Leg tattoos for men: fashionable and original

A leg for a tattoo is one of the most practical areas, since absolutely any sketches are possible here, without restrictions in scale, style and color. The coolest leg tattoo ideas for men relate to the style of biomechanics, Polynesian patterns, oriental hieroglyphs, predatory animals and sacred symbols.

When choosing a sketch, you need to take into account the location of the tattoo — on the thigh, lower leg, foot, ankle or knees, compositions that are different in scale and degree of complexity can be placed. Considering the top tattoo ideas with photo examples, the style and color scheme are selected for the overall image, semantic and emotional load of the composition.

Tattoos on the leg of men — the most fashionable options

A tattoo on a leg is an extensible concept, since a master can fulfill a client’s order on the thigh, on the ankle, or even on the feet. Therefore, before picking up cool ideas, a man must decide on the exact location. After that, you can already indicate which ideas and styles are in trend this year.

The main emphasis of the master is made on the following variations:

Polynesian ornaments — clear lines in the patterns, a rather rough ornament connecting them together. You can choose from options such as:

  • turtle — good health, longevity, protection;
  • the sun — life, warmth, prosperity;
  • Mask — protection from evil forces;
  • lizard — regeneration, life and death, luck;
  • spiral — closed are comparable to infinity or expanded, meaning restoration, renewal;
  • shark — protection;
  • ramp — calmness and wisdom, amulet;
  • whale — family, greatness, upbringing.

Biker images — denote rebelliousness, disobedience to imposed stereotypes, brotherhood, freedom and independence. In this format, they draw wings, skulls, skeletons, inscriptions, flames, a Maltese cross, a swastika, etc.

Eastern hieroglyphs — such inscriptions attract mysticism and originality, while implying powerful energy, because the meaning is available only to the owner. Any symbol does not carry a grammatical meaning, but denotes the way it is literally translated.

Predators — a tattoo with any animal from this category suggests that its owner has all the same qualities, namely, cunning, strength, courage, ingenuity, dexterity, etc. These can be representatives of the feline family, bears, wolves, etc.

Sacred symbols — small signs with a mystical influence on the fate and worldview of a person. Amulets that protect against mistakes and dark forces, talismans that help to achieve success, and motivating tattoos are applied here. For example, dream catcher, mandala, infinity sign, Yin Yang, zodiac signs and more.

Almost all newfangled tattoos on the leg suggest a more aggressive and brutal look. Guys love all sorts of ideas in a convex abstraction format, tribal style or impressive biomechanics.

Features of tattoos on the leg in men (pros, cons, care)

Before looking at images with the best sketches for a leg, a man needs to weigh the pros and cons of such a decision. The advantages include several points:

  • emphasize masculinity and the relief of strong male legs;
  • create an original individual style;
  • can be of any size and style of performance;
  • well disguised under clothing;
  • no problem and heal quickly;
  • unpretentious in matters of care;
  • fit harmoniously on a flat surface of the skin.

There are also disadvantages, namely:

  • hairiness can distort the image;
  • on the feet, the pattern is quickly erased;
  • some patterns are incompatible with the long, elongated area of ​​the lower limbs.

For reference! If a man has skin defects in the area of his legs: scars or stretch marks, they can be easily camouflaged with the help of high-quality work of the master.

Care is assumed according to the standard rules — wearing a protective film, using healing agents, reducing contact with tissues and direct sunlight.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your leg?

To determine how unpleasant and painful the process of applying paints under the skin will be, a man must first determine the exact location of future work on the lower extremities. For example:

  • on the feet — there are many lymph nodes here, so it is important to find an experienced and knowledgeable master to reduce risks and discomfort;
  • ankle — the skin here is thin, there is no adipose tissue as such, so the work will be painful;
  • on the shins — here the skin is denser, both fatty and muscle tissue are present, which means that the procedures will be tolerable;
  • on the hip (on the frog) — the most painless area due to the presence of many muscles, thick skin and the presence of adipose tissue;
  • on the knees — the most painful area, since there is thin skin, many nerve endings, the absence of fat and muscle, as well as the close location of joints and bones.
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Styles and colors that are popular for leg tattoos

A beautiful tattoo in the understanding of men is one that is done courageously, strictly and even somewhat aggressively. The following styles correspond to these characteristics:

Tribal — Major and Polynesian motives, characterized by contours, pointed lines, geometry;

biomechanics — an impressive sight, how the gears and metal mechanisms seem to tear the flesh;

new school — a youth trend dominated by cartoon characters, graffiti, rich colors and storylines;

3d — an image with an optical illusion due to the competent use of colors and chiaroscuro;

Chicano — gangster style, where there are female images, religious subjects, weapons, money;

blackwork — brutal style using only black paint and rough pictures;

dotwork — point technique of applying paint, when a pattern is formed from many points.

For adults and brutal men, a monochrome version in black and white is suitable. For young and creative people, motley multi-colored pictures are typical with the use of basic colors — green, yellow, red, blue and black, as well as similar halftones.

Meaningful inscriptions

The most common idea for a tattoo is inscriptions, such motifs are often found on the legs. Craftsmen use different creative fonts and ways of depicting symbols, men, in turn, must decide on the language and subject of the inscription.

Most popular lettering languages:

  • Hebrew;
  • Arabic script;
  • Latin;
  • Chinese and Japanese characters;
  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish.

As for the subject matter, the inscriptions can relate to love and family, religious views, life principles, goals for the future, friendship and professional activity. Quotes and phrases of philosophers, motivating words, look original.


Hieroglyphs from Chinese and Japanese dialects are considered the most extraordinary language in terms of aesthetics and understanding. The trend this year is writing on the ankle and over the foot. Also, hieroglyphs can independently decorate the legs and thighs. For example:

From left to right: The only love of a lifetime; Remember who you are; Love is My religion; Now or never; Here and now



Body images with various animals, birds and plants are in no less demand. Each character has its own special meaning, some «work» even as strong amulets. Which categories are worth considering:

Birds — they are often compared with the desire for freedom, independence and ease. A proud eagle, a gloomy raven, a mystical owl, a flaming phoenix can be placed on the leg. With each character, a man identifies himself or seeks to imitate him.

Animals — Another category with which it is customary to compare the character traits and behavior of guys. Some like a proud and domineering lion, others like a powerful and reasonable bear, and others like a lonely but loyal wolf. The elephant is considered the personification of majesty, the turtle — longevity and wisdom, the horse — hard work and endurance.

Plants — floral patterns and ornaments, flowers are preferred by sensual, creative and romantic persons inclined to philosophy and an extraordinary worldview. The personification of male energy will be a peony, a rose speaks of passion and beauty, a thistle serves as a talisman, like a dandelion, a lotus is comparable to secret knowledge and spirituality.

Insects — some with the help of frightening pictures attract attention, others use beetles and spiders as amulets. Ladybugs, scarabs, grasshoppers can bring good luck and prosperity into life, and lizards, scorpions, and spiders can protect them from evil.

Marine inhabitants — sketches from this category look epic and bright. The most popular are sharks, rays, whales and dolphins, carps, etc. Some function as amulets and charms, others emphasize the masculinity and courage of the owner.

Commemorative tattoos

The category of commemorative tattoos offers different sketches and ideas, thanks to which important events in life, drama, happy moments and turning events can be immortalized. Most of them are expressed by captions, for example:

  • the name of a person who has passed away;
  • blood group and Rh factor of the owner;
  • names of children and relatives;
  • date of birth of the child, marriage, service or education;
  • scarification, so as not to camouflage trauma marks, but to emphasize them;
  • signs of professional activity and hobbies.
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Small signs and objects can «work» in several directions — to protect from the effects of dark forces, to protect against mistakes, ill-wishers and dangers, to promote mental and spiritual growth, change outlook, attract good luck, prosperity, health and longevity.

The following symbols are most often depicted on the lower limbs of men:

  • wings — patronage by higher powers;
  • trout — Slavic symbol that attracts wealth and success;
  • Rose of Wind — fearlessness, assistance in finding a way of life;
  • dream Catcher — a powerful talisman against evil spirits, a source of positiveness and harmony;
  • mandala — diagram meaning the whole universe, peace and harmony;
  • maze — search for oneself, mysticism, preference for spiritual life;
  • YinYan — competent management of life, achievement of spiritual harmony and balance;
  • spiral — rebirth, time, cyclicity of the phases of day and night, seasons of the year, birth and death;
  • eye of Horus — an amulet, a sign of the divine world order, protection from evil and failures;
  • anchor — striving for stability and the right choice of life path.


With the help of a body pattern, a man can emphasize his core, brutality and firmness in character. To do this, you need to open the category of brutal tattoos and find the best option for the lower limbs. For example:

  • crocodile — the guy’s irrepressibility along with his vigilance, a manifestation of strength and danger;
  • chain — depicted on the legs with a bracelet, emphasizing unity, infinity, integrity and firmness;
  • doberman — anger and danger in tandem with loyalty and honesty;
  • lion — a wise and strong leader, capable of bearing responsibility for himself and for his loved ones;
  • Cerberus — the mythological creature is identified with aggression, strength and demonic forces;
  • armor — striving for security, readiness to defend against evil and ill-wishers;
  • Kolovrat — protector of the human soul from evil and negativity;
  • dragon — passionate and domineering nature, invincible strength and power;
  • grin of a predator — a kind of warning that it is better to be friends with a man;
  • ornament — masculinity, spirituality, protection from dark forces.

Mini tattoo

A miniature and small tattoo is most often the first experience for guys. It is she who allows you to taste all the delights of the body art underwear. Various small tattoos can be applied to the leg, for example:

  • anchor — life position, stable choice, certainty and dedication;
  • baby foot print — in this way a man perpetuates his offspring, emphasizes his love for him;
  • butterfly — inspiration and lightness, relaxedness and freedom;
  • Crown — leadership and authority, dominance over others;
  • compass — steadfastness of life principles, balance, passion for adventure and adventure;
  • Zodiac sign — a talisman that enhances good traits and talents in a man;
  • cross — a sign of religiosity, love for God;
  • eye in triangle — a protective symbol that protects from evil and failure, a source of knowledge and intuition.

Beautiful and funny tattoos

Body art also has many beautiful and creative ideas that can be depicted on the lower limbs. For example:

  • wolf — beautiful realistic performance will emphasize the loyalty, devotion, justice of the owner;
  • abstraction — a decorative element that emphasizes the special creative look of the guy;
  • dragon — invincible strength, wisdom, secret knowledge, strong personality;
  • Jesus Christ — a realistic face of a saint, as a talisman against evil and temptation;
  • wings — attracts a guardian angel, serves as a talisman;
  • Dreamcatcher — a charm that takes away dark forces and temptations from the soul.


If you are bored with monochrome pictures on the body, you can show your originality by giving preference to bright color sketches. The following ideas will look colorful and colorful on the legs:

  • portrait — it can be a beloved girl, a famous person, a historical character, as the personification of a guy’s devotion and interests;
  • icon — different angels, saints, Jesus or the Virgin Mary, as the desire to be under the protection of God and higher powers;
  • plot from a movie or cartoon — a colorful sketch that does not carry a deep meaning, except for the decorative function;
  • mythical character — identification with him, his character, strengths and qualities, or imitation of him;
  • space — lack of restrictions and frameworks, striving for complete freedom and independence, cyclicality and infinity.
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3d tattoo

A real hit in the field of body art is 3d tattoos, which are not only expressed by the realism of the pictures, but also by their optical illusion, visual volume. They look amazing, especially the following sketches for the lower limbs:

  • biomechanics — creepy pictures, imitation of metal mechanisms cutting into the skin;
  • portrait of a girl — love for the fair sex, heterosexuality;
  • animals — identification with the beast, imitation of his strength, courage;
  • woodcarving — intricate patterns as if on a piece of wood, but in fact, on the body due to the competent play of colors and three-dimensionality of the picture;
  • abstract and geometric patterns — complex drawings that create an optical illusion of space perception.

Are there any recommendations for applying a tattoo on a leg?

In order for the decision made to be deliberate and balanced, and after a while the tattoo did not have to be displayed, it is important to think over several points in advance:

  • sketch — make a drawing that you would like to see on the lower limbs, as inspiration you can use ideas from the Internet or from leading masters;
  • value — each element in the picture should be clear, what sacred and semantic message it provides;
  • location — determine exactly where the picture will be applied on the leg;
  • scale — you should roughly imagine what part of the skin the body composition will fill;
  • style and color scheme — each image method has its own characteristics, emotional message and aesthetics, you choose.

Important! Find in advance an experienced master who qualifies for such work, find out how much such a tattoo will cost, how long it will take to perform it.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

To get guarantees of high-quality and safe work, you need to find a salon in your city with professional materials and modern equipment, experienced craftsmen and an impeccable reputation.

Examples of tattoos on the leg that are not recommended to be applied

Despite the abundance of cool ideas that can be stuffed on the lower limbs, it is worth talking separately about which options will be unsuccessful. In order not to regret what you have done, it is better to abandon a few ideas:

  • subculture signs — many of them have a negative impact on fate, and may also become obsolete over time, lose their relevance;
  • names — people in our life come and go, but tattoo removal will be much more difficult;
  • plots from movies, fantasy or cartoons — these are, rather, temporary impulses and interests that are not entirely suitable for tattooing for life;
  • prison tattoos — if a man does not belong to the underworld and the zone, he may be asked for such wearable images;
  • love theme — feelings sooner or later fade away, you should not perpetuate what is temporary.

In any case, the underwear image should be in demand and relevant throughout life. Removal is painful, traumatic for the skin and expensive.

Drawings on the feet of guys is a common experiment; over time, only top ideas and pictures, styles of performance, colors and effects change. The inscriptions and hieroglyphs, symbols, memorable images, color, beautiful and brutal options will look cool. And what about the 3d format, which shatters the understanding of body art. There are so many ideas that you can not be limited to one character or object, but create entire artistic compositions.

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