What do girls love most in bed?

Only when sex gives pleasure to both partners is it considered productive. It is more difficult for men, since it is not so easy to find the key to a female orgasm. You need to know in detail what exactly girls like in bed. Sexologists give some valuable advice on compliments, foreplay, proper pace of intercourse, soundtrack, attention to her erogenous points, and oral sex.

All these tricks will help warm up her body, activate all the erogenous points that lead to orgasm. Based on this knowledge, a man will be able to build an action plan regarding what to do during sex. Let’s also talk about how long the sexual intercourse should be, according to women, what mistakes it is better for a man to prevent in advance.

What girls love about sex

Any girl strives to ensure that this time sex was truly special, not like the previous times. And only a few males are able to translate such wishes into reality. This merit will be knowledge of all the subtleties and techniques with which you can make a lady pleasant. Sexologists recommend paying attention to communication, saying more compliments, spending sufficient time in foreplay, choosing the right pace, paying attention to all erogenous points and not shying away from oral sex.


First of all, show your attention and love to the soul of a woman, and only after to her body. Remember that all the fair sex love with their ears. Therefore, give compliments, say warm and gentle words. But try not just to flatter, but to celebrate really all her dignity — smile, eyes, hair, figure charms, etc. Be sure, this will allow her to relax in bed and thank you with her attention.


An obligatory component of intercourse is foreplay. Without it, a woman simply will not be able to get excited enough, this will lead to vaginal dryness, unpleasant sensations from penetration, to minimal pleasure in principle. Any girl loves touch that does not dwell on the same corners of her body. Erogenous points are located on the neck, ears, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, thighs, etc. Caress them with your hands, lips, tongue, body touching the body.

Correct pace

Always start with slow, gentle movements, which, after high-quality foreplay, will give a woman real pleasure. Avoid rushing, jerking, and rudeness unless she asks for it. Increase the pace as the arousal grows, it is determined by her breathing and body movements in time. If you feel the approach of orgasm, in no case change the pace, otherwise she will easily miss this valuable moment.


The manifestation of feelings and sexuality in a man and a woman is very different. It is extremely important for her during intimacy to fully express her emotions in the form of groans, screams, etc. Therefore, you do not need to suppress the desires of splashing out feelings, on the contrary, the partner should encourage this, try not to be too quiet and soundless in the process. It is good if the background music for the beloved is quietly playing.

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Attention to erogenous spots

Her body is the main key to pleasure and orgasm. Men are mistaken in many ways when they focus on stimulating only the genitals. You can awaken sexuality by carefully examining every corner of her body. This can be done using your fingertips, palms, lips and tongue.

Most of the nerve endings leading to arousal are located on the following parts of the body:

  • lips;
  • neck;
  • ears;
  • chest;
  • genitals
  • underbelly;
  • navel;
  • legs;
  • Feet;
  • wrists;
  • buttocks;
  • small of the back.

Here, from the point of view of anatomy, the receptors of the senses are located. During foreplay, you can touch these areas, studying her reactions. Everything is very individual, what one lady likes may be completely indifferent to another.

Oral sex

The most delicate process for a couple is oral sex. Almost all girls get real pleasure if the partner does everything right. What you need to know and be sure to do in order to bring her to orgasm:

  • oral sex should be accompanied by foreplay, you should not immediately go down to the clitoris and vagina;
  • you can relax your partner with gentle kisses, touching the above erogenous zones;
  • with the help of kisses, they go down the neck to the chest, from it to the stomach, and from there they delicately touch the tongue to the clitoris;
  • the first contact with the clitoris should be gentle, without pressure and haste, since over 8000 nerve endings are located here;
  • as soon as the clitoris is excited and swollen, you can practice different techniques for stimulating it;
  • when the partner is extremely aroused, along with the caresses with the tongue and lips, you can use your hands to stimulate the vagina.

As soon as the girl starts moaning, bending her body towards the tongue, lips, it means that an orgasm is approaching. At this time, it is important not to slow down the pace of stimulation, not to change the tactics of behavior.

Erotic massage

Few men appreciate this type of foreplay as erotic massage. But it is precisely such actions that help the girl to relax, loosen up, be distracted from unnecessary thoughts.

There are several conditions for organization and implementation:

  • creating a relaxing atmosphere — dim lights, calm music and complete privacy;
  • lighting and interior — you can light candles in the room, decorate the room with different tinsel, flowers and other romantic styles;
  • incense — with the help of essential oils, you can increase libido and sexual desire, for this they use an aroma lamp and oils of jasmine, ylang-ylang, lavender, rose, etc.;
  • music — the soundtrack enhances the effectiveness of the massage, so you can choose a playlist with relaxing music;
  • massage oil — in order for the touch to be pleasant, it is important to use a special oil, warm it up in the palms so that the girl is pleasant.
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For such actions, it is not at all necessary to have special skills. You can safely experiment by doing what would be pleasant yourself. The object will first be the back, shoulders and forearms, the neck, then you can go to the buttocks and legs, feet and hands. The end station is the genitals.

Action plan in bed

Experienced lovers know what high-quality sex is, they know how to bring a partner to a true orgasm. If this does not happen or does happen, but every other time, it is worth going through the basic rules of sex with a woman. Sexologists recommend the following:

  • Attitude. The main rule of good sex is the absence of negativity, nerves, stress. Therefore, it is worth working on the emotional background before taking action.
  • Strip. Never be in a hurry to take off yourself and your partner’s «uniform», and even more so do not let her undress herself. Undress each other during foreplay and play without rushing.
  • Atmosphere. Complete all the cases, create a cozy nest for both of you, so that you feel comfortable giving passion.
  • Relaxation. Try to rest for at least 1-2 hours before intercourse, as further actions will require both physical efforts from you. After sex, allow yourself to be together for a while.
  • Prelude. Pay due attention to foreplay. On average, they should last from 15 to 30 minutes, act on different erogenous points, as mentioned earlier.
  • No talking. It is not necessary to conduct conversations on any topics during rapprochement, affection and sex. This is not only distracting, but also distracting. Unless you can suggest erogenous places and sexual fantasies to each other.
  • Diversity. Don’t get stuck in one scenario. Surprise her with new poses and places for intimacy. Let go of the routine and take the initiative.
  • Lubrication. If her vagina is not secreting enough natural secretions, feel free to use special lubricants. Warming and stimulating agents can be found on sale.
  • Sex toys. Various sex stimulants, genital simulators, vibrators will help to bring new sensations into sex life. There is nothing shameful in using them, on the contrary, they will greatly enhance the pleasure of intimacy.
  • Timing. The best time for sex is morning and evening. In the first case, this is an excellent workout for the body, a time of high concentration of sex hormones. In the second, the partners have completed all their business and have more free time for each other.
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Do you need long sex for orgasm?

For each woman, the question of the required duration of intercourse is purely individual. While some need more time to swing and warm up, others have time to experience pleasure in a matter of minutes, ending faster than their partner. Much depends on physiological and psycho-emotional factors.

In general, sexologists recommend practicing alternately different types of sex:

  1. Fast — you can skip foreplay by having spontaneous sex in unexpected places. This happens when partners are simultaneously seized by wild passion and desire.
  2. Medium — in this case, the partners devote a little time to foreplay, after which they start sex, having time to change about 2-3 positions.
  3. Long — in this case, the partners are in no hurry, they warm up each other as much as possible with foreplay, oral sex. With full arousal, they begin sexual intercourse, experiment with positions, types of sex, in places, alternate at different rates. Ideally, this is when the girl comes first.

What girls don’t like in bed

Remember that a woman is primarily a person with her own preferences and desires. Don’t just think of her as a sexual object. In order not to lead to the fact that her desire will disappear in the course of intimacy, several typical mistakes should be avoided:

  • premature orgasm — ladies often do not finish so quickly, and if the partner finishes first and quickly, this can cause frustration;
  • silence — girls show themselves actively and emotionally in bed, moan and even scream, they are unlikely to like the complete absence of manifestations from the partner;
  • sucks — do not get carried away with such an activity, because in the future she will experience severe discomfort from sidelong glances from the people around her;
  • bites — for men this is considered a manifestation of passion, for a woman, such actions can cause pain, with the exception of biting the earlobe;
  • unshaven — during long-term caresses, including oral caresses, hard bristles can injure her delicate skin.

Just as women carefully prepare for intimacy with you, you also try to monitor your hygiene. Pay more attention to her in everyday life, say nice words, show romance. Her emotional background largely influences the quality of intimacy. And what to do in bed, you already know from the tips given above.

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