Men’s scarf
A scarf has become an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe, a stylish element is worn under a shirt or pullover. It harmoniously combines with the classic style,
Tie is the secret weapon of male elegance
Every man who wants to look attractive should know how to tie a tie. This accessory complements any costume and has many knot options. This helps each of
An introduction for beginners: why you need a tie
Any fashionable men’s wardrobe has at least one such thing, even if it has been worn for a long time. A businessman has several such accessories — for
Stylish combinations of a tie with a suit
The solution to the difficult problem of how to choose a tie for a suit and shirt cannot always be obtained by relying on your own taste. It
Basic rules for wearing a men’s tie
Is it possible to look stylish, expensive in any situation? How to match a business dress code at work during the day and then create an informal look?
How to choose the right tie length
The rules of etiquette are considered to be quite strict and conservative. Even a slight deviation from the norm can make an image look messy. Therefore, when creating
Tie plastron — an accessory of European origin
An element of an elegant suit — a neatly laid wide-brimmed plastron tie, cannot be found in everyday life. Stylists and designers adhere to the version that a
Variants of knots for a tie with an elastic band
An elastic tie is a versatile and practical wardrobe item that will suit every day. The knot needs to be tied only once, and then sewn up. Subsequently,
Bolo tie in the image of a modern man
The bolo tie is shaped like a lace. This accessory evokes associations with the cowboy style. It goes well with matching hats and silver badges. In addition to
Secrets of wearing a bow tie
For many people, a bow tie is a must-have clothing attribute when attending gala receptions and presentations. But today, no one adheres to strict rules in its use
Variety of types of men’s ties
One of the most popular accessories for men is the tie. However, the classic version does not always suit the stronger sex. However, such an element should be
4 ways to tie a thin tie
In the history of world fashion, such an attribute of clothing as a thin tie, which was very popular in the middle of the last century, is well
How does an ascot tie differ from other accessories?
The traditional ascot tie was first knotted in Eastern Europe in the 17th century. Then it differed in shape and size, and it was customary to simply wrap
Trend of the season — knitted tie
A knitted tie is a popular accessory for a business wardrobe, a fashion trend that is only gaining momentum, so there may be insufficient assortment in online stores.
How to Tie a Tie with the Eldridge Knot
The way of tying the tie emphasizes the status and sense of style of the man. A beautiful knot attracts attention, becomes the highlight of the image. The
How to tie a windsor knot
The tie first appeared in ancient China and has grown in popularity ever since. And now, after many centuries since its inception, this accessory has become an indispensable
How to tie a quarter knot
A tie is an essential attribute that must be in the wardrobe of any man. In a matter of minutes, the much-needed accessory completes the look, giving it
Tie care and storage rules
A tie for modern office workers and other companies is a must-have element of appearance. For those who fall under such a dress code, it will be very
How to tie a classic knot in a tie
A tie is an essential accessory for creating a strict, elegant look. Every man, even if he is not an adherent of the classic style, wears a suit.
Double Knot Tie
According to the rules of business etiquette, a man must wear a tie. Not everyone is able to tie the accessory correctly. Several knot tying schemes are proposed.
Stylish accessory for men — tie clip
The tie clip is considered a popular men’s accessory that is an integral part of a business style. It performs not only decorative functions, but also solves practical
Extraordinary Trinity Tie Knot
Most successful men have more than one tie in their wardrobe, but a dozen or more accessories. This allows you to choose the appropriate option for each specific
Several ways to shorten your tie
A tie is considered an important part of a business look. In order for the composition with this accessory to look harmonious and relevant, it is important to