Men’s food — we eat right!

Are you an avid bachelor and there is only last year’s pack of dumplings in the fridge? You don’t have enough time and energy for proper nutrition after a busy day? Then it’s time to think about health and change the diet, adding several essential foods to it to strengthen the male body.

Must eat # 1: meat

Meat is an indispensable product in the diet of a healthy individual of the stronger sex. Meat contains a huge amount of protein, which is necessary for the development and normal functioning of a man. It helps not only think, but also actively act. Provides strength for all-consuming work and constant stress. Protein will give you energy for future achievements

Must eat # 2: Fish and seafood

Scientists from developed countries of the world in the course of recent studies have repeatedly proven that the substances contained in fish contribute to the normal functioning of the heart and protect a man from the risk of heart failure. Best for eating salmon, mackerel, or herring. Fatty acids, which are rich in fish, prolong male youth. And seafood is not only pleasant, but also healthy to eat, since they are powerful aphrodisiacs and enhance potency, which is also important for the life of a modern man.

Must eat # 3: dairy

Dairy products such as kefir, yogurts, or low-fat milk will help keep your spirits up and help your gastrointestinal tract to function properly. Dairy can be consumed for an afternoon snack to «kill» the appetite a little, but leave room for a delicious dinner.

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Must eat # 4:vegetables and fruits

Fresh juices will help fill the male body with the necessary charge of vitamins and revitalize brain activity. The recommended amount of fresh vegetables and fruits per day is about half a kilogram. Use your imagination and don’t be limited to traditional apples or tomatoes.

Must eat # 5:foods rich in zinc

A man’s body needs’ zinc daily. It is he who is responsible for male strength and success in the love field. Zinc not only protects the stronger sex from the development of prostate cancer, but also strengthens the immune system, and also promotes more active sperm production, which will help to conceive healthy offspring. This beneficial substance is found in the following foods: figs, oranges, grapefruits, honey, oatmeal, nuts, beans, chicken yolk and liver.

Nutritionist Andrey Shargorodsky: “Proper nutrition for men is as important as medicine. This is not to say that there are especially significant nutrients, but there are no important ones. It is just the right combination that is significant. For example, with a lack of zinc, a teenager may develop underdevelopment of the genitals, a decrease in the ability to fertilize and a decrease in libido. Protein and plant foods rich in zinc, magnesium, iodine, selenium, etc. are especially useful. Walnuts, raisins, dried apricots, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, seafood and other aphrodisiacs that increase potency are also useful. It is also useful to eat honey, royal jelly, drink milk. And remember to have sex with light food, not full. Remember what the sultans ate before copulation? They were served wine, fruits, vegetables and young lamb — these are elements of a healthy diet. Life expectancy depends on nutrition by 50% and only 50% of other factors. Remember, as the doctors of antiquity said: «We are what we eat! «.

What should I avoid?

A man should eat at least three times a day. The organism of a representative of the stronger sex should receive as many calories as it needs in order to think normally, work, have active rest and play sports (which is also a must for every man who strives to lead a healthy lifestyle).

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Experts advise avoiding too fatty foods, carbonated water, spicy and starchy foods, so as not to clog your body in vain and not to accumulate fat in the abdomen, which will then have to be dumped in the gym during grueling workouts.

Remember that it is worth investing not only in promising projects, but also in your health, which determines how much money you earn and how you will spend it. The main thing is to do everything with benefit and not harm yourself.

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