Shaving mirror: a very important accessory
To achieve comfortable living conditions, it is important enough that all essentials are of high quality and, most importantly, that their user likes them. The first place we
Beard Trimmer Rating: The Best of the Best
The popularity of beards among men is growing exponentially, in connection with this, the demand for all kinds of accessories and tools for grooming facial hair is growing.
How to sharpen an electric razor: complete instructions
An electric razor is the most convenient tool for shaving, as it does not require the use of cosmetics, hygienic procedures, and most importantly, after such a shave,
What is a trimmer and what is it for?
Beard fashion is back, and now every second man is experimenting with looks and styles of facial hair. Some prefer to visit barbers and, under the strict guidance
Electric shavers with bristle length adjustment: why are they better than others?
The fashion for a beard has swept almost the whole world, or rather its strong half of society. Today, many men prefer to wear a long and thick
Stiff bristle electric shavers: a brief overview of popular models
Well-groomed look for a man means quite a lot. The first thing that sets an overall positive picture of a male is either a beautifully designed and styled
Philips beard trimmer brand overview
Thanks to numerous tools and devices, men can afford to wear a stylish beard and mustache, taking care of it on their own at home. The most requested
Shaving soap: what every man needs to know
Among the existing men’s face care products, shaving soap stands out. The product is considered the oldest skin softener at the time of shaving off stubble. Previously, soap
Haircut beard at home
A neat beard is a natural adornment for a man, allowing him to express his individual style, emphasize facial features and even hide flaws. With its help, you
The subtleties and secrets of proper shaving with an electric razor
A man is always confident that he knows how to shave properly. Perhaps it is, if no problems arise. And if they are still present, then perhaps you
Sugaring — sugar beard depilation for men
Today, a lot of time is devoted to visual appeal. Not only modern women, but also men, began to take care of themselves. Removing excess hair on the
How to shave with different types of razors
Representatives of the stronger sex face the following problems after shaving: cuts and irritations remain on the skin, it hurts and stings, and the stubble is not completely
How to use the trimmer at home
From antiquity to the present, the beard for most men is associated with spirituality, strength and masculinity. Fashion trends are constantly changing, so the beard acted as both
How to choose a shaving brush
A shaving brush helps to form a dense foam from cream, soap. This accessory has a massaging and warming effect. What is a shaving brush? Shaving brushes are
Disposable razors: simple, fast and inexpensive
Disposable razors have their own advantages and disadvantages. The products are easy to operate and have a low cost. Benefits and features of using a disposable razor The
Straight razor shaving: technique and rules of use
Many representatives of the stronger sex use special shaving machines. Such devices are easy to use. It is almost impossible to injure yourself with a razor. Other men
Choosing the best shaving machine
The shaving machine is a very important accessory. With the help of such a device, you can get rid of unwanted facial hair. A shaving razor consists of
Barbershop, or a hairdresser for a beard
As soon as the beard re-entered fashion, men had a lot of questions: how to properly care for facial hair, which of the professionals is better to contact,
Rating of the best beard and mustache trimmers
The development of stylistics as a separate trend in fashion contributed to the emergence of a tendency to take more careful care of the appearance of men. We
After shave: we use it right, choose the best
Shaving is a traditional procedure for many men. However, it can be quite traumatic. The use of special care products such as cream, balm, gel, cologne and aftershave
What are razor blades: top 5 best manufacturers
The ideal appearance of a man consists of several components. One of them is a well-groomed shaved face. A flawless result is guaranteed by the correct choice of
Laser hair removal for men: hair removal for a long time
Many men start their morning by shaving. The procedure requires accuracy, a certain skill, so it often becomes a tiresome, obligatory ritual. In this case, laser hair removal
What is a royal shave and how is it done
Regardless of how good razors and electric razors are, many men often experience dry, tight skin, irritation, minor cuts and other discomfort while shaving. Therefore, recently, royal shaving
Mesh versus rotary: which shaver is better
Shaving is a kind of ritual for every man. And enough time and mood are allocated to prepare for getting rid of facial hair. Without the attitude —
How to shave a beard: detailed instructions
Beard grooming is different from shaving on a daily basis. Already at the initial stage, it is advisable to choose a model and decide how to shave a
How to shave with a straight razor
A dangerous shave just a couple of years ago could be found exclusively in the film. However, now everyday life is not devoid of extreme. Over time, the
Machine or electric shaver: comparison and which is better to choose
Conventionally, all shaving tools are divided into two large groups: an electric shaver and a machine. Both types of fixtures are popular, but there are significant differences between
How to quickly and easily sharpen a razor
Most people around the world use a variety of shaving razors to maintain a neat appearance. This applies to both men and women. The easy-to-use device allows you
What is the Difference Between a Trimmer and a Hair Clipper
A trimmer is a device that is used to correct the shape of embossed haircuts and sideburns. It is used primarily for hair styling. The hair clipper allows
Choosing the right shaving gel
It is difficult to imagine the process of shaving without foam, gel or cream — even those men who do not like to spend time and money on
Razor Cut: how to Stop Bleeding Quickly
Home treatments for face and body are often rushed. This applies to busy men who shave their face before leaving the house, due to which they allow inattention
Sharpening your straight razor correctly
Straight razor («fear») — a tool for men’s shaving, which appeared in the XVIII century. Despite the emergence of many safe machines and electrical devices, the razor remains
How can you get rid of stubble for a long time?
Men with a beard or stubble do not always look well-groomed and elegant. In most cases, an integral image shows signs of slovenliness, untidiness. To combine the presence
Electric shaver for men: tips for choosing
Some men prefer to use mesh razors, others rotary, while still others grow a beard at all. One thing is clear: an electric shaver is as much a