How to get out of depression on your own?

The psycho-emotional background can affect the state of human health, so experts advise to carefully monitor your mood and vitality. For example, prolonged depression can lead to a number of physiological disorders and disorders in the body, up to the development of systemic diseases. Therefore, the question of how to get out of depression is the most relevant today.

Most people are so immersed in everyday routine and the crazy pace of life that they often bring themselves to moral and physical exhaustion. If the depressive mood smoothly turned into a long process, it will be extremely difficult to get rid of depression in the future. The cumulative effect leads to a persistent psycho-emotional imbalance, which will be difficult to cope with even thanks to a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Signs of depression

First, experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with what depression is. Translated from Latin, the term is translated as a depressed state of a person. From the point of view of medicine, it is generally accepted that depression is a mental disorder, which is accompanied by a decline in vitality and strength, a pessimistic assessment of everything around, inhibition of intellectual and motor development, disorders of the nervous system of a somato-neurological nature.

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You can fight depression on your own if you detect the disorder in a timely manner by characteristic signs. Namely:

  • low self-esteem;
  • cognitive properties that are accompanied by their own detachment from the world and destruction;
  • the variety of underestimations of one’s personality;
  • indifference to joyful events;
  • slow gait, stoop and quiet speech;
  • depressed and dreary, steady state;
  • indifferent attitude towards people;
  • feeling of hopelessness;
  • lack of meaning in life;
  • mental illness.

You can identify a person with depression from the side by knowing its main symptoms. As a rule, he is closed, does not want to contact and even speak with people. Depression in a stable form leads to a lack of sexual desire, in men this is manifested by erectile dysfunction, impotence.

Causes of Depression

To find the best ways to get rid of stress and depression on your own or thanks to a specialist, it is important to pinpoint the causes of depression, and then eradicate them. The reasons can be both external and internal, minor or serious, namely:

  • prolonged stress and increased stress on the brain;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • prolonged abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • long-term use of drugs;
  • psychological trauma from childhood or recent events, such as the death of a loved one;
  • head trauma;
  • physical or mental overload;
  • prolonged and excessive use of certain drugs;
  • change of residence and moving to another city, country;
  • separation from loved ones.
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Despite these reasons, there are such patients in the practice of psychotherapists who have depression for no reason. The diagnosis indicates such a provoking factor of depression as a violation of the normal neurochemical functions of the brain.

How to deal with depression on your own?

Most often, it is best to get out of depression thanks to loved ones, since support is especially needed at this moment. However, it happens that there is no one to help, and to get rid of apathy and depression at home, experts recommend following several rules. Namely:

  1. Recognition that there is a problem — This is 50% of success in the fight against depression.
  2. Communication with loved ones — a person needs to give up isolation, answer calls, be in the company of friends and relatives as much as possible.
  3. Energetic movement — sports and physical activity are excellent for getting out of a state of depression, just walking, running or even going to the gym.
  4. Things that lift your spirits — it can be a healthy lifestyle, hobbies, creativity, friendly meetings and dates.
  5. Proper nutrition — There are a number of foods that improve mood, for example, foods with vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids.
  6. Refusal of negative thoughts — It is worth abandoning labels, critical judgments, downplaying the positive, the mental filter, hasty judgments and emotional attacks.
  7. Sunlight — it has been proven that it increases the level of serotonin in the body, which improves a person’s mood, so you need to be in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day.

By adhering to such simple rules, you can completely get rid of apathy, negative thinking, depression and negative thoughts within a short period of time. The best helpers in this matter are friends, relatives and soul mates.

How to get rid of feelings after separation and divorce?

The most common cause of depression is feelings after a breakup or after a divorce, so experts separately consider this type of depression and methods of dealing with it. If we are talking about long-term and strong relationships that have been abruptly interrupted, a person experiences a total breakdown of the thinking model, a reassessment of life values ​​and priorities, a reorganization of behavior, a new perception of realities.

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The safest and most effective ways and methods to deal with this type of depression may be as follows:

  • close communication with colleagues at work, relatives, friends;
  • establishment of new acquaintances;
  • active pastime;
  • breathing and oriental techniques such as yoga, meditation or wushu;
  • visiting church and temple, faith in God;
  • body care, for example, SPA treatments, massages, etc.;
  • tourism and travel to different countries;
  • creative work;
  • proper nutrition;
  • obtaining new knowledge and skills;
  • formation of new traditions.
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If a person resorted to the help of a medical specialist, it is critical to follow all his instructions and recommendations. This includes taking certain drugs, and proper rest, sleep, and applying one’s strength to combat psycho-emotional imbalance according to the methods described above.

How to overcome spring apathy: effective methods

Spring depression is a seasonal affective psycho-emotional disorder that can occur only in the spring or autumn period of the year. As a rule, a sluggish and lethargic state is observed in many people in an acute form in the spring. To cope with spring depression, it is important to detect this condition in yourself in a timely manner, and then act in a complex way with effective methods.

For reference! Spring depression is more often typical of the female half of society, and it starts in the fall, lasts all winter, and proceeds in the acute phase in spring.

In most cases, spring apathy and depression go away on their own, and its main cause is considered to be a natural decrease in the level of the hormone of joy. You can increase it, as mentioned above, thanks to direct sunlight and proper nutrition. Therefore, the main recommendations and advice of a psychologist are staying in the fresh air, walking, proper nutrition, and live communication.

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Depression from lack of money: how to overcome?

The lack of financial means and resources to maintain a normal level of quality of life is another reason for the development of depression from lack of money. In this case, even prolonged depression can be resisted by the correct construction of thinking, the formation of a correct psychological scheme. Many psychologists recommend the following two exercises:

  • «mashalla» — It is customary for Arabs to thank God for everything they already have. Therefore, it is worth thinking not about what a person lacks, but about what he has the most necessary for life;
  • «inshallah» — attitude towards the future and faith in it, faith in God and that he will take care of tomorrow.

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These ways of dealing with depression will be effective in complex work, a person can find new hobbies, hobbies, gain knowledge and skills to improve themselves. If depression is caused by lack of money, you need to revise your budget, draw up an estimate of expenses, learn how to use money and goods wisely.

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Psychologist tips

It is necessary to get rid of anxiety, depression and irritability by complex work and improvement of oneself. There is nothing better than to overcome yourself and do what was previously impossible. Regardless of whether it is depression in adolescents or mature people, it can be eliminated by understanding, finding and eliminating the causes, as well as following the basic rules and advice of psychologists.

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The advice of psychologists will be as follows:

  • acceptance of responsibility;
  • getting rid of despondency and bad mood by watching positive films;
  • making efforts to cope with loneliness;
  • receiving outside help;
  • faith in God and help from spiritual forces;
  • proper sleep and rest;
  • active pastime and sports;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • performing useful and charitable deeds;
  • application of affirmations.

Psychologists answer that an integrated approach will make it possible to get out even of deep depression, if a person is aware of the existence of a problem, analyzes its causes, and eliminates all provoking factors completely. Live communication, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the best tools to improve mood and quality of life.

Movies and books of antidepressants

You can cope with depression without drugs and the help of specialists by watching antidepressant films and books. Today, experts have compiled the top 10 rating of the best films against depression, namely:

  1. Avatar.
  2. Polianna.
  3. Simple story.
  4. Where dreams lead.
  5. The great secret of water, Masaru Emoto.
  6. Apostle of love.
  7. Pay another.
  8. Seven lives.
  9. Slumdog Millionaire.
  10. Life is Beautiful.

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Also, certain books will help get rid of the negative form of thinking, irritability, obsessive thoughts or apathy. It;

  • Joan Harris. Chocolate;
  • Richard Bach. Seagull Jonathan Lingviston;
  • Erlend Lu. Naive. Super;
  • Helen Fielding. Diary of Bridget Jones;
  • Brothers Strugatsky. Monday starts on Saturday;
  • Mark Barrowcliff. Talking dog etc.

In them, a man or woman will be able to find all the answers on how to cope with apathy and depression, as well as the reasons why one should enjoy life and everything that happens around.


Depression is a long process that destroys the psycho-emotional background, which can be caused by the negative impact of internal and external factors. It is critical to identify apathy and depression in a timely manner by characteristic signs, to recognize the presence of a problem, analyze and eliminate its causes, and then get rid of depression thanks to a psychologist’s recommendations.

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