The meaning of a cross tattoo for men: photo selection

Male tattoos can be classified into different categories, such as objects, animals, nature, symbols, inscriptions, as well as religious designs. The latter are mistakenly referred to as a cross tattoo, although in fact there are countless designations for this pattern today. Therefore, it is worth considering in more detail the question of what a cross tattoo is for men.

The meaning of a tattoo can relate not only to the theme of religion and faith, but also to personal life, the character of a man and the various tasks that a man sets for a tattoo, applying it to a certain place. Understanding and its sacred meaning largely depend on where the cross will be depicted, the style of transmission, additional symbols and colors are no less important.

Cross tattoo for men, varieties

Initially, you can determine the meaning and meaning of a cross tattoo if you draw up a certain sketch. After all, the same object can be depicted on the body in radically different ways. This means that you will have to work hard when choosing a photo idea or compiling an author’s version.

We offer you a top list of fresh cross tattoo ideas:

Ancient Egyptian ankh cross — a kind of amulet, a symbol of immortality, as well as the key to the gates of the afterlife. In magic, this cross is a source of pure light energy that can overcome any darkness.

Medieval cross — a symbol of the Christian faith and Catholics, as well as a sign of military orders. Today it is a symbol of patience, mental anguish and torment, a heavy burden and a road in a person’s life to overcome difficulties.

Latin cross — the most popular type with an elongated vertical, which is associated with Christianity. Its meaning is the difficulties on the path of life, the transience of life, fate.

Inverted cross — a magical symbol that connects with dark forces, and the elongated vertical is a connection with Satan, which covers the holy trinity.

Celtic cross — the unity of the material and spiritual world, darkness and light, female and male energy.

Important! The Celtic cross is forbidden to be applied to the head of a man, as this will become an amplifier of communication with the other world, leading to nervous and mental disorders.

What does this tattoo give a man for self-affirmation?

To understand why men resort to such tattoo designs as various kinds of crosses, it is enough to look into history and the past. And it says the following:

  • ancient African tribes — the cross was a talisman who united the fate of man with the energy of the Universe;
  • the ancient Chinese — believed that the vertical line of the cross was a sign of the road to higher powers;
  • Celtic tribes — the cross was considered a symbol of the rebirth of the soul, unity and harmony between everything worldly;
  • pagans — these peoples believed that the 4 sides of the cross were the personification of 4 elements, 4 cardinal points and the lunar cycle.
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The cross in the format of the hieroglyphic symbol Ankh was depicted in the pictures of the Gods and pharaohs, as a symbol of immortality and the key to the other world. Later, the orders of warriors who won the battles were decorated with crosses. And after some time, the cross became a religious object and a symbol of all Christians and Catholics.

Where do men often get cross tattoos?

The location of the cross is a critical criterion, which can significantly change the sacred influence of the tattoo. Especially responsibly, you need to approach the comparison of the sketch and the location so that the tattoo fulfills the tasks you have set.


If a man wants to know what awaits him in the future, thinks about the eternal, a Celtic cross is depicted on his shoulder. Otherwise, this area is rarely used for the cross, so as not to bring litigation and difficulties into life.


A frequent choice of modern men is a cross tattoo on the forearm. This will be the personification of a man’s special attitude to his image, honor, as well as attraction to the Lord and faith, strength of mind and inner core.

Wrist tattoo

If a man tattoos a cross on his wrist, he completely rejects his past, forgets, starts life from scratch. That is, the tattoo will weaken the influence of the past on the psyche and worldview. If it is a cross on the finger, it will be a symbol of grief for the deceased loved one.

Tattoo sleeve

Drawing a cross on a hand is the choice of many men who are striving to set the right goals and achieve them. It is also a symbol of passion, sensuality and strong will.


A cross tattoo on the neck is, first, a sign of a man’s repentance, an understanding of all his mistakes and sins, and a desire for redemption. It can also be a symbol that a man remembers the past.


Many warriors in ancient times were beaten with a cross tattoo on their chest to protect them from risks and danger. And today such a tattoo will be a talisman and protection of a warlike male heart.

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On the side, the cross is depicted from personal motives, most often it is the personification of faith and the recognition of God. It can also be a symbol that strengthens faith in yourself, your bright side.


It is not recommended to apply religious tattoos on the thigh, as they can provoke the opposite effect. This area is closely connected with the intimate sphere, where no crosses and similar objects are inappropriate.


If a man wears a cross tattoo on his back, this indicates a concentration on the goals, mission and meaning in life. Also, the man emphasizes the fact that the mind prevails over any other organs and feelings.


On the shoulder blade, the cross will be a symbol of overcoming life’s difficulties, chastity, the strength of a man’s faith, his tolerance and fortitude.


The cross on the leg will be a symbol of the direct path of human destiny, a clear setting of goals and priorities, movement towards truth and light. Also, the cross on this part of the body will become a strong amulet.

Are there any recommendations for applying a cross tattoo?

In order for the tattoo to “work” correctly for of the owner, it is important for a man to ask himself several important questions shortly before applying it to the body:

  1. What is the purpose of a tattoo? Demonstration to the environment or personal motive?
  2. What tasks do you set for a tattoo? Should it be a charm, a religious sign, a way of self-expression?
  3. What place on the body is better to fill the cross? Not only the sacred meaning depends on this, but also the scale, the complexity of the sketch.
  4. How willing are you to endure pain? The degree of tolerance will also help to determine the place on the body, considering the sensitivity, the size and complexity of the sketch, as well as the duration of the procedures.
  5. Do I need to hide the tattoo afterwards? If there is no reason to hide the tattoo, you can beat it anywhere on the body. Otherwise, secluded places should be preferred.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on the body?

The main indicator of which place is suitable for a cross tattoo is, of course, the sacred meaning of the areas in question on the body. In addition, the choice of a sketch in relation to a place on the body is based on the principle of proportionality, namely:

  • large-scale compositions with additional symbols, characters and objects are best applied to the back, chest, legs and arms;
  • moderate tattoos with a cross look harmoniously at the wrists, hands, shoulders and shoulder blades;
  • small tattoos are best applied to the fingers, neck, wrists.

Large drawings will look better in a large-scale format, so that small details and the integrity of the composition can be seen. On a large area of ​​skin, a small cross may look too faded and indistinct.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

It is necessary to make a tattoo only in a tattoo parlor that has a permit for this kind of service. Before you start working with the selected master, review his previous work, evaluate the degree of professionalism and skills. Contacting unverified masters at home is fraught with poor-quality results, injuries, and infections.

What does it mean in the criminal world?

Be sure, before you get a tattoo with a cross, find out if it has any dual meaning. So, for example, a cross tattoo in the criminal world is interpreted in an entirely different way, namely:

Cross, head of Christ and Bible in flames — Literally, «in the fire of the underworld, both faith and freedom burned down»

Crucified Christ or Virgin Mary holding a baby — a clear conscience in front of friends, inability to betray

crucified woman — a tattoo of an authoritative thief

White cross on a black background — punishment for robbery

Cross on the knuckles – indicator of walker per zone

In general, the cross is a popular tattoo in the world, which means justice and retribution, strong will and a message in the “follow us” format.


The cross is a popular tattoo for many men today, even for those who do not pursue religious overtones. You can depict a cross on the body in a different format — in the form of a classic cross, Celtic, Scandinavian, Egyptian or Latin cross. The interpretation of tattoos will largely depend on which part of the body the man will wear the drawing on.

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