The thinnest condoms: what you need to know about them?

Condoms are the only way for men to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and infections during intercourse. Initially, only dense rubber models were produced, after some time the wall thickness began to gradually decrease, and the thinnest condoms began to be in demand.

Classic models have a wall thickness of 0.06-0.07 mm, and super thin ones — 0.02-0.05 mm. To understand the reasons for the popularity of ultrathin condoms, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of such products, distinctive features and the best offers from manufacturers.

Purpose of Thin Condoms

For the first time condoms appeared 400 years ago, since then such contraceptives have changed dramatically for the better. The first models were intended to protect against unplanned pregnancies. Later, manufacturers began to produce the most reliable models for infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

A new trend today is condoms of maximum subtlety, which maximally repeat the sensations during intercourse without them. Most men value condoms not so much the degree of reliability as the ability not to reduce the sensitivity of the genitals from frictions. Hence, ultrathin sensitive condoms for connoisseurs of natural sex appeared.

Which condom is considered thin

If initially condoms were divided into 3 types — classic, thickened and thin, today there are much more classifications. Considering thin models, the following options can be listed:

  • ultrathin;
  • especially thin;
  • sensitive;
  • super thin;
  • super thin, etc.

But the officially recognized classification is based on the wall thickness of the condom. It includes several types of condoms:

Photo 2

  • 0.1 mm — The thickest condoms for anal sex;
  • 0,06 — 0.07 mm — the classic version, which is suitable for any kind of sex and does not lose its popularity and demand;
  • 0.04 mm — most often such condoms are intended for oral sex;
  • 0.03 mm — latex ultrathin models;
  • 0.02 mm — polyurethane ultrathin models;
  • 0.01 mm — polyurethane ultrathin condoms.


Thin and sensitive condoms always attract the maximum attention from men. But before buying them, you need to figure out reasonably which models are better in a given situation, thick, classic or still thin. The latter have a list of advantageous differences, consisting of several points:

  • repeat the anatomical shape of the phallus, fit it tightly, but do not pinch it;
  • almost imperceptible by a man, as they are comfortable and thin;
  • They are characterized by high heat conductivity, which also makes the sensations during sex as natural as possible;
  • transparent, thanks to which sex is not only natural, but also aesthetically pleasing for both partners.
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Everyone has drawbacks, even if we consider the thinnest condoms from the best manufacturers. Cons are in several points:

  • not suitable for anal sex, as they can tear;
  • not always appropriate for violent sex, as they can break;
  • such models are more difficult to put on, which can become an untimely incident in bed;
  • in most cases, they are more expensive than classic options.

For reference! Statistics show that thin condoms tear 10% more often compared to classic standard models.

Why can thin condoms break?

The thinner the condom wall density, the higher the risk of breaking it, especially with regard to anal sex or violent sex scenes. Not only do the risks of tearing increase, but also slippage and difficulty in putting on for inexperienced men. Practice shows that the most reliable thin models are those made of polyurethane.

But the point is, finding ultrathin polyurethane models can be too difficult. And the price for one piece can exceed $2, which is much more expensive than standard models. Thin condoms that are expired or stored in improper conditions, improperly selected in size or with insufficient erection in a man can break. They should be used with a special lubricant to reduce the chances of damage.

Recommendations and instructions for use

In order not to damage thin condoms during use, a man needs to know the rules for their use. They put on such a condom according to the following principle:

  • the condom is taken with the logo up;
  • break the package in half in the center;
  • the two halves of the package are pulled apart horizontally in different directions;
  • the condom is applied to the head of the penis, while holding it by both halves of the package;
  • in this position, the condom is put on, stretching to the required length;
  • the edges of the package are lifted, after which they are separated from the condom.

Particular attention is paid to the expiration date of condoms, since expired products are most often torn. When putting on, you need to make sure that the nails are cut, otherwise the thin wall can be easily injured.

The most famous brands under which thin condoms are produced

If a man does not know which thin and sensitive condoms to choose, you can use the top-ranking of the best manufacturers and brands of such condoms. And as weighty arguments will be the main advantages and features of the company and its products.


This Japanese brand boasts the thinnest polyurethane condom ever. Okamoto Condoms has been a recognized World’s Best Condoms award winner for 15 years.

Photo 4

The thinnest model has the following advantages:

  • wall thickness 0.01 mm;
  • durable polyurethane;
  • high elasticity and ductility;
  • anatomical shape;
  • maximum sensitivity during sex.


Condoms from India, which ranked 10th in the well-known rating of condoms. Slim models have the following advantages:

  • wall thickness 0.05 mm;
  • smooth latex texture;
  • abundant lubrication;
  • maximum sensitivity during sex.


Germany has always been famous for quality products, which is confirmed by the ultrathin condoms of the Sico brand. Their main differences are as follows:

Photo 5

  • wall thickness 0.06 mm;
  • natural latex;
  • Silicone Grease;
  • contour form with storage;
  • close contact and sensitivity during sex;
  • product testing by electronics.


Despite the fact that the brand is located in Indonesia, all equipment is German. Super thin condoms for sensitive sex have the following characteristics:

  • wall thickness 0.04 mm;
  • natural latex;
  • contoured condom;
  • Silicone Grease;
  • high flexibility;
  • tight fit to the phallus.


The most requested brand in the USA and Europe. The range includes slim models such as Durex Sensation and Durex Ultra Strong. The main differences between these condoms are as follows:

  • unique point structure;
  • non-permicidal lubricant;
  • reliability and quality, no smell;
  • Silicone Grease;
  • maximum comfort of putting on and using condoms.


The UK-based brand offers a full line of thin condoms for men, such as the Contex Ultra Thin. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • latex base;
  • naturalness of sensations;
  • sufficient level of protection;
  • wall thickness 0,04 mm;
  • neutral grease.

Where should you buy condoms to avoid buying a fake?

It is necessary to buy condoms using only two sources:

  1. Pharmacy branches — only verified certified products are distributed here.
  2. Official website of the manufacturer — if a man has decided on the brand that he prefers, ordering condoms can be done on the official website.
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Photo 7

Quality original contraceptives are marked with the words “Recommended by the World Health Organization” (WHO) on the packaging. There should also be a batch number and a country of origin. If the number “24” is indicated on the package, these are Chinese handicrafts made from lamb intestines, unusable.


One day, a friend went abroad on a business trip and brought me thin Okamoto condoms from there as a souvenir. I always use contraception, but this is the best I’ve tried. Thin, flexible, strong, but not felt at all during sex. While they are expensive, the costs are well worth it. They periodically order them via the Internet to please themselves with quality sex.

My condom brand that I use all the time is Contex. I often use the classic options, but occasionally add variety with the thin Contex Ultra Thin model. The sensations are great, I am worried that they will break, but so far there have been no incidents.

My favorite company is Durex, inexpensive and high quality models. But my favorite is the durex thin condoms, as they are almost imperceptible during sex, which is good news. I have been using them for more than a year, I have never been torn.

And I like Sico, I always prefer German products. Condoms are perfectly moistened with lubricant, stretch, taking the shape of a penis, do not press, but also do not slip, allow you to enjoy sex exactly as if they were not there.

I didn’t know about the condom manufacturer LifeStyles until my friends gave me the package. The quality is excellent, super thin condoms are generally weightless, I forget even in a fit of passion that I am protected. The price is slightly higher than the usual options, but it’s worth it.

Thin condoms have the main advantage — they allow a man to get maximum pleasure from sex and frictions without dulling sensitivity. But there is also a minus — high risks of ruptures. To avoid such incidents, a man needs to choose the right quality brands and models. They are named in the article above, it remains only by trial to decide the best option.

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