5 options for a turn-up on jeans for stylish guys
Turn-ups have again become a trend for men and still have not gone out of fashion. They went through a difficult fate from the hooligans of the 60s,
How to determine the size of men’s jeans
The naive belief that the best way to choose the size of men’s jeans is the table, which indicates the sewing parameters, often misleads even the most loyal
Shirt and jeans — many stylish men’s looks
Free and relaxed casual style for guys supports the choice of casual sets. A shirt with jeans is a harmonious male image, one of the favorites of representatives
How to combine joggers with a shirt in different styles
Sports style is increasingly being introduced into everyday life, such as joggers with a shirt. Until recently, these pants were considered workout clothes, and today they are worn
Men’s jeans — trends of the year
Over the past five years, the denim trend has shown a lack of masculinity. Tightly fitting tapered legs visually distorted the silhouette — at the top, the man
Types of men’s jeans: features of models and successful combinations
Jeans are comfortable and versatile men’s clothing. Initially, thick cotton trousers were sewn as a work uniform for farmers. Later they gained popularity among loaders, sailors, gold diggers
Banana jeans in men’s wardrobe
As you know, fashion is cyclical, and therefore the return of super popular models of the past is natural. Banana jeans are no exception — loose men’s pants
4 parameters for choosing the perfect jeans
For the first time made in 1853, trousers made of thick fabric for working clothes of farmers have become a universal item of men’s wardrobe. Jeans can be
Jeans hooligans for daring and confident men
Men’s hooligan jeans have become popular all over the world lately. For many of the stronger sex, they are the basis of the wardrobe. They can be worn
Jeans joggers: trends and stylish ideas
Joggers were originally designed for people who play sports. The elastic at the bottom of the trousers made them practical. As the name suggests (the word «jogger» is
Everything you wanted to know about men’s wide jeans
Wide men’s jeans are part of the wardrobe of the stronger sex. Such trousers usually provide comfort, are combined with other things and, when worn neatly, retain their
Flared jeans in fashion trends
More than a century ago, men’s flared jeans were considered a sailor’s uniform. The pants were comfortable in that they had a simple fastener that made it easy
Stylish looks with ripped jeans
Ripped men’s jeans begin their history in the late 70s. It was then that the boys and girls began to clearly show their rebellious spirit. And you can
The whole truth about men’s skinny jeans
The male half of humanity, like many women, is trying to keep up with the times. And in the XX century, you want to look in line with
All about short jeans for men
Men’s short jeans are a new trend. These trousers emphasize the sense of style of the male representatives and complement the images with lightness, simplicity and at the
How to choose the right jeans «American»
Jeans for men in a wardrobe are an irreplaceable basic thing that, when properly combined with other elements of clothing, can be presented in the most favorable light
How To Wear Men’s Wide Leg Jeans
Men’s pipe jeans, which are famous for their convenience and variety, have come into fashion. It is difficult to attribute them to the classic version, but they will
Rules for combining men’s jeans and jackets
A men’s jacket for jeans — for several decades in a row it has not been considered either a sign of bad taste, or special courage in choosing
Jeans length: what should be for a correct fit
Modern fashion does not give a definite answer as to how long men’s jeans should be, and this is not surprising, because the length of denim products entirely
How a man looks stylish in jeans
Men’s wardrobe is more limited in assortment than women’s, but it would be a misconception that the stronger sex has fewer ways to make their look original, fashionable