The place of a tailcoat in the wardrobe of a modern man
Tailcoat is a «symbol» of male elegance, an indicator of style and an exquisite wardrobe item. The suit is suitable for a ceremonial appearance. The tailoring should be
How to wear a black tuxedo correctly
Tuxedo is an aristocratic and elegant look for a man’s suit. In a well-tailored and perfectly fitting suit, any representative of the stronger sex becomes presentable and respectable.
How to choose a tuxedo for the groom
Modern wedding dresses for both the bride and the groom are amazing. But in the case of men’s suits, the most popular is the wedding tuxedo. Correctly selected
Top 5 brands of men’s tuxedos
Men’s tuxedo — clothes for real gentlemen. This wardrobe item is able to transform any man. But for this you need to competently combine the tuxedo with other