TOP 13 foods that are responsible for vascular health
We have heard more than once that all diseases are from the nerves. But besides the nerves, there are also vessels, which, provided that they are healthy, preserve
Can you drink food?
Nutritionists have different opinions on this issue. Most often, we drink food out of a banal habit. According to custom, after a meal, people drink tea with sweets.
What foods should be included in the male diet?
There are foods that it would be nice not only to include in your diet, but also to consume regularly. They help you get the most out of
Good morning breakfast, or why is it necessary to eat in the morning?
We increasingly consider a cup of coffee to be a full breakfast in the morning. And in vain: a morning meal helps to tune in to the day,
The healthiest cuisines in the world
Sooner or later, we all agree with the idea that food should be not only tasty, but also healthy. This rating is based on indicators of health and
Proper nutrition gives strength and energy
A poor and poor diet can have negative consequences. If you constantly yawn, have a headache, or sleep poorly, these could be signs of a nutritional deficiency. In
Protein Sources for Vegetarians
When you give up meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs, it will become easier to live with a clear conscience. And getting the right grams of protein is
Simple rules for a healthy diet
In order not to feel on your own skin vitamin deficiency, spermotoxicosis (excessive accumulation of sperm during a long absence of sex) or osteoporosis, try switching to a
Men’s food — we eat right!
Are you an avid bachelor and there is only last year’s pack of dumplings in the fridge? You don’t have enough time and energy for proper nutrition after
How to protect yourself from nitrates?
Early vegetables appear on our shelves already at the beginning of spring. However, doctors do not advise pouncing on the «first vitamins», because some of them contain much
Diet to increase libido
If you face the truth, the life of a modern business person cannot be called simple. There are too many negative moments in it — and daily stress,
The benefits of first courses
There are people who simply cannot imagine eating without a first course. And some never eat borscht or soups. What role do liquid meals play in health? The
8 principles of healthy eating
After a series of holidays, the reflection in the mirror is often not happy, and your favorite things literally burst at the seams. However, take your time to
Harmful effects of food additives
The fact that manufacturers are stuffing many chemicals with difficult-to-pronounce names into food products is, I think, everyone knows. Everyone knows or guesses that such food additives are
Mold on food: eat it or throw it away?
Mold on food forms in every home. Hosts often wonder whether it is enough to remove the moldy part of the product or to throw it away completely.
How do I cancel my night fridge raids?
Finally, the endless working day has come to an end. And you were able to live it on an empty stomach. Honor and praise to you. Now hurry
Health benefits of a work snack
If your work schedule does not have a clear lunchtime, and the company does not provide kitchens or canteens, you will have to take care of your stomach
Anti-tobacco diet
Want to quit smoking and not get fat? Eat! Just choose the right foods. Nutritionists and narcologists confirm that there is an anti-smoking diet, and it is very