Where to find a girl for a serious relationship: creating a strong marriage

Today, the question of where to meet a girl for a serious relationship is the most relevant among guys of any age. In modern society, some norms have been erased and priorities have changed, so it is quite difficult to find a decent girl who would strive for a serious relationship and marriage. In addition, due to the popularization of the Internet, the possibilities of real dating have become many times less. And the question arises: where to find a girl for a serious relationship and marriage?

Serious relationships are those relationships in which there are mutual feelings, as well as joint plans for the future. But to find a girl for a serious relationship, experts name the best places for dating. Psychologists also name the main features by which one can distinguish a serious and decent girl from one that cannot promise a stable relationship to a man.

Where to find a girl for a serious relationship?

The first thing a man needs to pay attention to is the recommended places where it is better to meet girls for the prospect of a serious relationship. This issue is especially relevant for busy men who fall into the “Home-work-home” triad and do not have the opportunity to go to entertainment venues with friends more often. Psychologists advise not to waste time on useless activities by visiting the following places to meet a girl:

  1. Office — for sure, many free and attractive girls also work in the place of work of a man. You can meet them in the cafeteria, at gatherings or corporate parties, on business trips, etc. It remains only to take a closer look at the environment, perhaps the future soulmate is somewhere nearby.
  2. Resort — an ideal setting for dating and romance. Many resort towns are known as centers of love activity. The main thing is not to confuse a short-term holiday romance with relationships leading to a joint future. In such places, it will not be difficult for even the most shy guy to meet a girl, it remains only to look for a suitable person.
  3. Party – many young people who are already married and have children were introduced by mutual friends. Therefore, single guys should visit friendly gatherings and parties more often, but it is better to organize them yourself. Nobody else, only friends know all the features and character of a man, respectively, they can advise a girl suitable for him.
  4. Fitness club or gym — as psychologists say, many young people visit such places not so much for health and body pumping, but for a variety of personal lives and new acquaintances. It is here that a man can find a girl who shares his hobbies and interests. In addition, most likely this girl will have good external data thanks to sports, fortitude and strong character, developed by training.
  5. Library — this place is ideal for erudite men who want to see with them the same well-read and intellectually developed person. In the library, you can easily start a conversation about the choice of book, preferences and recommendations of a particular writer. The love of books is a point of contact that brings young people together.
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Psychologists advise visiting public places more often, making acquaintances with girls to develop communication skills and better understand the representatives of the opposite sex.

What features to pay attention to when meeting?

The goal of finding a soul mate, destined by fate, is not always achieved the first time, many young people meet, realize that they are entirely different, and then disperse. Through trial and error, character is tempered, clear requirements for a life partner are formed, and certain experience is developed. Based on it, psychologists have compiled a list of indicators that will help identify a good girl in a stranger.

You can determine a good girl for creating a family according to the following criteria:

  1. Sex is possible, but not immediately. If a girl is ready to spend the night with a man literally immediately after meeting, most likely she will be able to repeat this behavior with other men. When such a rush arose after a stormy party, incendiary dances and strong drinks, a girl can be justified if she is shy, apologize for her frivolous behavior and regret what happened. A man needs to understand if the girl is sincere, and then refuse to condemn.
  2. Fascinating conversations. With a stupid and poorly educated person, eventually, there will be nothing to talk about. Even if a girl has a beautiful appearance, attracts a man on all fronts, but communication with her will be painful, it is unlikely that she will be able to create a strong and lasting relationship with her. The same situation can arise not only with stupid, but also with arrogant girls who will put themselves above a man in communication, and subsequently drive him under the heel.
  3. Whims. If the girl you like lives one day, constantly demonstrates whims, behaves like a child, what kind of serious relationship and marriage can we talk about? If a man has feelings and patience, he can wait until the girl matures as a person. It all depends on the desires and preferences of the man himself, but if there are no feelings for the girl yet, it is better to find a suitable girl for yourself by age and degree of development.

How to find the right woman to start a family

In order for a man to understand which girl to choose as his wife, he needs not only to find a girl suitable for his views on life and tastes, but also to check the relationship with time. As practice shows, many families break up because young people hastened to develop their relationship, not recognizing each other elementary in everyday life. Psychologists say that a girl to create a family must have the following qualities:

  • honesty — any relationship is built on trust, which is impossible with constant lies, even if over trifles and trifles, so you need to look for an honest and open girl;
  • fidelity — one betrayal in 90% of cases destroys even the strongest long-term marriages, so a man has to choose a faithful and devoted girl for himself, adhering to such principles himself as well;
  • listening skills — another important condition for a harmonious relationship, if a girl does not listen to her man, eventually, misunderstandings and quarrels will begin;
  • interest — even if there are feelings and passion between young people, a lack of interest in banal communication can cause a break in relations, so you should not waste time in vain;
  • family priority over career — any marriage, eventually, should lead to the birth of children, but if a career is important for a woman, this moment will be constantly postponed “and then”, reproaching the man from time to time that his salary alone is not enough for them;
  • flexibility — ideally, the family model assumes a male leader and a wise, flexible girl who can periodically adapt to a man, thereby demonstrating respect for her partner.

Also, a man should pay attention to the age of the girl, her external data, so that all her life she does not stare at other representatives of the fair sex, who are younger and slimmer. Although appearance is not considered a determining factor in choosing a wife, you need to understand that any man loves with his eyes, and an appearance that does not suit him can lead to betrayal and divorce after a while.

Why is it so hard for me to find a girl for life, what is the reason

Despite the era of the Internet, free communication between people on the network and providing information about each other, it is extremely difficult for many men to find the right girl to build a serious relationship. The reasons may lie not so much in external factors as in the individuality of men. The problem, according to psychologists, lies in the passivity of men and indecision to act, complexes and self-doubt.

Advice! Working with a psychologist will help to find the true reasons why a man fails to find the right girl. Such a specialist will relieve injuries, complexes, teach a man how to communicate with the opposite sex.

Childhood traumas, emotional experiences and bad experiences from the past can affect the character of a man. In fact, as practice shows, the shyness of a man is perceived by many girls as a compliment to their beauty and inability to resist her, as well as an indicator of the sincerity of a man and his true sympathy. Some men, because of a bad experience, subconsciously choose inappropriate girls so as not to build a relationship, which means not to be disappointed.

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Where exactly should not look for a wife?

The future wife can be met in a trolley bus, a supermarket or at a party of mutual friends, the main thing is that the girl meets all the requirements and selection criteria for a man. Psychologists advise being attentive to places and circumstances that can give a future wife or, on the contrary, an unsuitable partner for a long-term relationship. The list of forbidden places where you can’t look for a wife includes the following places:

  1. Nightclub — in such places, girls usually look for fun, sponsors and men for a short time. Here you can fall for a young, and possibly underage girl, who obviously did not come to look for her husband. In addition, decent girls do not strive for strong drinks and dating in clubs.
  2. Work — we are talking about the relationship of a boss and a subordinate, an office romance in front of other colleagues who in the future may envy the relationship, intrigue and gossip.
  3. Place of study — as practice shows, in student dormitories and parties, promiscuous relationships and short-term relationships often occur without a prospect for a family and a future. In addition, it is unlikely that a student will need a serious relationship, life, children.
  4. Internet and dating sites — as practice shows, online dating rarely ends with something serious, rather, they lead to frequent acquaintances, dates, communication, but without continuation.
  5. Other countries — due to the difference in mentality, principles, traditions and religious views, building an international marriage is a rarity.

Psychologists advise, whether it is a park, a bus stop or a pedestrian crossing on the road. Men are often surrounded by worthy and attractive girls, but due to haste, busyness and passivity, they miss their chance.


To find a girl for a serious relationship, a man needs to understand for himself whether he himself is ready to build a family and be responsible for it. Further, psychologists advise drawing up a detailed image of a potential girl, specifying all the criteria and character traits that he needs. You have to look for girls in the right places, using the advice of experts on how to get acquainted and recognize a possible wife in a girl.

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