Diet to increase libido

If you face the truth, the life of a modern business person cannot be called simple. There are too many negative moments in it — and daily stress, and excessive workload, and depressing anxiety due to uncertainty about the future, and an unhealthy environmental situation.

The result is what sex therapists call business fatigue syndrome or manager’s syndrome, that is, a sharp decline in sexual activity.

Sweet and starchy foods are the cause of sexual dysfunctions

According to doctors, the basis of this pathology, in addition to an unhealthy lifestyle, is improper nutrition, without taking into account the true needs of the body.

According to the Canadian researcher A. Hoffer, one of the main causes of sexual dysfunctions is hypoglycemia — a sharp decrease in blood sugar. Moreover, paradoxically, it occurs when the body is over saturated with carbohydrates: the more a person eats sweet and starchy foods, the faster the blood sugar level decreases. Hypoglycemia can cause not only a lack of sexual desire, but also depression, irritability, emotional exhaustion.

American nutritionist M. Walker emphasizes that all this can be avoided by composing a daily diet in such a way that food provides the body’s energy needs, but is not excessive. In short, this principle is: «Eat less fat and sugar and as much fiber-rich foods as possible.»

For those who want to preserve or increase sexual energy, Walker has developed a whole set of rules, which, by the way, contributes to the overall health of the body.

Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Entire fruits are preferred over juice because they are richer in fiber.

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Eat at least one fruit or vegetable daily that contains vitamin A (carrots, dark green leafy vegetables, ripe red-yellow fruits), and several fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, currants, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, Green pepper).

Be sure to include in your diet foods containing vitamin E (the «sex vitamin»): carrots, bananas, tomatoes, wheat bran, seeds, nuts, vegetable oil, rye bread, salmon and other seafood. Don’t forget about zinc-rich foods. «Zinc deficiency» can lead to impotence and prostatitis. It is found mainly in protein foods. Prefer fish and chicken over meat dishes. If you limit yourself in animal proteins, then eat more nuts, peas, beans, lentils, mushrooms, garlic, turnips, parsley, potatoes, corn, cauliflower. Drink grape juice. The richest source of zinc is fresh oysters.

Make yourself a leafy salad at least once every day.

Limit your intake of fatty sauces. The less fat in your diet, the better.

Steam, boil, bake, but don’t fry.

Limit your consumption of eggs and cheese.

Limit, or rather completely eliminate, your intake of caffeine, which is found in coffee and strong teas.

Limit alcohol consumption — this is the biggest enemy of sex.

Keep your white sugar intake to a minimum. Replace it with honey.

Try to salt your food as little as possible, or eliminate salt altogether. In its natural form, salt is found in many foods, not to mention that it is added to almost everything prepared in the factory. If you cannot completely cut out salt, use sea salt. Better yet, use kelp rich in iron, iodine and other minerals. The salt flavor can successfully replace herbs, spices, and lemon juice used as a condiment to unsalted main dishes.

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Eat small meals 6-8 times a day. Never overeat. Small portions prevent calories from being stored. If you need to lose weight, eat a little only when you are very hungry. Do not drink anything with large meals. This will help avoid overeating.

Drink any liquid half an hour before meals or half an hour after it.

A hearty breakfast, which can include porridge or beans and other protein-rich foods, will help your body release energy slowly throughout the day.

Avoid candied fruits.

Fermented milk products — yogurt, kefir, kumis, acidopheline, buttermilk — are a nutritious snack, especially if you add sprouted wheat or brewer’s yeast to it.

Avoid refined foods like vegetable oils, white flour, etc.

Limit your intake of canned foods, sodas, salted nuts, chocolate, sweets, heavy desserts, sugar-laden gum, ice cream, jams, jellies, preserves, pastries, and fried cakes, especially those with sweet fillings.

A weekly sexual health promotion menu might look something like this:

  • A light snack before breakfast — fresh fruit.
  • First breakfast — freshly made whole grain porridge with low-fat milk and fresh fruit. Bread made from entire grains or wholemeal with bran. A boiled egg, cottage cheese or bean dish. Herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee.
  • A light snack before the second breakfast — tomato juice or yogurt with fresh fruit without flour.
  • Second breakfast — entire grain bread or wholemeal flour; fresh vegetables or lentil soup; fresh salad from raw vegetables; cottage cheese, cheese, lean meat, fish or chicken; fruit or juice.
  • A light snack before lunch — fresh fruit, nuts or seeds.
  • Lunch — a large salad of raw vegetables according to the season; lean meat, fish, or chicken; baked potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, or brown rice fresh fruits.
  • Light evening snack — fresh fruit, low-fat milk or fermented milk products.
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