What is androgenetic alopecia in men: from symptoms to treatment
Today, almost every third young man suffers from baldness, among representatives of middle and old age, the figures increase significantly. Various external and internal factors can contribute to
Why does hair fall out so much?
Alopecia is a pathological condition, expressed by a sharp loss of hair and the absence of new growth, which leaves behind bald spots, bald patches on the head.
Vichy hair loss for men
Each person constantly loses hair, and new ones appear in their place, which is considered a natural and normal process. If the rate of loss significantly exceeds the
Treatment of male pattern baldness
Men are more likely to suffer from baldness due to the high sensitivity of the hair roots to sex hormones in the body. In addition, internal disturbances in
Is it possible to restore hair after baldness: a real experience
Baldness is an urgent problem of the modern population, and to a greater extent it affects the male half. According to statistics, about 60% of men aged 25-35
All is not lost — how to prevent hair loss in men
Hair loss in men is one of the most common cosmetic problems. In certain cases, it begins at a fairly young age: from 29 to 35 years old.
Effective folk remedies for male pattern baldness at home
Up to 90% of men suffer from hair loss. Moreover, this problem applies not only to representatives of the stronger sex over 40 years old, but also to
Top 10 Reasons Why Men Go Bald
The pathological loss of hair on the head by a man, which leads to their complete or only partial disappearance, is called alopecia. Baldness can be experienced by
Androgenic alopecia in men — its causes, symptoms and treatment methods
The most common type of male pattern baldness is androgenetic alopecia. The disease is hereditary and is triggered by the accumulation of excessive amounts of dihydrotestosterone (sex hormone).
A bald spot appeared on the head: what to do with alopecia areata
Normally, up to a hundred hairs fall out in an adult every day. But when a bald spot appears on the head in men, this indicates pathology. There
The main causes of early gray hair in men
There is a stereotype that gray hair in men is a sign of aging and age-related changes. In fact, hair loses pigment for various reasons, and this is
What to do if a man has a lot of hair loss?
Baldness in men is not uncommon. According to statistics, up to 70% of middle-aged men suffer from this problem. Moreover, the first signs may appear as early as
Everything you need to know about alopecia in men
According to statistics, 80% of the stronger sex suffer from baldness. At the same time, alopecia in men appears more and more often at a young age. Therefore,
What vitamins for hair loss in men to prefer — choose the best
Hair loss is a natural process that affects men especially. Usually this is an age-related disorder, when new hair follicles do not give hair. Also, alopecia, and this
The best gray hair remedies for men of all ages
The appearance of gray hair in men is observed earlier than in women, and causes inevitable associations with the onset of the aging process. However, gray hair can
Men’s shampoo for hair loss — an effective solution to the problem of balding men
Baldness is a serious problem that requires treatment. The most effective are special shampoos for men against hair loss. Before starting the application, you need to understand the
Methods of hair transplantation on the head in men
Baldness is a problem that is familiar to many men in their 30s and 40s; such a change can cause self-doubt and psychological discomfort. According to statistics, about
Hair system for men with an active lifestyle
Well-groomed appearance, healthy hair — the image of a modern man often determines his success. The problem of thinning strands is familiar to many, and care, separation treatment
Top 10 anti-dandruff shampoos for men
Dandruff can ruin the most attractive hairstyle. Men especially often suffer from this problem. They try to get rid of it by trying different hair care products. But
Tint or toning shampoo for gray hair for men — making the right choice
Gray hair brings discomfort not only to women, but also to men. Coloring becomes radical and not suitable for everyone. A suitable solution is to use gray hair
Top 10 Remedies for Hair Loss in Men
Pills, ointments, elixirs, vitamins help to fight hair loss. With advanced baldness, complex therapy is recommended with the use of drugs inside and the application of ointments, solutions,