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If you know how to iron a classic men’s shirt correctly, you can do it in a matter of minutes. To shorten the operating time as much as
Guayabera — How to Wear a Cuban Collar Shirt
The popularity of Cuban shirts came during the 50s of the last century, and they immediately firmly established themselves among the most important attributes of a man’s wardrobe.
How to choose a shirt to fit perfectly
A properly selected men’s wardrobe will make the owner elegant and confident in appearance. The selection of clothes begins with the basic element — shirts. And the first
What is the difference between a men’s shirt and a shirt
A man’s shirt is once an undergarment, which over time has been transformed into an independent item of men’s wardrobe. This moment has been counted since 1960. An
Styles of men’s shirts — business and «for life»
A type of shirt, correctly selected for the type of suit, which supports the formality of the situation, speaks of a deep understanding of style, respect for the
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Rashguard — what is it, styles, manufacturers, how to choose and wash
Probably everyone who has ever been to the gym has seen athletes in tight T-shirts with an unusual print. Such clothing is called a rashguard, and its uniqueness
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Over time, even high-quality things deteriorate. But if it is a shame to throw a thing away, then it can be restored. Repairing the collar of a man’s
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Shirts are one of the basic elements of modern men’s wardrobe, the choice of which can say a lot about its owner. Profession, social status, taste and attention
Collars of men’s shirts: how not to make the wrong choice
A modern man’s wardrobe cannot do without a shirt: the types of collars of men’s shirts are a direct indication of style, purpose, use in certain circumstances, and
How to choose a shirt to fit
The subtleties of correctly sizing men’s shirts are well known to sellers working in stores with men’s clothing. Problems arise from ignorance of what kind of style the
Non-iron shirt or all about the wrinkle-resistant men’s shirt
Business style requires a neat appearance: a tailored suit and a flawlessly white, ironed shirt. Tucked into trousers, the product creates folds and creases under the jacket in