Health benefits of a work snack

If your work schedule does not have a clear lunchtime, and the company does not provide kitchens or canteens, you will have to take care of your stomach satiety yourself during these hours. What do the working people usually have a snack? Most often, fast food. Hence, the excess weight, and high sugar and fatigue. It’s easy to fix the situation: you don’t even have to carry the first, second and compote with you to the office. All these products are in the nearest supermarket, which you can reach at any time. The main thing is to know what to buy.


Namely bananas, kiwis, apples and pears, oranges. These fruits are always presented in abundance on store shelves. They are easy to peel and even easier to eat. Add low-calorie cottage cheese to this fruit basket for a hearty, complete meal rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, the abundant fructose contained in them will help you to quickly invigorate, and the pectin will keep you feeling full for a long time.


Not very fond of fruits? Nowadays, cucumbers and tomatoes can be bought both in summer and winter. Make yourself a salad of these vegetables for lunch, season it with vegetable oil and lunch is ready. Whole grain bread rolls can help keep you satiated for a long time.

You can bring pre-peeled carrots from home. It has practically no calories, but this vegetable has more than enough useful properties. Do not forget to just add a glass of kefir or unsweetened yogurt to it, then vitamin A will be absorbed much better.

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Canned vegetables

Of course, fresh vegetables and fruits are much healthier than their canned counterparts, however, as they say, hunger is not an aunt, and if you really choose between chocolate and squash caviar, it is better to make the choice in favor of the latter. Ready-made bean dishes are no less tasty and healthy. They are rich in vegetable protein and dietary fiber, which means they are able to quickly drive away hunger. Let a box of entire grain crispbreads always be in the drawer — they will be an excellent side dish for lecho, beans or vegetable caviar.

Nuts and dried fruits

A ready-made bag of nuts and dried fruits can also be a great option for an office snack. Just don’t overdo it — a handful of what fits in your fist will be enough. You can add a glass of low-fat natural yogurt or kefir. Vitamin, light and very healthy lunch is provided for you!

Dairy produce

Do not be tempted by sweet yogurts and curds. There is practically no benefit from them. But what is really worth paying attention to is low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir and other lactic acid products. Choose them not for the colorfulness of the packaging, but for the fat composition — it should be as low as possible, and there should be no sugar at all. Can’t eat cottage cheese «dry»? A jar of any baby purée will help you. Delicious, fast and very healthy.

And remember:

  • Neglecting lunch at work, you risk, upon returning home, pounce on food and eat much more than you should.
  • Even a light snack at lunchtime will reduce ghrelin production and help you not regret having an overly filling dinner.
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