of minimalism or graphics without too much detail.
  3. Fingers, wrists, neck — a small area of ​​the body on which it will be difficult to depict the entire eagle. Here you can fill the eyes with a bird, feathers, as well as only one head or wings.
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In the selection of a place and a sketch of a tattoo, the main parameter is critical — this is proportionality.

Styles and colors for an eagle tattoo

The style of tattoo stuffing directly affects the color scheme, and a huge number of styles are offered today. Experienced craftsmen most often depict eagles in several variations:

realism — thanks to the competent use of paints and colors, chiaroscuro and the 3D effect, the eagle is as realistic as possible;

Photo 43

old school — this format of colorful and outrageous performance is preferred by young people and men in the West;

Photo 44

dotwork – a discreet pattern in black-gray-white tones, providing for spot application and an original result;

Photo 45

minimalism — simple lines and lack of details, which is appropriate for small areas of the body.

Photo 46

Symbols that an eagle tattoo can be combined with

Symbolism can enhance the sacred meaning of a tattoo or radically redirect it in a different direction. The following symbols and details look harmonious with the eagle:

Crown — an eagle with such an element will become an indicator of the power, power and leadership of a man;

Photo 47

skull — awareness of the transience of life and life experience;

Photo 48

flowers — willingness to fight for your family and companion;

Photo 49

Extraction — the eagle carries a snake, which means an internal struggle with temptation and temptations.

Photo 50

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Tattoos today are performed by specialized salons that have licenses and permits for this type of activity, as well as private masters who work at home. In the first case, everything is official and safe, in the second, the risks of getting a poor-quality result and getting injured are extremely high. Therefore, you can fill an eagle only in a tattoo parlor with an experienced master.

Examples of eagle tattoos and their meaning in prison

Prisoners treat the eagle tattoo as a symbol of strength, power, ruthlessness to the victim, freedom and disobedience to laws. The eagle is always the leader in the world of birds and animals, a sign of universal authority. Prison tattoos can be of several formats:

double-headed eagle with crowns — a man with such a tattoo is considered the main authority in the zone, the literal interpretation is “you is always mine”;

Photo 52

eagle with claws — a symbol of quick and cruel reprisal against any objectionable;

Photo 53

diving eagle — a strong leader who requires submission, otherwise ready for battle;

Photo 54

eagle with a saber — an authority that holds power in a certain place.

Photo 55

Such tattoos may not always be perceived correctly at large, so men who have not been to prison should not resort to such solutions.


If the eagle is stuffed on the arm, it is an indicator of power and leadership inclinations in a man, if on the back — the eagle is a symbol of reliability and courage, on the chest — devotion to a woman and family, on the legs — wisdom and right deeds in life. Much depends on the drawing itself, stylistic processing and details.

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