What kind of men do Taurus women like: distinctive features

If a woman was born between April 20 and May 20, then her zodiac sign will be Taurus. Astrologers consider such women to be very sensual and beautiful, hence the recommendations for what kind of men Taurus women like. First, you need to understand that we are talking about a sign that refers to the elements of the Earth, respectively, Taurus girls are mundane persons.

Landed signs judge rationally and competently, guided not so much by emotions as by intellect and intuition. Such girls have their own specific list of requirements for a potential partner, which affects both appearance, character, and many other personal qualities. Psychologists give a number of tips for men on how to please Taurus girls, and astrologers name signs that are compatible with Taurus.

What kind of men do Taurus girls like?

To decide how to win a Taurus woman, you must first understand a few features of this sign. These women are innately calm and balanced, thorough and self-aware. Therefore, the Taurus woman understands exactly what kind of man she needs, she will not spray herself in vain on the wrong person. In her understanding, there are a number of external and internal criteria for choosing a life partner.

Personal traits

The ideal man for a Taurus girl should never sit on the bench, they are not interested in quiet and boring personalities. But although Taurus are down to earth girls, they do not tend to overly mysterious and strange guys. She will be easy and pleasant with an understandable person who will not try on masks to seem better than he really is.

The main criteria for an ideal man according to a Taurus girl:

  • brave;
  • courageous;
  • successful and promising;
  • educated;
  • reliable;
  • persistent and purposeful;
  • attractive;
  • self-sufficient.
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If a man has already managed to take place as a person, he has sufficient financial income, but does not stop there, he has every chance to win the Taurus girl. Accordingly, when asked what kind of guys Taurus girls like, astrologers say that they are promising or already established men.


Taurus women pay special attention to the character of a man and his potential. A Taurus woman will have a chance to please a woman who has the following traits of temperament and character:

  • reliable and stable;
  • patient and balanced;
  • decent and principled;
  • economic;
  • serious and efficient;
  • ambitious and respectable.

Female Taurus want to see a partner next to them, whose main goal will be to build a serious relationship with the prospect of creating a family. A man must have clear principles and concepts, and most importantly, stand firmly on the ground.

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To win a Taurus girl, a man needs to pay special attention to his appearance, since such women are especially demanding on this criterion. First, they evaluate the grooming of a man, his neatness and constant work on his appearance. An equally important criterion for external attractiveness is a man’s sense of style. If a man has a sloppy haircut, neglected facial hair or unkempt manicure, it is unlikely that the Taurus woman will pay attention to him.

Other personality traits

Special attention to Female Taurus pay attention to the ability of a man to make money. And this is not due to deceit and prudence, a millet woman needs a reliable partner to start a family. If a man, in addition to external attractiveness, has a high social status, he has every chance of falling in love with a Taurus woman. Psychologists advise showing girls good manners, knowledge of etiquette and gallantry.

How to please a Taurus girl?

The Taurus woman will have to be conquered for a long time, as she carefully and for a long time thinks about the correctness of her decision, without rushing into the pool of feelings with her head. Only by being absolutely confident in your partner, you can see reciprocity on her part. Meanwhile, the man will have to solve this puzzle called «who suits the Taurus girl.»

You need to conquer her heart according to the following advice from psychologists:

  • a woman has to be told about her life position and goals for the future;
  • Taurus also has to be made aware of the seriousness of his intentions in relation to her;
  • in communication, you have to be cultured and polite, demonstrating your gallantry and manners;
  • outwardly, everything from the condition of the nails to the outfit or car, everything should be clean and tidy;
  • in your character, you need to show firmness and self-confidence;
  • to win her confidence in himself, a man has to show how much he and a girl have in common, sharing her beliefs and interests.

Psychologists insist that a woman with the character of Taurus is looking for a man of a man of his word. Talkers and those who talk a lot but do little do not deserve even a fraction of her attention. With a calf, you need to be extremely honest, as a woman immediately feels false.

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Who suits Taurus girl according to the horoscope?

To narrow down the search for the ideal partner for girls born under the sign of Taurus, just turn to astrologers for tips. They will tell you unequivocally who suits the Taurus girl according to the horoscope, looking at the stars and their cards. These can be men born under the following signs of the horoscope:

  • Pisces — an ideal couple for Taurus, a calm, and most importantly, “comfortable” partner who will exalt her to the very heavens;
  • Cancer — the sign opposite to Taurus, which as a result promises a harmonious union;
  • Capricorn — the novel promises rationalism, even a marriage of convenience is possible due to the pragmatism of both signs;
  • Virgin — this sign will complement Taurus with its emotional qualities, smoothing Taurus’s impulses and invigorating him as needed.

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Often, excellent couples are created by a man and a woman who are both born under the sign of Taurus. It is clear that they will periodically butt their “horns”, but their similarity of characters, the equivalent force of erotic attraction and earthiness favor the tandem.


The Taurus woman is innately a strong, purposeful and successful woman who is less emotional, rather pragmatic and rational in everything. This determines her requirements for her partner. It is not enough to know who is suitable for a Taurus girl according to the horoscope, a man must also have certain external and internal qualities, since these women are demanding and attentive to their choice.

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