Anti-tobacco diet

Want to quit smoking and not get fat? Eat! Just choose the right foods. Nutritionists and narcologists confirm that there is an anti-smoking diet, and it is very effective.

Milk discourages cigarette cravings. It has long been noted that a glass of milk taken before smoking makes the taste of cigarettes extremely unpleasant. There is even such a way to break the habit: to smoke soaked in milk and then dried cigarettes. Their taste becomes bitter, and it is very difficult to smoke a cigarette “prepared” in this way.

Love the eggplant. They contain a lot of niacin, which is so lacking in quitting smoking. According to scientists, the inclusion of these vegetables in the diet will help reduce the «withdrawal» caused by giving up cigarettes. Some drug therapists even believe that a daily serving of eggplant can replace a nicotine patch. There is also a lot of niacin in potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers. Of course, compared to cigarettes, these are still insignificant doses, so there will be no harm from them (in 10 g of eggplant — 1 mcg of nicotine acid, and in one cigarette — from 1000 mcg of nicotine!).

Avoid spicy, salty, fried, and smoked foods. Such food irritates certain taste buds, which are sensitive to the taste of tobacco, and provokes the urge to smoke. Spices are also best consumed in moderation, with one exception, which is discussed below.

Discover ginger. At the moment when the hand reached for the next cigarette, put a piece of ginger on your tongue and suck like a lollipop. A burning, but pleasant taste will immediately remove the desire to smoke, and at the same time ginger perfectly freshens the breath. It is necessary for smokers for another reason — it prevents the development of atherosclerosis and inhibits the growth of malignant tumors.

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Eat as much broccoli as possible. This cabbage contains sulforapine, a substance that increases the activity of the NRF2 gene. It protects the lung cells — the smoker’s most vulnerable spot — from toxin damage. Of course, even if you eat broccoli in kilograms, the vegetable will not help completely remove nicotine from the body. But cabbage will be an excellent assistant at the initial stage of smoking cessation.

Vegetables are the most important thing. Celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, asparagus and others are not only rich in vitamins, but also have properties similar to milk: they make the taste of cigarettes and the smell of cigarette smoke less pleasant. Plus, they are high in fiber and give you a feeling of fullness without going over the top in calories.

Try to avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages such as tea, cola and coffee. After these stimulants, the urge to drag on a cigarette is exacerbated, and thanks to the relaxing effect of alcohol, the danger of cigarettes does not seem so significant. Instead of alcohol and caffeinated drinks, drink as much mineral water, natural juices, and herbal tea as possible.

You need magnesium. Yesterday’s smokers are nervous people, and this mineral effectively fights irritability. The main sources of magnesium: bran, wheat germ, beets, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, carrots, chicken, pine nuts, dried fruits.

More ascorbic acid! Nicotine has been destroying vitamin C in your body for many years — now you have to make up for the damage. Ascorbic acid is especially abundant in citrus fruits, bell peppers, black currants, spinach, and sauerkraut.

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Eat more often, but little by little. If you quit smoking, cut your portions by 20%, but shorten the intervals between meals. Replace high-calorie, easily digestible foods for those that are low in fat, and choose «long-lasting» carbohydrates. If meat and fish are lean, stewed, steamed or grilled. Instead of mayonnaise and high-calorie sauces, season salads with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, or natural yogurt. If bread — then grain, if sour cream — than low fat. Instead of potatoes, cook buckwheat, brown rice, durum wheat pasta. By the way, remember that the latter are not a side dish, but an independent dish!

Make your snacks healthy. To keep their mouths occupied, people who have recently quit smoking are constantly chewing something: sweets, nuts, cookies … As a result, extra pounds imperceptibly accumulate. Chewing gum is safe in this sense, but it has its own drawback: on an empty stomach, constant chewing threatens gastritis. The solution is simple: after eating — chewing gum, and the rest of the time — light and healthy snacks: lettuce or parsley leaves (which, by the way, well discourages tobacco cravings), pumpkin or sunflower seeds (preferably unpeeled to eat less).

Don’t deprive yourself of pleasure. People who quit smoking are often addicted to sweets. This is understandable: quitting smoking is a lot of stress, and sweets are a natural antidepressant. But try instead of high-calorie pastries and cakes to choose dried fruits or honey, and a little. Can’t imagine life without chocolate? Eat not dairy, but bitter, 2-3 slices and only after meals.

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