Why do girls like to be slapped on the ass: what girls say

The reaction to a situation where a guy slaps a girl on the ass can be radically different. Some ladies like this gesture, others perceive it as an insult in their address. And only experienced men know how to make touching a girl’s buttocks a pleasure. In turn, experts name a number of reasons why girls love to be spanked on the ass.

Yes, and the men themselves, for the most part, have a weakness for such games with a partner, regularly patting her buttocks even just like that, without sexual overtones. Psychologists are ready to name justified reasons for such weakness of men to the buttocks and the ambiguous reaction of girls to this from the point of view of the subconscious and the nature of the human body.

Do girls like to be slapped on the butt?

In fact, the reaction of a woman to a spanking on her buttocks by a man may depend on a number of factors, be it circumstances, the degree of trust in this man and the format of the relationship between them, the mood of the girl and the feelings she has for her partner. But first, to explain the behavior of a girl when I slap her on the pope, one can proceed from the relationship with a man.

From a stranger

If we talk about a situation where a girl is slapped on the buttocks by a man she does not know, in 90% of cases the reaction will be extremely negative. A woman will consider such an act as arrogance, rudeness, sexual harassment or personal insult. Perhaps even, she can complain to the relevant authorities, after which the man will be held accountable. And only in rare cases, a slap from a stranger can be perceived as flirting if the girl is liberated and at first sight she liked the young man.

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At the beginning of a relationship

A rather unambiguous situation, when relations are just being formed between young people, and the guy already allows himself such frank gestures towards the girl. If there was no intimacy between them yet, but the man dared to hint so frankly about his passion and attraction to the girl, she can either respond with mutual flirting, or be trivially shy. It all depends on the degree of sympathy at the beginning of the relationship, as well as the emancipation and sexuality of both partners.

With a loved man

It is rare when men deny themselves the pleasure of feeling all the charms of the figure of their girlfriend. The girl, on the other hand, will be positive about when her lover strokes and spanks her buttocks. This will be perceived as his desire in her direction, passion and manifestation of feelings. And also as a sign of a possessive relationship, they say, this is my woman, and she is mine. If there is sympathy between young people, a slap on the pope can be regarded as an impact on the erogenous zone to excite the girl.

As practice and statistics have shown, more than 80% of women around the world have a positive attitude towards slapping on the butt by a man. But their reaction will largely depend on the stage of the relationship with a particular man and the degree of emancipation of the partners.

Why do girls like to be slapped on the butt?

Men in modern society do not always take a dominant position in relationships, hence the desire to dominate and be rude in bed with a woman. But the question is why the girls themselves like such strange behavior, for example, when they are spanked on the bottom.

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There are several scientific explanations for this, namely:

  1. Man’s true desire. Psychotherapists and sexologists say that, unlike flirting and subtle hints of a man’s sexual desire, spanking on the buttocks does not have a double interpretation, everything is quite transparent here. Someone else’s excitement, as you know, is the most powerful aphrodisiac. The manifestation of some aggression (pulling pigtails, slapping on the buttocks, etc.) is just a biological program that allows you to activate the biological mechanisms of arousal. That is, by such behavior, a man removes the shackles of suspiciousness and prejudice from a woman, awakening animal instincts.
  2. Fear and sense of danger. It has been scientifically proven that the center of pain and the center of pleasure are located very close in the human brain. This means that by stimulating one center, you can inadvertently awaken another. The main thing is that the pain is moderate, and otherwise you can get the opposite effect.
  3. Between affection and humiliation. Any psychological and childhood trauma can affect a woman’s sexuality, including humiliation and guilt. In connection with the experience of violence in childhood, many girls in adulthood create supposedly similar situations in order for a man to resort to punishment in the form of spanking.

Theoretically, according to the same criteria, it is partially possible to explain the love for rudeness and slaps on the pope by men. But there are additional reasons, which are also discussed by scientific researchers and specialists in various fields.

Why do guys like to spank girls on the butt?

There are many more explanations for why men like to spank girls on the buttocks, even without resorting to scientific interpretations. Namely:

  • a man in this way compensates for his impossibility of dominance in a relationship;
  • against the backdrop of a desire to use force, but social rules, morality and boundaries, he can do this only in a similar form;
  • spanking on the pope, the man evaluates her elasticity, on which the degree of sexuality and sexual activity of the girl depends (lack of sex and low levels of sex hormones make the buttocks flabby);
  • according to the ideal shape of the priests, a man evaluates a woman as a potential mother for his offspring and the bearer of good genes;
  • in the animal world, mating is mixed with the aggressive behavior of the male, which is often manifested among people;
  • in this way, a man expresses his sense of possessiveness towards a woman.
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Sexologists, on the other hand, say that the feeling of aggression, fear, and causing pain to each other helps people increase the level of hormones in the body, blood pressure, which accompanies rapid and greater sexual arousal.

Butt slaps are only acceptable in relationships where there is already flirting and sexual intimacy between partners. For both partners, this is an opportunity to diversify their sex life, saturate it with thrills, a taste of danger and aggression. In most cases, this is accompanied by animal instincts and the human subconscious.

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