Men’s haircut under the pot and photo selection
Initially, a haircut under the pot was worn by men at the end of the last century, then it was a real trend among young people and the
Elvis Presley’s hairstyle is a symbol of the era of freedom and rock and roll in the image of a modern man
The cyclical nature of fashion is reflected in the trends in hairdressing. Retro haircuts are gaining popularity today. Elvis Presley’s hairstyle does not lose its relevance, the king
Top 10 men’s haircuts for fine hair
In general, caring for thin and thin hair is more difficult than for thick and coarse hair. However, men now have many opportunities to maintain their hair in
Top knot — haircut for charismatic men who dictate fashion trends
Top knot is a stylish men’s haircut that has been popular for several years. A variety of variations, practicality in styling, care are the main advantages of a
Top popular men’s haircuts for a thin face
It is impossible to change the shape of the face, but you can correct its imperfections with a haircut. It can be difficult to choose it correctly. Even
Men’s Viking hairstyles — a brutal Scandinavian look
Viking hairstyles for men are a new trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. They look stylish and brutal, suitable for every day and for any event. Traditionally, the
Men’s dreadlocks — a bold solution to create a fashionable look
Men’s dreadlocks — comfortable, original, stylish hairstyle that suits men of different ages. You don’t have to be a Rastafarian or rap fan to grow your hair out
Men’s square — a fashionable solution to the hairstyle of a stylish man
Recently, men’s haircuts have become more diverse in form and method of execution. The male square refers precisely to such haircuts, they are preferred mainly by young representatives
Haircut Grunge — rebelliousness and audacity in the image of men of different ages
Men’s haircut in grunge style is a hairstyle of the second half of the 20th century, which has not lost its relevance to this day. In this article,
Hairstyle Caesar — ultra-trendy haircut for brutal men
It is important for a man to have a stylish and well-styled haircut, as it can transform his appearance and give confidence. Caesar’s hairstyle for men, in addition
Top 10 original patterns for men’s haircuts
The appearance of a person determines his success and well-being in every field of activity, therefore, the choice of a suitable haircut should be taken with full responsibility.
Haircut Platform — simplicity and elegance of a modern male look
The haircut area has not lost its relevance for several decades. Men give her preference, as they are sure that she is able to emphasize strength and character.
Top 10 popular men’s haircuts with a parting
There are several hundred hairstyles for men. Most often, representatives of the stronger sex ask hairdressers to make a haircut with a parting. There is nothing surprising in
Top 15 men’s youth haircuts
Modern guys pay a lot of time and attention to their appearance. The hairstyle has an important place in the image, because it is able to transform any
The Princeton haircut is the epitome of classic style for everyday life
Modern fashion does not impose strict criteria on men when choosing a haircut. Representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of age, rhythm of life and field of activity,
Men’s Japanese hairstyles — extraordinary and bright haircuts that attract the attention of others
Japanese culture attracts more people from other countries every year. Men’s Japanese hairstyles are in demand among Europeans, despite their specific features. Haircuts stand out for their large
Men’s haircut Sagittarius — a spectacular hairstyle to create a charismatic look
For the stronger sex, who prefer to wear medium-length hair, the Sagittarius men’s haircut is suitable. It is distinguished by its versatility and the ability to brighten up
Men’s haircut Voyage — a classic with a variety of styling options
Modern trends dictate individuality. Model hairstyles can emphasize the romance of the image, they are also suitable for brutal guys. Men’s haircut Voyage is the prerogative of young
A pompadour haircut is a timeless classic for a bright image of a modern man
Stylish men’s haircuts allow you to look elegant, emphasize the individuality of the image. Extravagant models stand out from the crowd, make them turn around after them. Pompadour
Caucasian haircuts — a brutal image of a highlander in a modern metropolis
A well-done hairstyle allows a man to show off his overall style favorably. Caucasian haircuts are popular among young people with dark hair. They are a lot like
Men’s Mullet haircut — an echo of the Middle Ages in modern hairstyle fashion
People want to create their own image, unlike others. And they don’t need to experiment to look stylish. Sometimes a hairstyle of the last century can compete with
Man bun — variants of the male «tail»
For girls, this hairstyle is called a regular bun. For men, this is Man Bun (literally translated from English, «male bun»). Its history dates back to ancient Japan:
Top 10 Best Korean Hairstyles For Guys
Korean hairstyles for guys are increasingly becoming a source of interesting ideas for creating a brutal style. They are distinguished by a creative look, well-groomed and uncommon style
Beaver haircut — elegant hairstyle without age restrictions
Men’s haircut Beaver refers to short. But the strands on the parietal zone can be of medium length. This is one of the features of the beaver. It
Male bun — stylish hairstyle for an extravagant man
Men’s bun is a new trendy hairstyle. It appeared not so long ago, but has already reached the peak of its popularity. This is not just a way
Top 5 men’s haircuts for a full face
The image of a business person is determined not only by the condition of the hair, but also by the hairstyle. Choosing a man’s haircut for a full
Men’s haircuts for different hair lengths 90 photos
Every man wants to look catchy, stylish and attractive. Modern barbers will be able to offer a lot of different options, each of which is well suited to
Hairstyles for teens: fashion trends of the year
Haircuts for teens have undergone some changes. Young men want to keep up with adult men who today monitor their appearance, increasingly visiting a stylist. It is necessary
Men’s bob haircut — a stylish option for a confident man’s hairstyle
Men’s haircuts are not as complicated as women’s. But the choice for men is no less diverse than for the fair sex. Each visitor to the hairdressing salon
Spectacular men’s haircuts with a beard
Over the past decade, stylists and barbers have developed a male beauty standard that requires careful grooming. Men’s hairstyles and haircuts with a beard are selected according to
Top 10 Men’s Sports Haircuts
Among a wide variety of men’s hairstyles, a sports haircut that suits the young modern generation is popular today. Among the large assortment, you can easily choose a
British — stylish men’s haircut for modern men
If we talk about stylish, but at the same time, universal men’s haircuts, then the first place can be given to the British woman. Men with a British
Top 10 men’s side hairstyles
Classic men’s hairstyles, slicked to the side, do not go out of date, remaining popular as before. They practically do not change, acquiring only youthful, stylish forms and
Canadian — popular men’s haircut from the classics
The image of modern men shows how much they take care of themselves, whether they know how to work with their own style, whether they have taste. The
Top 20 men’s hairstyles for medium hair
Haircuts for men are as varied as for women. A person who pays special attention to his appearance will always keep an eye on him. In order to
Tennis haircut — simple and elegant hairstyle for men of any age
Tennis haircut is a versatile choice for active men. She creates a business look, also suitable for sports training. Curls do not interfere, a harmonious and elegant image
Men’s haircut hat — comfortable, practical, stylish
Comfortable men’s haircut beanie is a man’s hairstyle that was in demand back in the Middle Ages. It earned popularity among all classes due to its practicality, simplicity
Men’s haircut with bangs as a stylish solution to the hairstyle of a modern man
A hairstyle with bangs can transform and radically change your appearance. Her story begins in the distant past. The bangs were cut so that it did not interfere
Fade haircut — a universal version of the modern man’s hairstyle
Fade haircut is one of the trendy and modern hairstyles. It requires an individual approach and attention to every detail from the hairdresser. Men prefer to wear this
Which men’s haircuts are suitable for a round face
Men in the process of choosing a haircut are often at a loss as to which one to choose. The hairstyle requirements are as follows: it must be
Military haircut — 6 options for brutal men’s hairstyles
A military haircut was previously used by military people because of the peculiar dress code and the need to spend a minimum of time on styling and leaving.
Boxing haircut — simple, neat, convenient
Many representatives of the stronger sex are not accustomed to take care of themselves, including to monitor the condition of their hair. But, a well-done haircut can complement
Crop haircut for strong-willed guys and brutal men
While trying to keep up with fashion trends, guys nevertheless prefer haircuts that require a minimum of maintenance and styling. Under these parameters, the men’s haircut Crop is
Hedgehog haircut — a universal hairstyle for a modern man
Men are not accustomed to experimenting with appearance and image, therefore from year to year they cut their hair in the same way, unaware that there are stylish
Men’s half-box haircut: what is the secret of popularity
Men’s half-box haircut belongs to the classics. It is also the favorite hairstyle of the North Korean leader. Every hairdresser and stylist does it already “on the machine”.
Top 10 Men’s Hairstyles for Coarse Hair
The stiff and thick structure of hair in men speaks of the good health and persistent character of their owners. Strands of this type are whimsical and difficult
Men’s braids: new or well forgotten old
More recently, men’s braids were considered exotic and part of the image of some informal person or a hero of a historical film. But now «dragons» on the
Top 10 hairstyles for balding men
The topic of baldness can take any man by surprise, but based on the experience of stylists, there are methods that can help give a Hollywood look even
Top 10 Men’s Oval Face Hairstyles
A man with an oval face can consider himself lucky in terms of choosing creative and beautiful hairstyles. Men’s hairstyles for an oval face surprise with a variety
Hairstyle «Hitler Youth» — a new breath of haircuts with a century of history
The «Hitler Youth» hairstyle gained wide popularity in Germany in the late 20s. The haircut was named after the eponymous military Union of Young Nazis. The members of