Popular tattoos with meaning for men on the chest

In ancient times, men used a tattoo on their chest as amulets. They were compared with a shield that protected the warrior’s heart from defeat. Today, chest tattoos for men are an opportunity to emphasize muscle relief and show your own special style. The best ideas for this place this year are a wise owl, a zodiac sign, a ship with sails, abstraction, and a soaring eagle.

When choosing an idea, a man needs to decide on the subject of the picture, whether it be inscriptions, hieroglyphs, animals and birds, plants, symbols, brutal or beautiful images, mini tattoo, colored or in 3d format. Further, by following simple tips for selection and application, as well as bypassing examples of common selection mistakes, you can get a cool result.

Tattoos on the chest for men — most popular varieties

There is supposed to be enough free space on the chest, so it will be difficult to immediately decide on a sketch. Masters name the top 5 ideas of the year:

Owl — this bird personifies the secret knowledge of a man, the desire for freedom and independence, mysticism and wisdom of life, going beyond the usual consciousness. In addition, balance, calmness, discretion and self-confidence can be learned from the character.

Zodiac sign — in this place, a correctly selected symbol, an animal-totem or a zodiacal constellation will work as an amulet. Its task is to strengthen the best qualities in the character and talents of the owner.

Ship with sails — a symbol of success and good luck in the life of a man, which will help transform life for the better. It is also an indicator of hope and optimism, striving forward to achieve the set goals.

Abstraction — it can be geometric patterns, Celtic or Polynesian ornaments, inside which you can encrypt your special meaning. Most often these are amulets and charms that work for the benefit of the owner.

Soaring eagle — means striving for career growth, realizing the goals and global dreams. The drawing suggests that you are facing an ambitious and passionate person who does not give in to difficulties.

Advantages and disadvantages of chest tattoos for men

To make your choice, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of tattooing in the chest area. The main benefits include:

  1. Aesthetics — a large space allows you to apply large-scale, monochrome and multi-colored, realistic subjects, as well as entire artistic compositions. Such creativity will undoubtedly attract rave glances.
  2. Practicality — a large area, a flat and smooth surface of the skin and the ability to hide a tattoo with clothes make it possible to embody any experiments and desires into reality. This means that any sketches and styles of performance are appropriate here.
  3. Painlessness — the procedure is painless, and the master can easily cope with any style of performance due to the excellent characteristics of the skin here.
  4. Unpretentious care — healing is quick and not problematic, at first the guy wears a protective film, applies healing agents, covering the place with clothes.
  5. Camouflage — in any inappropriate setting, a tattoo can be easily hidden by clothing, whether it be work or an official event.

For reference! There will be fewer drawbacks in such a case — this is a high price if we are talking about a large complex sketch, as well as the duration of the work, which can take several stages.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your chest?

The most painful places for tattooing are located on the chest in the region of the ribs, since there is no fatty layer and muscles that absorb punctures with a needle. A solid tattoo on the sternum will not be so uncomfortable for a man, especially if he has developed muscular muscles.

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The same can be said about working on the pectoral muscle, which protects against discomfort and pain. Drawings on the left chest, under the heart, on the shoulder and sternum will also not be so painful for a strong, physically developed guy. But much also depends on individual characteristics and pain threshold.

Styles and colors for chest tattoos for men

What is the difference between men’s tattoo? These are impressive drawings of a brutal, daring and strict format, as well as laconic and simple images for classics and conservatives. Different styles of tattoos correspond to these criteria:

blackwork — only black paint and high contrast are applicable;

dotwork — point technique of applying paint;

trash polka — aggressive color pictures;

biomechanics — imitation of bursting flesh with mechanisms and metal objects;

3d — impressive volumetric drawings with an optical illusion;

chikano — gangster drawings that display weapons, bones and maps, coins, girls, religious stories;

old school — classics of the genre, bright contrasting drawings from the last century.

In addition to the style, it is worth considering the color scheme of the future work. It can be a monochrome version in dark colors or a color sketch with base colors and their close shades.

Meaningful inscriptions

In most cases, the inscriptions are the first experience, as well as an additional element to the existing pictures. Most often they are performed in ancient languages ​​- Latin, Hebrew or Arabic script. Modern options are no less relevant — English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

What are these tattoos most often about:

  • about feelings and deeds of the heart;
  • about friendship;
  • about children and relatives;
  • about the family;
  • Quotes of great men;
  • philosophical inscriptions;
  • motivating phrases;
  • words of religious connotation.

Not only is the phrase itself an important criterion for a cool tattoo, a man should choose a suitable font. Most often, masters today use 3 methods of depicting inscriptions — handwritten, calligraphic and Gothic type.


The Land of the Rising Sun uses the most mysterious and beautiful symbols — hieroglyphs — as writing. Such tattoos are relevant if only because most often they are understandable only to the owner. And the aesthetics of such inscriptions are beyond praise. Different words about love, faith, life will look harmonious on the chest, for example:

From left to right: Each has its own road; Born to be happy; My angel is always with me; With God in your heart; Bless and save.

Due to the many functioning dialects, it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of hieroglyphs, since the same symbol can be interpreted in different ways.


The most extensive category for ideas and suggestions is animals and birds, as well as plants. Some are comparing oneself with the character, others serve as amulets. The following pictures can be placed on the chest:

animals — identification of their qualities of character and behavior with the character, imitation of his strength, courage and wisdom (bear, wolf, deer, cats, elephant);

plant — beautiful plots, as an emphasis on a subtle and creative nature, a rich inner world (tree, peony, rose, orchid, dandelion, etc.);

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birds — the guy’s desire for freedom, flight, lightness, his purposefulness, sharp mind, quick wit, speed (eagle, falcon, hummingbird, raven, owl);

insects — a talisman and amulet that attracts good luck, promotes spiritual and physical growth, a source of happiness and positiveness (beetle, ladybug, moth, grasshopper);

arthropods — danger and mystery, a kind of outlook on things, creative thinking (spider, scorpion);

marine inhabitants — a philosophical meaning or a talisman that helps to reveal new facets and talents in a person (carp, shark, dolphin, whale, octopus turtle)

Any sketches located on the chest address the message of the spirit line, and most importantly, enhance one or more facets of the owner. It is the choice of an animal or a bird that determines what the tattoo will «work» on.

Commemorative tattoos

Memorable tattoo is a kind of desire to capture any turning events on your body, emphasizing a special attitude. They can be on a different topic, for example:

  • the name of an important person;
  • names of children;
  • terms of service in the army, study, marriage and childbirth;
  • scarring to highlight scars and injuries after serious accidents;
  • inscriptions regarding hobbies or professional activities.


Symbolism is a broad category, where almost any object or sacred sign can serve as a talisman or amulet. The best offers from the masters will be as follows:

  • YinYan — striving to achieve spiritual harmony and balance;
  • Zodiac sign — a talisman that develops the talents and abilities of the owner;
  • Hamsa — amulet, the hand of God, luck, kindness, strong intuition;
  • cross — a sign of religiosity, a desire to get closer to God;
  • eye of Horus — a mystical sign of the divine world order, protecting from evil and failure.


You can emphasize your strength and brutality with the help of daring monochrome drawings on your body. The following suggestions went to the tattoo category for real men:

  • tiger and dragon — works as a Yin-Yang symbol, personifying the confrontation between good and evil;
  • buffalo — aggression and unbridledness, sexual energy, as well as a sign of emotional maturity;
  • wolf — loneliness, firm position, dedication to one’s choice, courage;
  • grin of a predator — readiness to defend, courage, strength, danger and aggression;
  • ornament — protects against evil, failures, personifies the cyclicality and infinity of being.

Mini tattoo

Small tattoos are not only fast and painless, but also look laconic and restrained on the body. Most often, the following options are stuffed in such a place:

  • heart — a symbol of the presence of feelings and devotion to the chosen one;
  • cross — definition of religion;
  • Crown — self-esteem, leadership, desire to prevail over others;
  • lotus — spirituality, pacification;
  • anchor — certainty and dedication, striving for stability, a solid core inside.

Beautiful and funny tattoos

For those who strive to be unlike no one, to stand out from the crowd, to show individuality, there is a whole collection of cool and beautiful sketches for the chest. In it you can see the following ideas:

  • wings — freedom and independence, purity, kindness, desire to be closer to your guardian angel;
  • oriental dragon — irresistible power and passion, secret knowledge and mysticism;
  • owl — an ancient symbol of knowledge, wisdom, having your own view of any things;
  • deer — self-confidence and self-confidence, purity of soul and thoughts;
  • fallen Angel — creating in a seated position, conveying depression, mental pain and frustration.
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In the color version, you can perform absolutely any picture, but the following examples will look cooler:

  • space — realistic drawings of galaxies and planets, as the personification of a creative nature, a desire to get rid of frames, to be free and independent;
  • plot from a movie or fantasy — a colorful sketch that simply acts as a decorating element and a manifestation of love for creativity;
  • mythical character — comparing yourself and your character, strengths and qualities with the hero;
  • Dreamcatcher — a beautiful symbol in color, taking away dark forces and spirits from the soul;
  • eagle soaring in the sky — a beautiful picture symbolizing freedom, the flight of the soul, imagination, the desire for independence.

3d tattoo

3d tattoos are a real hit, and the most daring guys prefer to apply the following options:

  • biomechanics — an eerie imitation of metal mechanisms cutting into the skin;
  • portrait of a girl — sensuality, passionate nature, heterosexuality;
  • Jesus Christ — spirituality, religiosity, the desire to be under the auspices of higher powers;
  • patterns (abstraction and geometry) — a decorative element that creates an optical illusion of space perception;
  • compass — persistence of life priorities, passion for adventure and adventure.

Are there any recommendations for tattooing on the chest?

So that the decision to get a tattoo on the chest does not become a mistake, it is important to consider the following criteria in advance:

  • sketch — the drawing must be copyrighted, not plagiarized;
  • meaning — each element requires interpretation, what sacred meaning it provides;
  • place on the chest — the sketch can be voluminous for the entire chest or be located on one of its parts;
  • размер — how many percent of the breast the drawing will occupy;
  • style and colors — free choice, depending on the preferences of the client.

Important! Find out in advance from the master how much the work will cost, how much time and stages it will take to be completed.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

To have guarantees of safe and high-quality work, you should look for a salon in your city where experienced and highly qualified craftsmen work, modern equipment and professional paints are used, and sterility is observed.

Examples of chest tattoos that are not recommended

There are several ideas for tattoos that experienced craftsmen consider to be unsuccessful. What you should definitely avoid:

  • love theme, since this is a temporary impulse of the soul;
  • subcultural symbols, since they are negative to a greater extent and are relevant for some period of life;
  • prison tattoo, because of which conflicts may arise;
  • cartoon and fantasy plotsthat over time will be irrelevant.

The main condition for choosing the right sketch is that it will always be relevant, harmoniously fitting into the image and lifestyle of the owner.

In the chest area, you can fill both miniature and monochrome pictures, as well as large-scale and spectacular 3d ideas in color. The main categories for selection are inscriptions, animals, birds, plants, symbols, plots from religion, fantasy, mythology. It is imperative to evaluate the sketch visually in the photo and to clarify in advance the meaning of each element in the composition so that the tattoo does not cause problems and failures.

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