Review of intimate lubricants: how to choose the right one?

Intimate life can significantly deteriorate if partners do not produce enough lubricant during intercourse. The situation is quite solvable, in pharmacies and specialized stores, intimate lubricants are offered with different compositions, operating principles and purposes.

Each tool implies its own indications and application features. The offer of manufacturers is so diverse that it is not so easy to choose a lubricant right away. To understand which lubricant is better, the article will consider the conditions, what they are for and how to use such funds, and also offer an overview of intimate lubricants.

Intimate lubricants: what are they for?

Any universal intimate lubricant has the main purpose of moisturizing the genitals in order to improve the quality of the intimate life of partners. In addition, the lubricant helps to increase the sensitivity of the genitals and reduce the degree of possible discomfort during intense frictions.

It is advisable to consider situations that require additional moisture:

  • low libido and insufficient sexual arousal;
  • physiological features of the structure of the genitals;
  • regular stress;
  • imbalance of hormones;
  • taking oral contraceptives, antimicrobials and antidepressants;
  • abuse of salt or caffeine;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • the presence of breast implants in women;
  • the period after operations in the genital area;
  • postpartum stage.

Dryness of the genitals in men can be observed with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the penis, women have such a problem during menopause.

Types of intimate lubricants

It is possible to use such funds for arousal and sufficient hydration, while its content is primarily taken into account. Several lubricants are distinguished according to the basis — those that are prepared on the basis of water, oil or silicone lubricants. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Water, according to most doctors, is the best lubricant gel for women, since its composition is safe and harmless, and most importantly, as close as possible to the natural secretions of the genitals.

Photo 2

Their advantages lie in several points:

  • do not leave marks on fabric and skin;
  • do not cause allergic reactions;
  • do not provoke addiction;
  • compatible with all types of contraceptives and sex toys;
  • inexpensive in price;
  • available, as they are sold in any pharmacy;
  • do not negatively affect the microflora of the genital organs.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting that water-based grease dries quickly, which means that it requires reapplication. It is easily washed off in water, therefore it cannot be used during sex in water.


Modern lubricants for intimate relationships are increasingly made from silicone. The most important advantage of this type is maximum sliding, which means that they can be used for any type of penetration.

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Photo 3

Also, a few more indicators should be attributed to the pluses:

  • wide availability;
  • successful application in the shower and any other aquatic environment;
  • economical consumption, since they do not dry out for a long time;
  • the possibility of using for massage and other manual caresses.

They also have drawbacks, this is a rather high price, and incompatibility with contraception and toys made of cyber skin and silicone. And it will not be so easy to wash off the composition from the skin.


Initially, people were able to get acquainted with what intimate lubricants are, using the example of oil products. This type appeared long before the silicone and water versions, it is distinguished by a thick consistency and maximum hydration of the genitals.

Photo 4

The advantages of such funds are as follows:

  • low price;
  • wide availability;
  • maximum skin hydration;
  • economical consumption.

And the disadvantages include the fact that the composition is not compatible with latex condoms and toys of the same type. And the stickiness and difficulty in rinsing off cannot go unnoticed.

Classification of greases depending on additives

Today, manufacturers of intimate products offer new developments based on herbal ingredients without chemical effects on the body. In addition to the three main types, they offer alternative new options, for example:

Photo 4

  • a slimming lubricant with oak extract for women who have given birth;
  • remedies with cinnamon and pepper with a warming effect to increase the sensitivity of the genitals;
  • lubricant for men with the effect of enhancing erection, enlarging the penis;
  • male prolongators with a cooling effect to prolong sexual intercourse (with anesthetics);
  • aphrodisiac gel to excite both partners;
  • medications with anesthetic effect;
  • antiseptics for genital disinfection;
  • with different flavors for lovers of variety in sex;
  • hypoallergenic for sensitive skin;
  • with antibacterial and spermicidal action to prevent pregnancy (contraceptive);
  • super slip anality gel with lidocaine or benzocaine to reduce discomfort.

On the Internet, different names for such means for sex are increasingly flashing — lubricants, gels, lubricants, prolongers, it is easy to get confused in all this. Men ask the question of how a lubricant differs from a lubricant gel. The first term has a technical character; in medicine, natural and synthetic waxes are considered lubricants. Gel lubricants are the generalized name for lubricants and products of all kinds.

Instructions: how to use the lubricant correctly?

To achieve the desired effect, you must first familiarize yourself with the composition and rules for using the product. You can learn how to apply it before intercourse from the annotation, which is necessarily attached by the manufacturer. As a rule, it assumes the following recommendations:

  • cleanse the genital skin before applying the gel;
  • wipe your skin dry;
  • apply a thin layer to the penis, anus, vagina;
  • after the end of intercourse, wash off the remains with soap and warm water.
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In order not to face allergies and side effects, you can not use expired products, apply them to the skin with microtrauma.

Where should you buy lubricant so as not to buy a fake?

Exciting, moisturizing, anesthetic gels need to be purchased in the right places so as not to fall for a craft, low-quality or expired product. There are only two trusted sources:

  1. Specialized stores and sex shops, where you can not only consult about the choice, but also learn about new products and rules for the use of funds.
  2. Pharmacies selling only tested, safe products, even if the price is somewhat overpriced.

When choosing a lubricant, the following criteria are taken into account:

  • appointment — there are oral, vaginal, anal lubricants, as well as universal options;
  • composition — water, silicone or oil base, water formulations are more suitable for men, silicone for women;
  • pH — the optimal level should be 4,5-5,5;
  • manufacturer — you need to give preference to proven brands that are in the top lists of expert recommendations;
  • shelf life — everything is clear here, the fresher the product, the better.

If the substance lidocaine is prescribed in the composition, the gel can be used to prolong sex and reduce sensitivity, if capsacin is chili pepper, which means that it is a warming intimate gel for thrill-seekers, chlorhexidine is an antimicrobial agent.

Why is there a need for intimate lubrication in women?

As practice shows, it is women who in most cases lack natural hydration during sexual arousal. If a man needs only the thought of sex for sexual arousal, it can be extremely difficult for a woman to get aroused. As a result of intense friction with the genitals, microtrauma and a feeling of discomfort are formed.

The need for lubricants is due to the following:

  • some funds contribute to faster and stronger sexual arousal;
  • gels increase the sensitivity of the genitals, helping a woman get closer to orgasm (speeds it up, slows it down so that the time of the finish line coincides);
  • prevents chafing when using condoms;
  • vaginal gels have an analgesic effect, allowing both partners to enjoy only pleasant sensations;
  • facilitates the introduction of the penis if the man has a weak erection and an insufficiently firm organ.

Intimate moisturizers are relevant when there is a lack of estrogen in the body, which interferes with the normal arousal of a woman, as well as during menopause, when every woman has a lack of hormones, excessive dryness of the vagina.

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Are there any contraindications for using the lubricant?

There are contraindications to moisturizing and stimulating lubricants. They concern only a few points:

  • hypersensitivity to the composition;
  • the presence of microtrauma and skin damage in the genital area;
  • a tendency to allergies.

If you do not adhere to such restrictions, you can provoke burning and itching of the skin, as well as a complex of allergic manifestations — nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, redness of the eyes.

The most famous brands of manufacturers of intimate lubricants

To determine which is the best brand of intimate lubricants, the top rating, which included 5 world brands at once, will help. The list was compiled based on peer review, performance testing and customer feedback.

  1. Contex — the best offer on the market for similar products. In the manufacturer’s arsenal, leading positions were taken by such products as lubricant with panthenol, Contex long love with menthol to prolong sexual intercourse, an antibacterial product with green tea for women, an aphrodisiac with spices and herbal ingredients, and Strong gel with aloe with maximum slip.
  2. Durex — another leader in the production of lubricants for enhancing sensations and preventing discomfort. Pay attention to Play O for the excitement of women, a two-in-one lubricant and massage gel with guarana, a lubricant with a double effect of relaxation and enhancement of sensations.
  3. Forsman — silicone grease with superior sliding characteristics. The ideal texture provides partners not only with pleasant sensations, but also with prolongation of sexual intercourse. The effectiveness of Forsmen is confirmed by the reviews of men.
  4. Sico — a company that has been producing products of various compositions and purposes for a long time. These are Sico aquagel for maximum hydration, Sico tea tree oil for anal and vaginal sex, and Sico Eroticgel for men, which strengthens erections and prolongs sexual intercourse.
  5. Vizit Is an equally popular brand that produces different types of lubricants for men and women. For example, Glamor Strawberry on a water basis for oral sex, exciting Vizit erotic based on glycerin, an edible mask for an unforgettable oral sex Superglide Coconut.

Do-it-yourself products will be an alternative to pharmaceutical lubricants. You can use the same Mediagel that is used for ultrasound. Vegetable and animal fats, essential oils, non-acidic fruit juices, and fruits are also used.

Intimate lubricants are an especially important product, which helps partners, with certain problems, achieve maximum arousal, add variety to their sexual life, and boldly experiment without hesitation and discomfort. The greatest demand for such products is observed among women who find it more difficult to achieve arousal and orgasm.

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