Tattoos for men on the face: photos of original tattoos

With the help of a tattoo, a man not only attracts the enthusiastic glances of women, but also shows his individuality and image. Despite the prevalence and peak of popularity of body designs, not many people decide on tattoos for men on the face. The responsibility of such an experiment is too high, in fact, as well as aesthetics.

Mainly small sketches are depicted on the face so that they do not look catchy and too pretentious. What could it be? These are Polynesian patterns, Gothic and subcultural skulls, inscriptions in all kinds of fonts, Orthodox crosses, and also stars. More details about the pros and cons of such an experiment, the degree of pain and tips for application can be found in the article below.

Tattoos on the face of men — the most demanded options

The meaning of a tattoo on a man’s face depends more on the sketch itself, and not on the exact location. That is, if the Yin-Yang symbol is stuffed on the face or on the leg, its interpretation and understanding will not change in any way. But one thing is for sure, the drawing on the face will be made by the person who does not depend on the opinion of society, the framework of society is alien to him, where he likes to surprise and attract attention.

The following popular picture ideas can cope with such tasks:

Polynesian pattern — it was from the Maori tribes of Polynesia that the tradition of decorating the face with tattoos came. This is an abstract theme, as a sign of high social status, and some patterns work as amulets from evil and dark forces.

Skull — with the help of such a drawing, a man says that he is aware of the transience of life, he is not afraid of death and is always ready to meet her. Sometimes such motives act as amulets against risks that entail danger to life.

Captions — the meaning of such a tattoo will depend on the words and the semantic message that is put by the man. The inscriptions can be both in modern languages ​​- Russian, English, German French, etc., and in ancient mysterious languages ​​- Latin, Hebrew, Arabic script.

Cross — a symbol of religiosity and belonging to a particular church denomination. It is also believed that a man honors the sacrifice made by Christ, strives to be under the auspices of God, and manifests his faithfulness to him. In this regard, the cross can serve as a talisman against evil and temptation.

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Star — first, it is an association with space and sky. Previously, priests and shamans who had a connection with the sky were marked in this way. It is also believed that with the help of such a pattern on the face, the owner emphasizes his status, self-confidence and even somewhat overestimated self-esteem.

If you persistently want to decorate your face with a tattoo, even if it is a small and simple sketch, be prepared for the fact that not every person in your environment will share your opinion about its aesthetics and expediency. It is even possible that someone will point a finger in your direction, get scared or, on the contrary, show an increased interest in you.

Pros and cons of face tattoos for men

Only one thing can be said for sure — a tattoo on a guy’s face will always be in the spotlight. And to decide whether it is worth taking such a bold step or not, you can, if you carefully consider all the arguments «for and against». The undoubted advantages of body art on the face include several points:

  • spectacular view — the owners of such works always stand out from the crowd, and sometimes even cause incredible surprise among others;
  • individuality — a properly selected sketch will show the originality and individuality of the owner, characterize him as a brave, creative person who does not depend on the opinions of others;
  • the ability to hide scars and defects — the tattoo will easily help to cover the existing imperfections on the skin, which in most cases becomes a reason to fill a tattoo here.

Cons are also provided, namely:

  • Morbidity — the face has the most sensitive skin, so the work will be unpleasant. It is even possible that the master will have to use an anesthetic if the sketch is larger than the minimum.
  • Finding a professional master — the risks of ruining your face are too high, and given that it is now extremely difficult to find an experienced specialist, this will complicate the process. To be 100% satisfied with the final result, it is important not to skimp on the service.
  • Temporary changes — As a man grows up, wrinkles and even depressions may appear on his face, which can negatively affect the aesthetics and shape of the tattoo. Today, henna or foil tattoos have become an alternative, which will soon disappear by themselves, but at the same time they will look as impressive as permanent works.
  • Restriction in choosing a profession — Many companies and businesses that employ men do not, on principle, hire people who have visible tattoos. Therefore, such an experiment can cost a good job and even a career.
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Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your face?

The most significant question that arises when thinking about whether to get a tattoo on your face or not is whether it hurts. It should be noted that the degree of sensitivity of the procedure depends on several factors:

  • skin thickness;
  • the presence of adipose tissue;
  • the presence of muscles;
  • the number of nerve endings;
  • the proximity of the location of the bone;
  • pain threshold of a person;
  • where exactly the tattoo is located — above the eyebrow, behind the ear, on the temple, on the chin or lips.

In general, we can definitely say that the work of the master will be painful. This is especially true for those with thin skin with many blood vessels. There is no fat or muscle, and the skin is thinner than elsewhere. An anesthetic that reduces the degree of sensitivity can save you.

Styles and colors of facial tattoos for men

Now that you have decided on whether to get a tattoo on your face, have selected the desired sketch and indicated the meaning of the picture, you should consider the style of its execution. Today, masters have a huge number of trends, but only some of them are relevant for small drawings on the face:

tribal — Polynesian motives, which differ in patterns and compositions with contours, pointed lines and geometric shapes;

new school — youth style, in which cartoon and funny pictures, graffiti, performed in bright colors prevail;

3d — drawing with an optical illusion, achieved through the competent use of colors and light and shade;

graphic arts — the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance when drawing is done with shading;

minimalism — simplified execution of the picture without unnecessary details and lines;

Chicano — gangster pictures, namely religious subjects, weapons, money;

black work — brutal style, accepting only black paint and rough motives of performance;

line work — laconic execution of the picture using lines and dashes;

dot work — the introduction of paint by points from which the pattern is formed.

If this is an adult man with a masculine and brutal image, monochrome sketches in black and white are suitable for him. Young and creative guys are more inclined to color options.

Are there any recommendations for applying a tattoo on your face?

The decision to apply a tattoo should be carefully considered and weighed so as not to regret it later. We advise you to consider the following questions in advance:

  • what kind of drawing you want to apply on your face, sketch out an approximate version of the sketch, you can discuss the details already at the reception with the master;
  • what is the meaning of each element in the sketch, how exactly the tattoo will «work»;
  • where exactly on the face do you want to see the work of the master — on the temple, above the eyebrow, on the chin or lips;
  • how large and saturated the tattoo should be in relation to the area of ​​the skin on the face;
  • in what style the master should perform the work, what shades are welcome, which is comparable to your image and appearance.

Important! Find in advance a highly qualified and experienced craftsman who has already performed similar work more than once. Rate his competence by taking photos with completed orders. Do not skimp on such a service, as it is fraught with consequences.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Find the nearest salon where successful masters with a good reputation work. It is important that modern equipment, professional paints are used in this place, and most importantly, sanitary standards are observed. On the Internet, you can read reviews from previous clients, see the catalog of works.

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What tattoos are not recommended for your face?

Despite the abundance of cool ideas how to decorate your face, ideas that definitely need to be abandoned require special attention. For example:

  • subculture signs — many of them activate negative energy and can repel;
  • names — sooner or later, such a wearable pattern will lose its relevance;
  • movie plots, fantasy — as they grow older, men will become irrelevant, and sometimes completely ridiculous;
  • prison motives — if a man is not related to the zone, there will be demand from him, which will entail a conflict;
  • love theme — perpetuating the temporary impulses of the soul is also inappropriate.

Only the idea that will always be relevant will be a win-win option, since its removal is painful, traumatic for the skin and financially expensive.

A face tattoo is, undoubtedly, a bold step, which not every man is capable of, but only one who is confident in himself and does not depend on the opinion of society. Most often, such experiments are inherent in young and creative guys, they choose Polynesian patterns, skulls, inscriptions, crosses and stars. Judging by the photo with examples, subject to cooperation with an experienced master, the experiment is justified.

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