Tattoo wings on the back of men: photo and meaning

If we consider tattoos in the form of wings, this is always associated with freedom, sublimity and lightness. The most optimal execution option is a tattoo of wings on the back of men. But in order to actually get a detailed transcript of a tattoo, it is important to take into account the sketch and the method of performing such a pattern on the body.

Wings can be depicted in different versions, for example, in black or white colors, with different characters, animals or symbols. The interpretation largely depends on such details, it is also significant to take into account the sacred meaning of the place on the body — the back, as well as the style of tattoo execution, the use of certain colors in paints.

Tattoo with wings on the back in men — varieties

It is impossible to pre-define for yourself the meaning of the wing tattoo on the back until the man decides on the final sketch. In fact, the design of the wings can be performed in radically different styles and directions. The following sketches are the most popular:

  • Angel wings — a symbol of the patronage of God, as well as the inner freedom and independence of the owner. This is clearly the choice of a person with a strong spirit, and if they are broken or folded, they speak of heartache and disappointment.

  • Demon wings — usually this is the choice of representatives of different subcultures, a tattoo means deceit, evil, vanity in the essence of a person.

  1. Wings with a cross — a symbol of rebirth, rebirth of Christ. Also, a tattoo can be a reminder of an important event or a departed person.

  • Wings with a heart — a tattoo that speaks of the inseparability of love and trust.

  • Skull wings — a sign of anger, anxiety and a sense of danger, can also be deciphered as a force within a person, changes in his life.

  • Dragon wings — if a creature with a grin and spread wings, it personifies aggression and power, flying down good motives, down bad goals, and in a calm state, peace and wisdom.

  • Sword with wings — the image of a defender and a warrior, strength and honor, as well as courage and readiness to fight to the bitter end.

  • Crown wings — a symbol of good luck that brings friendship, power and devotion to the owner’s life.

  • Eagle wing — a sign of courage, courage and belligerence. This tattoo is also popular in criminal circles.
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  • Wings of Hermes — a strong talisman that brings endurance, a sharp mind and ingenuity to the life of the owner. And if it depicts the staff of Hermes with wings, the tattoo will be a source of strength and inspiration to overcome any obstacles.

The most negative sketch of a tattoo with wings is the wings of a bat. Tattoo means vampirize, otherworldly unclean forces, but at the same time caution and foresight. Despite such an ambiguous understanding, tattoos with bat wings are relevant and popular among men.

What does this tattoo give a man?

Symbolism in body art and tattoos dates back to the days of Ancient Egypt. It was there that they first began to draw wings on the body in the form of tattoos, this was done mainly by the pharaohs, emphasizing their special position. It was believed there that the tattoo was a symbol of sublimity, divine power, power.

Ancient Greece also had an interesting myth associated with wings. The famous inventor Daedalus, by the will of fate, once came to the island of Crete, where he had to serve a foreign king all his life, missing his native Athens. Wanting to return there with his already grown-up son Icarus, he built wings from bird feathers.

They managed to take off, but Icarus liked the Sun so much that he approached it too close that the wings flew into particles, and Icarus fell into the sea. The god Hermes and Ancient Greece and Mercury from Ancient Rome can also be attributed to the mythical winged creatures. And in Slavic culture, it is customary to consider anthropomorphic creatures with large feather wings as messengers of God.

Are there any guidelines for tattooing with wings?

Before you decide to get a wing tattoo, it is imperative to think over the fundamental points on which the final result depends. Namely:

  1. The task of the tattoo — before choosing a drawing and a place on the body, as well as resorting to the work of a master, decide for what purpose you are taking such a step, what do you expect from a tattoo.
  2. Sketch — compose the desired drawing for a tattoo, do not copy other people’s ideas from the Internet, it should be a unique author’s drawing. Print the sketch in photo format to show it to the master.
  3. Additional Items — think about whether there will be other characters, animals or symbols in the picture that will make adjustments to the designation of the tattoo. Be sure to find out exactly how the meaning of the wings on the back will change with such additions.
  4. Tattoo parlor and master — find a safe place for yourself where you can get the desired result. For previous work, evaluate the professionalism and experience of the master.
  5. Price — immediately indicate the approximate cost of the work, so that it does not become a «pleasant surprise» for you.
  6. Place on the body — ideally the wings will look on the back, this is a fairly spacious and symbolic place for such a sketch. In addition, the wings are often stuffed on the shoulders and forearms, shoulder blades and ankles.
  7. Style — the way of transferring the picture can be radically different, depending on the style. It can be either realism or a tattoo in 3D, as well as original graphics or colorful watercolors.
  8. Color spectrum — restrained and brutal men typically choose black and white for tattoos, and young, expressive and creative personalities experiment with contrasting colors.
  9. Scale — the larger the drawing, the higher and stronger its sacred meaning and influence on the fate of a person. But at the same time, large drawings require longer execution time and costs upon payment.
  10. Religion — compare your attitude to religion, whether the tattoo would contradict your prejudices and faith. Despite the beauty and aesthetics of the sketch, it is still a religious symbol.

For reference! Remember that a tattoo is done for life, with the exception of small drawings that are removed with a laser. At the same time, the elimination of a tattoo is a difficult, painful and expensive way. It is more advisable to think twice before filling the wings on your back.

Styles and Colors for Wing Back Tattoo

Today, masters daily practice several dozen different styles for tattoos. Some of them have been used for more than one century, being unshakable classics, others have appeared relatively recently. In the context of wings, the following options can be considered:

  • Old school — a bright palette of contrasting colors with black outlines, a bold and expressive way of depicting wings.
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  • Realism — the most believable drawing due to the complex technique of execution and the competent use of colors.

  • Graphics — the drawing of the wings with the help of lines in a strict black scale, which is why the drawing resembles engravings.

  • Biomechanics — the style accepts any shades, assumes a large scale and many little things.

  • Geometry — the use of lines and figures of different thickness and size, forming a certain pattern in tandem.

Most often, men depict wings on their backs in black and white, if there are other elements in the drawing, you can use all kinds of colors.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

You can only beat a tattoo in a tattoo parlor that has a license and related documents. If you go to unverified and unreliable places, this threatens the following risks:

  • infection;
  • injury to the skin;
  • getting a low-quality drawing;
  • lack of any guarantees.

In the end, you will still have to look for an experienced and qualified master to fix the poor-quality work of the previous performer.

The meaning of a tattoo with wings on the back in the criminal world

The same tattoo on the neck, on the arm, on the back or elsewhere can look and feel differently. And due to the fact that body art is relevant both in everyday life and in places of detention, the same sketch can have two interpretations. If they are wings, they are also stuffed on the back in prison, implying the following meanings:

  • Cross and wings in the clouds — a symbol of the memory of a dead thief.
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  • Wings and spades — thieves’ authority.

  • One wing — striving for freedom.

  • Back wings — a symbol of the soul’s disagreement to be in captivity.

In order not to face a misunderstanding of a tattoo, take a responsible approach to choosing a sketch for a tattoo. Even people on the loose can be sarcastic about some types of tattoos.

For any man, the wings on the back are a tattoo that personifies a guardian angel, being under the supervision and protection of divine powers. It can also be understood as freedom and independence, flight and lightness. Not always a tattoo with an angel can be perceived positively, it all depends on the choice of a sketch, the presence of additional characters and elements in it, style and color rendition.

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