Seduction rules: how to approach a pretty girl

Many men do not understand why some representatives of the stronger sex masterfully manage to win women’s hearts, while others are constantly accompanied by failures and refusals. And even if a man is outwardly handsome, successful and interesting, another losing guy on all fronts is much more fortunate in his personal life. The rules of seduction are the secret of many men who break the hearts of women.

Techniques for seducing girls have been practiced for a long time, and seduction masters regularly conduct trainings and seminars to teach men how to approach a girl and seduce her in a short period of time. Having mastered even the basic rules, you can drastically change your life, but first you need to decide on the goals and priorities in life. Some learn to seduce by breaking the hearts of girls, while others need these skills to build serious relationships.

Basic rules of seduction for men

If you consider all the rules of seduction for men existing today, you can make an endless list. Each master is supposed to have his own standard set of ideas and techniques. You can re-read every day a centurion of publications, books and magazines with regards to the secrets of seducing women, or you can choose several basic rules of seduction, working on their implementation into your model of behavior.

The main task of a man is to approach a girl so that she does not reject him.To do this, the skill of seduction teaches simple rules:

  • a man should be confident in himself, in a conversation be clear and understandable without words of doubt (I don’t know, maybe, most likely, etc.), maintain posture, eye contact, monitor his emotional state, voice, etc.;
  • a man needs to catch the girl’s gaze, since you can understand a lot from the eyes, for example, whether a girl is interested in him;
  • when meeting you need to be original, discarding banal phrases for an approach, like your mother doesn’t need a son-in-law.

If a girl responded to the views of a man in the same way, one cannot stand in the shadows and time, otherwise she will consider the man a coward or insecure. In order to inspire confidence in her during acquaintance, psychologists advise to repeat her body posture, movement speed, breathing rhythm, etc. Girls love with their ears, so you can attract attention with a compliment and pleasant words.

The first impression about a person is formed within the first 15 seconds. Therefore, it is extremely important for a man to look neat and stylish, say effective phrases for acquaintance, maintain external self-confidence and exude positive.

An attractive and interesting girl will not tolerate banal phrases, these options for tackling are used by most men, so the key rule of a successful acquaintance is originality. In a conversation, you need to use the particle as little as possible not, for example, would you agree to have a cup of coffee with me. Most likely, the reaction will be appropriate — the answer is no.

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Seducing a girl: techniques and practice

Seduction of a girl involves not only the rules of man’s behavior and methods of approaching a girl, but also various psychological techniques and practices, thanks to which one can conquer women’s hearts. There are several universal models of seduction that any man can use.

Their effectiveness is about 90%, today the masters of seduction offer 4 methods:

  1. «Closer, further» — the conquest of a woman for a man begins with this technique, which involves a change in attitude towards the girl he likes. To begin with, a man needs to interest the girl, please her, communicate, perhaps invite her on dates. This is followed by a period of cold, when a man needs to disappear for a while, not to call or dryly answer calls and SMS. The maximum effect is achieved if the distance is during the period of warm relations.
  2. Intrigue — Another effective technique for falling in love with a girl is to be surprised by breaking standards of behavior. That is, the girl will wait for one thing, and the man will act radically differently. For example, a warm romantic date passed, and the next day the man stopped calling. Or, after a cool date, just say goodbye without offering to continue the conversation. The main task is to intrigue her so that all the thoughts in her head are occupied by a man.
  3. Uncontrollability — all girls tend to control a man, but in fact, in order to make sure that the man will not give up control. You can fall in love with a woman if you are uncontrollable by her, not succumbing to manipulation, provocations and ultimatums. Even if she is angry, threatening a man with a break in relations, you need to remain uncontrollable to the end, this will ultimately play into his hands.
  4. Confidence — the main rule for guys who seek to conquer women’s hearts. Confidence must be total, every decision and action must be 100% accurate and unshakable. If, after the manipulations and unexpected actions of the girl, change decisions and take her side, she will see the man’s true self-doubt.

Seduction masters especially focus on the fact that a man should not be liked by every girl in a row, each person has his own target audience. To determine it, you need to think about which girls are more suitable for a guy for building relationships, internally drawing her portrait and image. Next, you need to understand what such a girl expects from a man, introducing these traits and qualities into her skill of seduction.

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An example of seduction on the Internet

Social networks are the most common platform for men to approach girls, who train in themselves the skills and abilities of seduction. In these circumstances, it is important to increase your social status, to manifest yourself as a self-confident successful man. The mastery of seduction offers the simplest example on the internet:

  • Promotion of your account to increase the ranking of your page. To do this, you need to invite as many friends as possible, send friendship requests to beautiful girls, use programs to promote your account.
  • After that, you need to exchange a couple of phrases in order to meet the girl you like. You can enter the trust of an Internet friend within the first week, and then you can ask if she has a beautiful girlfriend. This may be a reason for a meeting, but she clearly would not expect such behavior from a guy. At best, she does not want to lose such a guy, at worst, she will really introduce her to a friend.
  • Further, online acquaintance will turn into a real meeting, it remains only to think over its scenario and your model of behavior.

Such a non-standard version of dating will sharply distinguish a man from the crowd of boyfriends who roll up banal and uninteresting. If a girl does not agree to a meeting, preferring to communicate on the Internet, you can play by her rules for a while, and then abruptly disappear from the network for several days. This will make her rethink her refusal, perhaps she will regret losing an interesting guy without having contact with him.

Advice! To start a conversation on the Internet with a girl, you need to find common ground, for example, common interests, groups and communities, persuading communication to this topic.

What shouldn’t you do to seduce?

Regardless of the circumstances in which a man hones his seduction skills, in social networks in correspondence or in real time, all this is accompanied by certain «pitfalls», most importantly, stress and excitement. This is a normal reaction of the body to something new in life and attempts to overcome self-doubt and anxiety.

To get rid of the negative sides of seduction, you need:

  • Do not be afraid of rejection — they happen even to those who have mastered the skill to perfection and have been practicing a pickup for decades. A man needs to act, approach girls, be proactive, gaining invaluable experience from failures. When a woman refuses, a man loses nothing.
  • Do not force yourself — it is useful to step over yourself periodically, but not on an ongoing basis. You need to get acquainted with as many girls as a man can do without jumping over his head. No need to turn the desire for dating into an obsession.
  • Не делать упражнения соблазнения — many exercises are essentially delusional and useless, so it is not always advisable to force your nervous system, breaking your behavior patterns and standards.
  • Don’t think negatively — you do not need to set yourself up for a negative outcome of events, but it is important to be ready for it. Even if the girl refused, she gave the man experience and helped him overcome his fears. Mentally, you need to convince yourself that the man is great, and he can be proud of himself. And even if you didn’t have the courage to approach the girl, it’s okay.
  • Do not strain — you don’t need to do what a man doesn’t really want. In fact, the importance of dating for guys is not in the end result, but in getting positive emotions and joy from actions. If all the dating masters boast of daily conquered hearts, this should not push a man to do the same. Being a guru of seduction does not mean being a womanizer, perhaps knowledge will be used only on one girl, who will become a companion for many years.
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In addition to techniques, techniques, rules, phrases and patterns of behavior, in order to please the female sex, a man needs to work on himself every day. For starters, you can get rid of bad habits, create a daily routine, be disciplined and responsible, planning your business and managing resources wisely. In addition to work, productive rest, healthy sleep and moral distraction from everyday affairs are required. You can go in for sports, find new hobbies, and generally live for your own pleasure.

To always have at your disposal several ideas for dating, to know what to talk about with a girl, to conquer women’s hearts with your positive qualities, it is enough to understand for yourself a few rules and techniques of seduction. But first, a man must decide on the goals of why the skill of seduction will be used — to change sexual partners or find the only one to build a family.

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