Good morning breakfast, or why is it necessary to eat in the morning?

We increasingly consider a cup of coffee to be a full breakfast in the morning. And in vain: a morning meal helps to tune in to the day, strengthen family relationships, and avoid «overeating at night.» How do you force yourself to have breakfast?


As with any activity, it takes motivation to start eating breakfast. So, you need to have breakfast because:

  • Breakfast activates the work of all body systems, so that the day will be more fruitful.
  • Breakfast helps to maintain weight, not to «miss» chocolate-cookies during the day, not to overeat at night and not to feel a constant feeling of hunger.
  • Eating breakfast reduces morning sluggishness by increasing blood sugar levels.
  • Breakfast with the whole family strengthens relationships and reminds us that no matter what happens during the day, we are together and love each other.
  • For breakfast, we can afford to eat everything that is high in calories and tasty that should not be eaten in the evening and at night due to the threat of obesity.

We wake up appetite and find time

Earlier in the morning, you already barely opened your eyes, and you are already late for work — what kind of breakfast is there when even coffee is disgusting? Yoga practitioners know a simple solution to this problem: start the morning with a glass of water. Start with a couple of morning sips, gradually bringing the amount of liquid to the required level. Water will cleanse the body and gently «wake up» the digestive system. In half an hour you will be hungry.

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No time to cook? Take cottage cheese, an apple, and some muesli with you to work and start your day with them. During the time on the road, you will already have time to get hungry, and breakfast will be needed. If you don’t want to cook, you can have breakfast in the city — in cafés and restaurants you will be offered morning pastries, cereals, scrambled eggs, fresh — in general, anything you might want.


Although at breakfast you can afford a piece of cake or some boiled pork, which then will not respond with extra pounds, nutritionists and gastroenterologists still recommend not to go to extremes. It is best to eat in a balanced way. The morning table must necessarily contain:

  • proteins: eggs, lean meats (such as chicken, veal or tuna), mushrooms;
  • fats: a little sour cream or nuts;
  • carbohydrates: whole grain bread, fruits;
  • fiber: the same fruits, vegetables, cereals.

That is, an ideal breakfast looks something like this: buckwheat porridge with chicken and mushrooms, tomato salad with cabbage, a slice of bread, some jam and tea. Or like this: oatmeal, apple, sour cream bun. Or two eggs with salmon, bread, orange juice. Sandwich with tomato, cheese, tuna and lettuce. In general, there are many options. The main thing is to start.

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