The healthiest cuisines in the world

Sooner or later, we all agree with the idea that food should be not only tasty, but also healthy. This rating is based on indicators of health and life expectancy of people, which, by the way, are influenced not only by food, but also by mentality and lifestyle.


In 1st place is Japan, where only 1% of the population are obese, and the average life expectancy is 5 years. Seaweed, fresh seafood, vegetables, soy are the healthy staple of the Japanese diet. Another important point — the Japanese do not overeat, they get up from the table feeling a little hungry.


Singapore is in 2nd place. The average life span there is also 82 years, and there are few overweight people — 1.8%. Three pillars of local cuisine are rice, vegetables and fish. Singaporeans almost never eat meat, and for sweets they prefer tropical fruits and light desserts from them.


Two-thirds of Chinese food is based on vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and various herbs and spices. If it were not for the love of the Chinese for well-fried foods, the average lifespan in the country would have been more than 2 years, and the number of full ones would be less than 3%.


In this northern country live long — up to 81 years, and overweight people — 11%. Such enviable indicators are due to a diet based on dairy products, fish, berries. Fish is good for the heart, and berries are a well-known antioxidant. And if all this is combined with winter sports.

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To see France in 5th place is, to put it mildly, strange. But despite the residents’ love of meat and pastries, cheese and chocolate, the average French lives up to 81 years old, and there are very few obese people — 6.6%.


Italy was not without in this rating — 6th place. After all, everyone knows that, in addition to pasta and meat, Italians know a lot about vegetables, seafood and olive oil. Hence, the result: the average lifespan of an Italian is 80 years, overfed residents — 13%.


Spain loves olive oil, seafood, vegetables and fruits. The Spaniards have little respect for fried food, preferring stewed food to it. Thanks to this, they live up to 80 years old, and overweight people among them — 16%.

South Korea

South Korean cuisine is known for its low fat content. The main dishes are noodles, fish, vegetables. Well, a Korean eats 5 times less meat per year, say, than an American.


The life span of Israelis is 81 years, however, there are many full years — 24%. The country’s cuisine is based on legumes and vegetables with olive oil. The residents themselves see the reason for the usefulness of their food in its kosher.


Greece completes the rating, its cuisine is vegetables, legumes, light cheeses. And although a quarter of the inhabitants are overweight there, on average Greeks live 80 years.

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