Beard Growth Stages: Watching Hair Growth
If you are over 20 and serious about growing the beard of your dreams, this article is for you. When starting to grow stubble, it is important to
Why does the stubble not grow, what are the reasons?
The facial hair of a man is a sign of masculinity, strength and good genetics. Many women note that it is precisely by the mustache and beard that
Little Known Beard Growth Remedies: Cheap, But It Helps
Fashion does not stand still, and now the beard has not become an attribute of old grandfathers, but a modern accessory for a real man. However, health problems
Choosing a beard grooming comb
When planning to order popular paraphernalia for the care of stubble on your face, you need to remember that regular brushing provides maximum grooming and a decent look
Stubble care: creating a light unshaven face
Nowadays, stubble in men is not a sign of neglect. Light unshavenness in combination with stylish accessories and expensive things gives masculinity and sexuality to the image of
Goatee — beard of stylish men
A goatee beard or a Spanish beard is one of the most beautiful options for decorating facial hair. She gives a man elegance, style and aristocracy. It is
Skipper’s beard: a style that will suit any man
It is believed that the hair on a man’s face gives the stronger sex masculinity and partly brutality. However, not everyone knows how to properly care for a
Full beard — brutal Russian style
Beard has been trending for several fashion seasons. She gives a man brutality, seriousness and at the same time emphasizes his style. A full beard covers the jaw
Fashionable men’s beard that’s right for you
A man’s clean-shaven face is a symbol of elegance and grooming. And this season, with the light hand of advanced stylists, bloggers and celebrities, beards are in vogue,
Pigtails on the beard: types and methods of weaving
Recently, on the street you can find young guys and middle-aged men not only with a well-groomed hairstyle, but also with a spectacular composition below the chin. A
Goatee: how to grow, cut and groom
Previously, the «goatee» beard was associated with villains. She made people subconsciously perceive such an image as non-standard, ominous, or threatening. Today it has become an element of
What is a Hollywood beard and how to make it
A beautiful, well-groomed beard today is a symbol of a confident and caring man. A popular haircut option is a Hollywood beard, it does not require a long
All forms and types of beards in men
A sign of a man’s brutality is a classic, beautiful beard. The type of beard, the types of beard and its shape can vary significantly depending on the
How easy it is to get a Tony Stark beard
Iron Man is not just a movie hero, but a cult figure for his contemporaries. There is no limit to the popularity of the actor who played this
A beard without a mustache — its features, types and shapes
The mustache-less beard is becoming more popular. We invite you to learn more about the distinctive features of this type of beard, the secrets of fame, connection with
How to make a balbo beard yourself
Do not want to be like everyone else, but at the same time strive to maintain elegance and masculinity? Women have more opportunities to emphasize their individuality. The
Beard rings: an overview of an accessory from the Vikings
There are many accessories available for grooming your beard. These include trimmers, combs, razor sets. Men also use special clamps, among which clamps and beard rings are distinguished.
Gray beard — a flaw or «highlight» of a fashionable male image
The appearance of the first gray hairs on the head and in the beard is almost always perceived by a man as a tragedy. If earlier nothing could
How to make a thicker beard: the best ways
Unshaven has always been held in high esteem among the Slavs and other ancient peoples. Lush facial hair symbolizes masculinity, solidity, wisdom and strength. In the 21st century,