What foods should be included in the male diet?

There are foods that it would be nice not only to include in your diet, but also to consume regularly. They help you get the most out of your workouts and help you stay healthy, active and alert longer.

We believe it is no secret to anyone that a single product (except, of course, french fries and similar food killers) has several useful properties. So, products that prevent cardiovascular diseases, at the same time «work» to increase the potency of men. And in parallel, heart-healthy foods protect against cancer and other chronic diseases (by improving blood circulation).

Maintaining immunity, preventing loss of bone and muscle mass directly depends on the quality of nutrients. Naturally, a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. But in general, by including a certain set of products in the diet, you can significantly improve your health. Take at least seafood, which are aphrodisiacs. They increase tone and vitality, relieve depression, preserve youth and health, and also stimulate sexual desire. Most importantly, seafood is rich in zinc, and zinc is involved in many processes in the body, from DNA production to cell repair.

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What specific products can be recommended for use to maintain and promote health? We give a small list of such «helpers».


Cabbage contains many nutrients and very few calories. Cabbage gives a feeling of satiety due to the abundance of fiber in it, saturates the body with nutrients and does not provide calories, all this makes the vegetable an excellent product for weight loss. The antioxidants found in cabbage reduce the risk of cancer. You can use cabbage both in raw salads and in such traditional dishes as borscht, cabbage rolls, cutlets.

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Cottage cheese is a source of protein and calcium. Cottage cheese is especially good for men involved in lifting weights and building muscle mass, since the protein from this product is absorbed slowly, gradually providing the body with itself for a long time.


It stands out among other fatty fish species by the abundance of fatty acids contained in it. When cooking salmon at home, before putting the fish on the grill, marinate it in a sauce of 1 tbsp spoons of soy sauce, 12 tbsp tablespoons olive oil and grated ginger to taste.


This fruit has been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, which makes pomegranate an important diet for men. The fruit also contains a large amount of vitamin C.

Beef tenderloin

In addition to being an excellent source of protein, beef is also a source of iron, which delivers oxygen to various cells in the body. Men should not underestimate the presence of iron in their diet, especially if they work hard physically or go to the gym regularly.


It would be nice to include dates in the list of those foods that you consume after physical exertion. Dates are a high glycemic index food (it simply contains many carbohydrates). This means that the use of dates will contribute to the faster absorption of protein by muscle cells.

Most men eat bananas after exercise, but dates have a glycemic level of 56 and dates have 103, making dates more attractive. Remember also that high glycemic food is consumed only in the post-workout meal, while low glycemic foods (vegetables, fish, meat, unsweetened dairy products) are consumed for the remainder of the meal.

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So, the next time you go to the store, be sure to put these products in your basket. Let them take the place in your diet that used to belong to sausages, smoked meats, pizza and french fries.

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