The thickest and most durable condoms

Means of barrier contraception for men are condoms, which, first, must be reliable and of high quality. One should not expect the truth from the manufacturer due to marketing moves, so you can rely on the opinions and recommendations of experts and men experienced in such matters. Today, the topic of discussion will be the most durable condoms, we will discuss top brands, the best offers on the market, as well as the rules for choosing condoms.

What are the most durable condoms?

The main task of the condom is to protect against unwanted pregnancy and infection. First, you need to figure out which are the most durable condoms in terms of parameters and characteristics. A reliable and durable condom must meet the following parameters:

Wall thickness and material of manufacture is an important indicator of the reliability and strength of a condom. If a man strives first to be safe, and already in the background he has feelings and the level of pleasure from frictions, thick-walled condoms are the right choice. Thick-walled condoms are used for specific purposes, as well as ultra-thin models.

If you are in doubt about the quality of a new manufacturer, test it with your own example. Do not skimp, buy one copy to test it in work. What is expensive and well-advertised is not always good.

Materials used to make condoms

To understand what a particular product is, identify that fact for yourself. What materials it was made of. Today, most manufacturers use 4 materials in the production of contraceptives for men:

  • polyurethane;
  • latex;
  • tactilon;
  • lambskin.

How reliable and durable all types are can be determined if you read the detailed description of each option.


The most common choice is rubber-based latex condoms, which are excellent in elasticity, extensibility, flexibility and strength. Medicine calls latex the best protector against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Latex condoms come in several sizes:

  • 0.06-0.07 mm — average wall density;
  • 0.04 mm — thin-walled sensitive models;
  • 0.07-0.12 — thick-walled models.

Most latex products require additional lubricant, and this must be water-based. Oil and silicone options are incompatible with the material and may compromise the integrity of the latex. Some women exhibit an increased sensitivity of the genital skin to latex products, which is accompanied by allergic manifestations.


This material originates from plastic, which is processed to form condoms. This variety was invented for the segment of consumers who have a latex intolerance. Although such articles are less elastic and flexible, they exhibit an increased degree of tightness.

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The polyurethane condom adheres more closely to the skin of the genital organ, in addition, it perfectly absorbs body temperature, which helps a man to forget about its presence. In parallel with barrier contraceptives of this format, lubricants of any composition can be used, the material rarely causes allergic manifestations. The thickness of such condoms can be only in one size — 0,01 to 0.04 mm, that is, thin-walled models.


In this case, the material is close in chemical composition, characteristics and properties to polyurethane, but at the same time it is more flexible and elastic. Thanks to this, the condom easily conforms to the shape of the phallus, providing the most natural feeling. And lubricants can be selected for it without contraindications, since tactilon is compatible with all bases.


A special material for the production of condoms is lambskin, that is, cleaned lamb intestines. The product is absolutely natural and environmentally friendly, as it decomposes after some time without polluting the environment. Due to the porosity of the structure and the thinness of the walls, such condoms do not protect against the risks of infection, but pregnancy can be prevented.

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What kind of sex are the strongest condoms for?

There are several tasks for which thick condoms are needed:

  1. Prevention of premature ejaculation — a common problem in most men due to increased sensitivity of the penis and glans. Thick-walled condoms help to lower the threshold of sensitivity, dulling sensations, which prolongs intercourse.
  2. Anal sex — this type of sex involves a narrow opening, a dry gut environment, and the presence of germs and bacteria. Therefore, special durable condoms with a low risk of rupture have been developed for anal sex.
  3. Feeling a big dick — some men feel more confident, believing that a thick-walled condom will add a little to the diameter and length of the organ.
  4. Random connections — if you happen to get close with a girl you don’t know well, it is better to use a sturdy condom to protect yourself from the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

How to choose a condom: basic criteria

How to choose the right condoms made of durable materials for reliable protection and high-quality intercourse, the main criteria will tell you — the manufacturer’s brand, price, production materials, size and shelf life.

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Reliable brand

A proven brand is the starting point in condom selection rules. When buying contraceptives, give preference to well-known brands and names, as well as official suppliers (manufacturer’s website or pharmacies). There are many top ratings and forums where you can see brands and brands verified by experts.

Reliable selling point

Quality, durable condoms cannot be cheap, so don’t skimp on contraception. It is better to purchase expensive durable models in proven places — in specialized stores, on the official websites of the manufacturer or in pharmacies. Avoid dubious points and third parties, so as not to fall for crafts and marriage.

The packaging must not be damaged

Expiration date — it is important to pay attention to this parameter before the moment of purchase, any damage to the packaging or expired expiration date will reduce the quality and strength of the product. A good product can also suffer from improper storage, for example, under the scorching sun or in low temperatures, with sudden changes in temperature, in the vicinity of sharp and piercing objects.

Size must be correct

Before buying, be sure to read separately the literature on how to choose the right condom according to the size of your genital organ. To do this, a man must know the length and diameter of his penis. A good condom will have the optimal amount of lubrication so that it fits easily over the penis, does not slip off it, but also does not squeeze the organ.

Top 8 most durable condoms

To facilitate the selection of thick-walled condoms, men are offered the top 8 best deals compiled by experts:

  1. Vizit Overture Extra Safe — there is a thick latex wall, a reservoir for semen, a smooth cylindrical shape, silicone grease, as well as a size of 0,1 / 180 / 52 mm (wall thickness / length / width).
  2. Ganzo strong — durable condoms from the UK made from natural latex, equipped with silicone lubricant, smooth standard shape and 0.1 mm size; 187 / 53 mm.
  3. Sico Extra Safe — the German manufacturer offers the most reliable condoms with a thick wall of a smooth cylindrical shape, a reservoir for semen and silicone grease, as well as a size of 0.1 mm; 180 / 52 mm.
  4. Masculan ultra strong — condoms of stable quality in black color with a thickened wall, an increased amount of lubricant for anal sex, as well as a size range of 0,095 mm; 180 / 52 mm.
  5. Contex Forced — the Czech brand offers thickened condoms made of natural super-quality latex with a smooth cylindrical shape, silicone gel lubricant, a semen accumulator and sizes of 0.09 mm, 180 / 52 mm.
  6. Vitalis strong — premium condoms made of natural rubber latex, supplemented with lubricant, semen accumulator, and also in sizes 0.09 mm, 180 / 53 mm.
  7. Spring ultra strong — Dutch condoms with a thickened wall of a classic shape, but with reinforced lubrication for anal sex and size 0.085 mm; 195 / 54 mm.
  8. Durex Extra Safe Is a global brand from the UK, offering thicker condom models for anal and ultra-protected sex. Classic shape, accumulator, silicone base gel lubricant, as well as size 0.08 mm; 200 / 56 mm.
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From the above proposed rating, we can conclude that the thickest wall of the condom is 0.1 mm, which means that several options are considered the most durable — Vizit Overture Extra Safe, Sico Extra Safe and Ganzo strong.

Reviews of the most durable condoms

My wife and I always protect ourselves, since we already have three children. For 10 years of marriage I have tried many condoms, including thick-walled ones. We use them for anal sex. For me, the most durable, but not impairing the quality of sex — Durex Extra Safe condoms.

I studied a lot of reviews in forums, advice from different specialists, and then tried several top models of thick condoms. For me, the Sico Extra Safe and Contex Forced models are particularly durable and yet not too dull.

I use only thick-walled condoms, since I don’t have a permanent relationship yet, I keep my health away from sin. A good model is Ganzo strong, condoms are strong, but do not squeeze the penis, help to last longer during sex.

Thick condoms are a necessity in many cases, for example, during anal sex, casual intercourse, as well as to prolong intercourse and reduce the sensitivity of the head with premature ejaculation. The selection rules and the best models have been named, you just have to rely on your own feelings of comfort and pleasure.

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