The best tattoos for men on the arm with meaning

The art of tattoos dates back to ancient times, when people used different images with deep meaning and connotation. The patterns could be seen on any part of the body, even on the face, but mostly on men. Today, everything has changed dramatically, as has the interpretation of the designations of different images.

The most popular are tattoos for men on the arm with meaning, which are worth talking about in more detail. You need to consider the area of ​​the hands, since each zone has its own hidden subtext and decoding. Understanding the pros and cons of each type of tattoo for a guy, you can quickly make a choice in favor of a specific option.

Which hand to choose for a tattoo?

Today, tattoos are not just a way of self-expression for men, they are a great opportunity to hide scars and other imperfections on the skin. The most popular place for applying color and black-and-white tattoos is the hands; several zones can also be distinguished on them:

  • shoulders;
  • hands and wrists;
  • forearm;
  • biceps and triceps;
  • elbows;
  • fingers.

Advice! The best option is the shoulders of a man. Firstly, drawing a pattern will visually make the shoulders wider and more massive. Secondly, according to the requirements of a strict dress code, such tattoos can be hidden under clothes. Thirdly, if a man goes in for sports, the relief of the shoulders will further emphasize the drawing.

Suitable places for tattoos on the arm

A tattoo on the hand is always bright, catchy, since it is the most mobile part of the human body, which means it will be in the field of view. But this does not mean that you can stuff a tattoo on your hands without meaning, based only on the aesthetic aspect. Each area on the hand hides its own deeper meaning, advantages and disadvantages.

Tattoo on the inside of the arm

Tattoo on the inside of the arm is one of the most ancient types of drawing on the human body. In ancient times, in this way, they emphasized the social status, the ancestral affiliation of a person. Today, this type of tattoo is ideal for a thin hand, making it visually more voluminous, and on pumped up hands it only emphasizes relief and strength.

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

The advantages of this type of tattoo are as follows:

  • the ability to hide the drawing from unnecessary glances, even without clothes;
  • the ability to enjoy the creation yourself;
  • high rates of skin regeneration in this place for tattoo removal.

The cons are as follows:

  • high soreness due to skin sensitivity;
  • during healing, it is difficult not to wet this place;
  • bright and catchy drawings sometimes look defiant in this part of the hands;
  • due to the increased mobility of the hand, the drawing can be slightly skewed, displaced and made less symmetrical (especially on the right hand).

Most often, a tattoo on the inside of the hand does not carry any deep and sacred connotation. But a lot depends on the drawing, pattern, figures that the master is pricking.

To the outside of the hand

The outer part of the hand is an ideal solution for applying tattoos if a man strives for self-expression, demonstration of his character and interests, and is an open person. You need to make tattoos taking into account the meaning of each image, but the area on the body itself in this case is not so sacred.

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

The advantages of a tattoo on the outside of the arm are as follows:

  • will always be in the field of vision of the people around;
  • will make your hands visually more prominent and voluminous;
  • colored tattoos will hide scars and other skin imperfections;
  • for others, such tattoos will be able to tell about the owners;
  • at the request of the dress code, the tattoo can be easily hidden by clothes with sleeves.

There are still disadvantages to tattoos on the outer part of the arms:

  • not suitable for secretive and shy individuals;
  • attract undue attention;
  • are not appropriate under any circumstances;
  • over time, they can blur and distort due to the mobility of the hands.

When choosing images on the outside of a man’s hands, it is extremely important to take a responsible approach to such a decision. The drawing must fully correspond to his type, character, hobbies and hobbies, age and lifestyle. Otherwise, the tattoo will create a dissonant effect (for example, a large, muscular man with strong arms and a daisy tattoo).

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It is easiest to get a tattoo on the triceps, as any athlete knows that this is the most pumped and clearly traced muscle. And even if a man does not play sports, on a thin arm in the triceps zone, the tattoo will look voluminous and bright. The most original patterns for triceps are ornaments, geometry, abstraction, tribal.

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

The advantages include the following characteristics:

  • look spectacular from the back;
  • visually make the triceps embossed and pumped up;
  • do not creep over time, do not distort due to the stability of this muscle;
  • give a man brutality, strength and masculinity.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • you can hide the tattoo only with clothes with sleeves;
  • not every type of drawing is appropriate in this zone;
  • are in sight only from the back of a man.

You should not look for a special sacred meaning in triceps with tattoos. Rather, it is a great opportunity to highlight your aesthetic taste, interests and willingness to experiment. A man should pay more attention to the characteristics of the drawing that he picks up.


Tattoos on the biceps are an excellent option for men with a low pain threshold, since in this part of the arm, the pain from punctures will be several times lower than in the previously considered options. This is an ideal place for men who play sports, have prominent arms, and boast massive biceps.

Photo 11

Photo 12

Photo 13

The benefits of bicep tattoos are as follows:

  • the least sensitive part, the capillaries are located far from the skin;
  • a large area for interesting and massive drawings;
  • due to the pliability of the skin, the tattoos heal quickly;
  • the outer side of the biceps with tattoos will always attract the attention of others;
  • the tattoo can be easily hidden with a short-sleeved jacket, which is appropriate in summer and with a strict dress code;
  • it can be a stand-alone tattoo or part of a large picture;
  • the muscle area, with the right choice of pattern, can look more massive and stronger.

The disadvantages include several points:

  • when playing sports (increase in biceps) or refusal from sports (decrease in muscle), the pattern may be slightly distorted;
  • for such an area, only medium, large and massive patterns are suitable, small images will visually make the biceps small;
  • sometimes a tattoo on the bicep can give the owner an audacity and even a certain aggressiveness.

Tattoos on the bicep are close in location to the heart, so you need to choose a drawing with a very deep meaning, especially if it is the left hand. You can stuff different symbols on the right hand, it will be interesting to look at a bracelet, Latin, hieroglyphs and various long inscriptions from elbows to armpits.

On the palm

Initially, palm tattoos began to be applied by the inhabitants of India, and today it is a choice of eccentric, creative and original personalities around the world. Interestingly, it is painful to fill a tattoo in this area, despite the density of the skin. You need to understand that this part of the body is difficult to hide, so the drawings should be selected extremely responsibly.

Photo 14

Photo 15

Photo 16

The advantages of a tattoo on the palms are as follows:

  • ideal solution for people of oriental cultures;
  • paired images look elegant;
  • Correctly selected designs make the hands visually graceful and elegant.


  • soreness;
  • rapid wear of images due to the activity of the palms;
  • unsuitable place for a tattoo due to high skin regeneration;
  • palms are more suitable for inscriptions and small drawings;
  • color tattoos quickly fade and fade.

Buddhists often put an image of eyes in a triangle on the palms of their hands, as a symbol of the wisdom of God and consciousness. Paired patterns will look great on the edges of the palms. Based on the choice of most men, the palms are the perfect place for religious tattoos.

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On the wrist

Not the best in terms of pain, but an interesting and original place for drawing drawings is the wrists. Sketches such as a clock, a compass, inscriptions and names, quotes that emphasize the philosophy of the soul, creative inclinations, and the romance of nature are most often selected here. The advantages of such tattoos include:

  • emphasizes individuality;
  • as needed, it is hidden by the sleeves of clothes;
  • not always in the field of view due to application on the inside of the hands;
  • wrists are used for paired tattoos.

Photo 17

Photo 18

Photo 19

The disadvantages in this case are soreness, in addition, such tattoos are more suitable for emotionally open individuals. The drawing should match the character of the person as much as possible, since it is applied for life.

On fingers

Previously, finger tattoos were used only for the application of names and military units of the service, but today their variability has expanded significantly. You can apply drawings to the outer and lateral parts of the fingers, which will look very original. Passionate natures apply a drawing of fire, creative personalities prefer symbolism.

Photo 20

Photo 21

Photo 22

The advantages of such tattoos:

  • small size, which means quick and maximum painless application;
  • manifestation of character traits of a man;
  • the ability to apply to scars to hide them.

The downside is the fact that tattoos wear out faster on the fingers, they can lose their primary brightness, symmetry due to the high tendency of the skin to regenerate. And hiding a tattoo from unwanted looks will be problematic.

For a whole hand

A tattoo on the entire arm in narrow circles is called a sleeve due to the fact that it masks the entire area of ​​the arm. There are three types of sleeves:

  • along the entire length of the arm from the wrist to the shoulder;
  • half arm sleeve from elbow to wrist or elbow to shoulder;
  • a quarter-arm sleeve that takes up half of the shoulder or forearm.

Most often, men wear armor, showing their severity and strength. The image of nature, mountains, forests, is inherent in people who are in search of themselves. But most often men spend so much skin area to put on him a photo of a loved one — a child, parent or second half, less often — an idol.

The advantages of such tattoos include:

  • an excellent opportunity to hide skin imperfections;
  • bright and original aesthetics;
  • a great way to express yourself;
  • a wide range of drawings and ideas;
  • attracting maximum attention to yourself.

The cons will be as follows:

  • soreness due to the capture of a large area of ​​the hand;
  • the possibility of displacement and blurring of the pattern as the skin ages;
  • difficulties with drawing a picture;
  • high price.

Some more interesting ideas for such tattoos are a star, a kind of religious sign that personifies prosperity, as well as a spider web, as a symbol of adherence to principles and loyalty to one’s own prejudices.

The best tattoos for guys with meaning: photo sketches

To facilitate the choice for men who want to get a tattoo on their hands, but cannot decide on the choice of an image, a list of the freshest and most sought-after ideas is provided. It includes religious symbols, inscriptions, images of nature, ornaments and much more.

Geometry at the elbow

Photo 24

For men who have an analytical mindset, prefer clarity and consistency, organization and the achievement of any goals, geometry would be an excellent idea for a tattoo on the elbow. When the hands move, it will change shape and size, which looks very original.


Photo 25

The designation of such a tattoo is justice, accuracy, loyalty in character. Such a person strives for goals and harmony in life.


Photo 26

A great idea for a wrist tattoo, especially if it is a matching lettering. They use more often Latin and hieroglyphs characterizing the nature and achievements of a man.


Photo 27

The oldest symbol used in different countries and religions, denoting the reunification of several opposites, the change of seasons and days.


Photo 28

A religious symbol that has long been considered a link between man and God. It can be made in the form of chains, Celtic patterns and floral elements.


Photo 29

A man with such a pattern hopes to return somewhere, has hope and faith, seeks to perpetuate his home.

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Photo 30

Such drawings personify neatness, practicality, creativity, continuity of existence in a man.


Photo 31

The perfect tattoo that combines complexity and simplicity. The meaning of the picture is more of a decorative manifestation of the image and style.

The Dragon

Photo 32

The oldest mythological creature, symbolizing invincible strength, mystery, nobility and beauty. Ideal for male leaders by nature.


Photo 33

The owner of such a tattoo will enjoy the sense of risk and danger, while remembering how fleeting life is.


Photo 34

A man with such a pattern emphasizes his devotion and loyalty, steadfastness, fearlessness, endurance, and most importantly, wisdom.


Photo 35

Another popular male tattoo, which is chosen by strong and domineering people. Leo personifies a combination of grace, strength and majesty.


Photo 36

Such a drawing characterizes a man as a physically and morally strong personality, personifying the rebirth and greatness of the soul.

Jesus Christ

Photo 37

Shows faith in higher powers and the justice of God’s judgment, the desire to help loved ones and avoid sinfulness.


Photo 38

The patron saint of the underworld symbolizes the discovery of a person’s path to something new and unknown.


Photo 39

Such a drawing is stuffed by smart and erudite men who know that an owl carries wisdom and also protects from evil.


Photo 40

Embodies speed, strength, swiftness and power. Once upon a time, such tattoos were stuffed only by representatives of revered families.


Photo 41

For people rich in devotion, sincerity and courage. In ancient times, noble men were painted on their skin with drawings of a dog, lion, eagle and other animals.


Photo 42

The third eye of a person, protecting from evil spirits, the machinations of ill-wishers. In addition, a tattoo enhances a person’s intuition and the ability to look into the souls of others.


Photo 43

A natural element that expresses passion, inner energy, and sometimes destruction.


Photo 44

The animal symbolizes loyalty and wisdom; in India, the animal was associated with the god of happiness. A man thereby shows a combination of intelligence and physical strength.

Eye in a triangle

Photo 45

Sacred symbol meaning insight, intuition, intelligence and vigilance. In ancient times, it was believed that this is what the eye of the gods looks like, watching over humanity.


Photo 46

The tattoo has appeared since the Middle Ages, then marked the last frontier of the Middle Ages. Today, a tattoo denotes a man’s decisiveness, accuracy in actions, stamina and freedom of personal choice. The same designation has a tattoo depicting a weapon, for example, a pistol, etc.


Photo 47

A universal tattoo, denoting the embodiment of the sky, a harbinger of good luck, as well as an additional source of vitality and inspiration.


Photo 48

Such drawings are preferred by harsh and brutal men who are fond of martial arts and weapons. The tattoo personifies dexterity, courage, protection from the hardships of life.

What if you like multiple options?

To choose one of several ideas that the man liked, you can ask the master to draw them with a marker and evaluate the drawing visually. To do this, you should prepare sketches in advance, showing them to the tattoo artist. Or you can get several tattoos by choosing different areas of the hands for this.

Tips for choosing a tattoo are in 5 points:

  • prepare a few sketches in advance before going to the salon;
  • use the sketch as a basis, complementing it with your own ideas and desires;
  • take into account the size of the tattoo (small details, frames, stripes, etc.) and the area where it will need to be applied;
  • observe proportionality, do not place large tattoos on small areas of the body and vice versa;
  • take care of the quality of the materials used and the care of the resulting tattoo.

A tattoo is not just a drawing, it is an opportunity to manifest your inner self. The first tattoo is usually applied in order to drastically change your life. Knowing the ideal places, as well as the designations of different patterns, it is quite possible. The arms are the best solution, as they are the most mobile part of the body. It remains only to pick up a sketch and a part of the hand where the master will apply the tattoo.

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