Tattoos with inscriptions on the neck for men: with photo and decoding

A tattoo on the neck is always a choice of creative, creative and extraordinary personalities. The man who put the inscription on his neck in this way pursues several goals — self-expression, protest, demonstration of his qualities, values, views, as well as attracting attention. It remains only to figure out what are the tattoo inscriptions on the neck for men.

The inscriptions can be presented in various variants — words, names, dates, phrases, quotes and aphorisms. In addition, it is worth distinguishing between tattoo inscriptions by languages, styles of execution, fonts, themes, semantic load. The most popular ideas, photo sketches, as well as advice on choosing and applying tattoo inscriptions on the neck, you will learn from the article further.

Tattoo with an inscription on the neck for a man — the most common languages

Each language that is used in tattoo culture implies a special character and emotional message. For example, the most understandable and common phrases are those in native or common English. Latin is considered the most ancient and wise language, while Chinese is characterized by a philosophical message and interesting aesthetics.

English lettering 

Practice shows that the most intriguing tattoo inscriptions are performed on the neck in English. Such tattoos do not breathe mystery and mystery, on the contrary, the owner wants the sketch to be as clear as possible. We offer you some interesting ideas:

  • When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.
  • Be wiser than other people, if you can, but do not tell them so.

  • Success is the child of audacity.
  • Don’t dream your life, Live your dream.
  • Even if saving you sends me to heaven.

Chinese inscriptions with translation

The Chinese language is not just a complex and hardly understandable language, it is intriguing hieroglyphs from the point of view of aesthetics. One hieroglyph may hide not just a word, but a whole sentence. Vertical inscriptions of 2-3 characters will look harmonious on the neck. A tattoo with a hieroglyph can be made in two versions:

  • vertical tattoo — a sketch can contain several hieroglyphs arranged in a row;

  • single hieroglyph — horizontal inscription in Chinese is not possible, therefore only one symbol with a meaningful meaning can be used.

The most common hieroglyphs on the neck:

Important! The Chinese language contains many dialects, which are divided into 12 groups. Moreover, the distinguishability of dialects is so serious that residents of neighboring provinces may not understand each other at all. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose your lettering in Chinese to avoid mistakes.

Latin inscriptions with translation

Latin is one of the most ancient languages; most often in the world, inscriptions on a man’s neck are made in this language. They associate this with the fact that Latin is characterized by its mystery, historical value and wisdom. And inscriptions and phrases in this language often express a philosophical meaning, for example:

  • Quod me netrit me destruit — what feeds me, it also kills;
  • In omnia paratus — ready for anything;
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  • Tempus neminem manet — time waits for no one;
  • Vita brevis — life is short;
  • Dum spiro spero — I hope while I live.

Popular neck lettering patterns

In addition to linguistic performance, all existing ideas for tattoo inscriptions on the neck can also be classified by topic. Conventionally, you can distinguish all kinds of philosophical sayings, names and nicknames of important people, words of characteristics of the owner of a tattoo, names of deceased people, various interesting hieroglyphs and much more.

Sayings of philosophers

For guys of all ages, the most frequent choice of tattoo lettering theme is clever quotes and aphorisms that were said by great and strong people. Lettering can act as a motto, creed and principles in life. For example:

  • To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge (from English);
  • Listen to your heart (from English);

  • Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success (from English);
  • Mea vita, mea leges (from Latin) — my life — my rules;
  • Si vis pacem, bellum for (from Latin) — if you want peace, get ready for war.

Nicknames and names

Another popular choice of men for tattooing inscriptions on the neck is the names and nicknames of people who are close, loved and dear. For example:

  • (from Chinese) — Alexandra.
  • Yaroslav (from English).
  • Pavēls (from Latin) — Paul.

Conventionally, all tattoos with names and nicknames can be divided into those related to female names, male names, children’s names, as well as the names of loved ones. Nicknames are rarely performed in foreign languages, as they are difficult to translate and interpret correctly.

Description of the traits and character of a person

With the help of the inscription on the neck, a man can characterize, highlight the strong qualities in himself with just a couple of words. For example:

  • Fideles unum mulier (from Latin) — faithful, devoted to one woman;
  • Not standing still (from English);

  • (from Chinese) — never give up


  • (from Chinese) — warrior.
  • Ventus fortunae (from Latin) — the favorite of fortune.

The name of a person who passed away

Many people prefer to immortalize the names of people who are no longer with us by means of tattoos on their bodies. In this case, it makes no sense to give examples, since the names can be absolutely any and in any available language. They do not require translation, but only need the competent use of consonant letters.

Chinese and Japanese characters

Hieroglyphs have been a trend in the world of wearable body art for more than a decade. And as practice shows, men most often put Japanese and Chinese characters on their necks. For example:

Religious tattoos

Religion and belief in God is an important component for most men, so there may be an inscription on this topic in different languages ​​on the neck. For example:

  • Angelus meus semper mecum est (from Latin) — my angel is always with me;
  • Deus solus me iudicare potest (from English);

  • God won’t leave me (from English).
  • (from Japanese) — with God in the heart
  • (from Chinese) — God is love

Original catchphrases

The inscription on the neck can be not only interesting and beautiful, but also an original tattoo. Vivid examples of this:

  • The people rejoice in the Sun, and I dream about the moon (from English);
  • Praesent nunc aut nunquam (from Latin) — now or never;

  • I know I don’t know anything (from English);
  • (from Chinese) — my dream also warms me
  • (from Japanese) — to be, not to seem

Why make a tattoo on the neck?

Before a man stuffs this or that inscription on his body, he definitely needs to designate for himself the goals and objectives of the tattoo. If we consider the inscriptions on the neck, they have several functions:

  • demonstration of character and strengths in the owner;
  • designation of principles, priorities in life, positions and goals;
  • demonstration of religious bias and faith;
  • bringing good luck, success, luck into life and destiny;
  • emancipation of the individual, strengthening the necessary qualities and sides in the character;
  • attracting attention and intrigue.

Never get tattoos on your body thoughtlessly and hastily, while in a state of intoxication. As, for example, the famous actress Angelina Jolie, intoxicated, stuffed an inscription on her body with the name of her ex-husband. Later, she had to remove the tattoo, as it was a rash act.

Are there any guidelines for tattooing with lettering on the neck?

Tips for getting a tattoo deal with several important points:

  1. Phrase — decide what exactly you want to write on your neck.
  2. Language — the nature of the inscription, its semantic message should overlap with the nature of the language of the inscription.
  3. Style — the same tattoo can look radically different if you use different styles and fonts.
  4. Tattoo parlor and master — a tattoo of any complexity and scale must be done in a tattoo parlor with experienced skilled craftsmen.
  5. Details — think about what the master should draw in addition to the inscription on the neck itself. It can be different symbols, objects, representatives of flora and fauna, background.

For reference! Evaluate how much you can afford to be the owner of a noticeable and bright tattoo. If the dress code or work environment does not accept a tattoo, you should not fill the inscription on the neck, since in the warm season it will be impossible to cover it with clothes.

How to choose a sketch of a tattoo in relation to the place on the neck?

If you have definitely decided for yourself that a tattoo with an inscription will be on your neck, give preference to inscriptions that:

  • will be compact to fit on a small area of ​​the body;
  • as informative and laconic as possible;
  • proportional to size and detail to neck area;
  • will be wise, philosophical, motivating and guides, since they are located close to the head and brain;
  • will be important and meaningful, since the inscriptions should not act as a decorative element.

Neck Lettering Tattoo Styles & Colors

Lettering tattoos can be performed in several styles, but most often modern masters use several options:

The range of colors can be restrained or unlimited. In the first case, a black and white scale is used, in the second, all available colors are used in a competent combination.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

You can get guarantees of safe and high-quality work only in a tattoo parlor with a license and qualified masters. Turning to unverified places and to inexperienced craftsmen in pursuit of savings, you can get injured, bring infections and get an unattractive tattoo as a result.

Tattoo with inscriptions on the neck is the latest trend in the world of male tattoos. This is not only quick and easy work that does not require a lengthy and painful procedure, it is also an original style, clear meaning, and an excellent way of self-expression. Most often, English and Latin are used, Japanese and Chinese hieroglyphs are no less relevant today.

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