Natural penis enlargement techniques: what is it and what results?

The number of men who want to increase their dignity is constantly growing. Thanks to this, experts are constantly developing new methods of penis enlargement, improving the existing ones. A new technique that exclusively implies natural penis enlargement without medication and surgery.

To understand whether the technique of natural penis enlargement works, it is enough to look at the photos of men before and after who are adherents of this technique. You will learn from the article further on what techniques and methods the natural penis enlargement consists of, how to implement them to obtain results.

Natural penis technique

the technique of natural penis enlargement is not a single system, but a collection of the best harmless penis enlargement techniques that can be combined to obtain maximum results. Each technique assumes a different effectiveness, duration of application to obtain maximum progress. Manual methods and the use of extenders are recognized as the best, followed by the most popular techniques for hanging loads.

The advantageous features of the natural penis enlargement technique are as follows:

  • do not affect the hormonal background of a man in any way;
  • do not cause addiction to the body;
  • based on the natural capabilities of the body;
  • are directed more towards working with soft tissues.

The list of penis enlargement techniques contains a large number of options; each man himself can select the optimal exercises and techniques for himself. In simple terms, the technique of natural penis enlargement is a non-drug and non-surgical effect on a man’s penis in order to increase its size.

What is included in the method of natural penis enlargement

It is known that there are two ways to enlarge the penis — surgical and non-surgical, the technique of natural penis enlargement refers to alternative and absolutely harmless methods. Such a set of measures to increase the genital organ includes the following techniques:

  • pumping;
  • jelqing;
  • hanging loads;
  • manual exercises;
  • personal programs;
  • the use of devices and special devices;
  • warming up;
  • the use of natural gels and ointments, dietary supplements;
  • different vascular techniques.

You can use them without the advice and intervention of doctors, but taking into account the individual characteristics of your body. In addition, different techniques can work in one or more directions — to increase the length, increase the diameter, increase the head of the penis, and generally enlarge the penis in an erect or resting state.

Vascular Techniques

The state of blood vessels and blood circulation is an important factor in a strong erection and maximum organ enlargement during arousal. Penis enlargement vascular exercise program includes the following activities:

  • Testicular massage — to start the exercises, you need to make sure that the scrotum is relaxed and hanging down, for this you can warm it up with a warm towel. The massage is performed either with massaging movements of the thumbs of both hands, or with weak blows with all fingers on the testicles. Over time, both techniques can be combined. Ideally, after the massage, the testicles should become harder to the touch, drooping down due to the fact that they have become heavier. Repeat 2-3 times a day.
  • jelqing — exercises from the Sudanese Arabs aimed at «milking» the penis in order to stretch it. The number of exercises per day is 150-200 repetitions. Exercises are performed in two ways:
    • wet jelqing — starting with an exercise using a lubricant or gel so as not to injure the penis, a man with a ring of two fingers stretches the penis from the root to the base of the head with slight pressure;
    • dry jelqing — after 2-3 weeks of training, you can abandon lubricants, performing the same manipulations, but with a rough intense effect on the shaft of the penis.
  • Prindere natural penis enlargement technique— a way to increase the thickness of the phallus by creating high blood pressure in it. The technique is not for beginners, as there are risks of vascular damage. The essence of the method is that a man will prevent venous outflow using special clamps that are attached at the base of the phallus. An erection ring can be used as a clamp.
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The technique is performed as follows:

  • an elastic bandage is used to rewind the phallus from the base, without touching the head, always in a semi-erect state;
  • elastic laces fix the bandage;
  • an erection ring is put on at the root of the phallus;
  • you need to remove all devices after 5 minutes;
  • performed 4 times a week with a gradual increase in the duration of the procedure.
  • Pumping — a whole class of vascular techniques that affect the blood pressure in the penis with special flasks and a vacuum. In medicine, there is even such a term — a local negative effect, due to which an erection is improved, and a side effect will be an enlargement of the penis. The penis is placed in the device, a vacuum is created, which causes increased blood flow to the penis (no longer than 10-15 minutes at a time).
  • Sitting — a new technique that involves literal sitting on the penis. How to do it? A man needs to place his penis between his buttocks, while pulling up the testicles. In this position, they gradually sit on the penis, first lowering the weight on it from the abdomen, then returning back. First, the exercise is performed on soft seats for 5-15 minutes, later on hard surfaces up to 40-60 minutes at a time.

Manual exercises

Manual exercises are, in simple terms, stretching the penis, which increases the flexibility and elasticity of soft tissues, as well as local blood flow. There are several ways of stretching:

  1. Down — the penis is wrapped with a ring of two fingers of the hand from the back side, then stretched down with a slight pressure, maintaining the tension for 10-30 seconds. After that, you can add impact with the second hand, alternating between them.
  2. Up — in the same way, they clasp the penis, but the stretching movements are made upward in order to act on the shell of the penis. The tension is carried out with slight pressure for 10-30 seconds. After that, the second hand is also involved, increasing the intensity of the exercise.
  3. To the sides — according to the same principle, the penis is stretched to the right and downward in order to act on the upper garter belt of the phallus, according to the same principle, the organ is stretched down to the left.
  4. Helical stretching — the penis is wrapped in a ring of fingers in the back position of the hand, first stretched down according to the method described above, then stretched by turning the organ counterclockwise to the left, leading to the top point, right and down to the starting point. First, do the screw exercise counterclockwise, then in the opposite direction.

Before performing such an exercise, a man needs to warm up the tissues of the penis using a warm towel. One stretching procedure should last 10 minutes and longer each time.

Extender, vacuum pump

If a man strives to increase the length and thickness of his genital organ, the technique of natural penis enlargement suggests using two types of devices for this — an extender or a vacuum pump.

  1. Vacuum pump — the pump creates negative pressure on the blood, as a result of which the cavernous bodies are filled with blood as much as possible, contributing to the enlargement of the phallus. LOD therapy is widely used in medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and prevent congestion. Pumps can be air, acting on an organ with air, water pumps, acting with warm water.
  2. Extender — a device (Ilizarov apparatus) for stretching the tissues of the penis, used in medicine. It can be mechanical, which involves fixing the head with a loop or strap, as well as vacuum, where fixation is due to a vacuum. The principle of operation is a step-by-step stretching of the phallus in length and stimulation of tissues for additional growth. The second option is used more often today, since it can be worn up to 6-8 hours a day.
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Kegel exercises

A long-standing technique that does not even need to be improved, as it demonstrates excellent performance indicators. The essence of the exercise is the training of the bulbous-cavernous muscle, which is responsible for the quality and duration of erection, ejaculation and many indirect processes.

Exercises will increase the tone in the pelvic area, thereby increasing blood circulation, will help to increase the effectiveness of other exercises, the technique of natural penis enlargement. How to find the bulbous-cavernous muscle:

  • during urination, a man can try to stop the stream by squeezing this particular muscle;
  • during the onset of an erection, you can make the penis jump, contracting all the same muscle.

Exercise involves muscle contraction in several scenarios:

  • rapid contraction and contraction 20-30 times a day, gradually bringing up to 300-400 repetitions;
  • muscle contraction, holding in this position for 2-4 seconds, relaxation for the same period of time (each time you need to hold the muscle more, reaching 20-30 seconds);
  • delay of the urine stream during urination up to 5 repetitions.

Many men underestimate the importance of bulbous-cavernous muscle tone. Her flabbiness leads to several problems at the same time — insufficient blood flow to the genitals, a decrease in the holding force of the rectum and the inability of a man to keep ejaculation during sex.


The use of dietary supplements for penis enlargement is both relevant and popular. Most often, men use those dietary supplements that contain the following vitamins and substances:

  • zinc — needed for the normal synthesis of sex hormones;
  • selenium — an active ingredient that promotes the absorption of zinc and increases testosterone;
  • vitamin C — is necessary to strengthen the vascular wall, improve blood circulation and pressure;
  • vitamin E — increases the elasticity of the soft tissues of the phallus, and also increases male fertility.

Many dietary supplements and vitamin complexes are rich in this composition:

  • natural vitamin preparation Spirulina with easily digestible protein and amino acids;
  • Viardot forte with wheat germ oil, thanks to which the synthesis of sex hormones and the cleansing of blood vessels from cholesterol are improved;
  • Pumpkin with pumpkin seed oil to nourish the prostate and sex vitamin (E);
  • Sabal Palm Fruit Extractthat binds dihydrotestosterone and increases libido;
  • Ginseng tincture improves blood circulation, enhances activity, endurance and male potency;
  • Cayenne pepper enhances the effectiveness of other drugs, and also accelerates blood flow
  • Ginkgo biloba to expand blood vessels, improve local blood flow and enhance erection;
  • Chestnut fruit extract cleans blood vessels, thins the blood and restores the vascular wall, which is important for an erection;
  • Zinc Zincum (Zn) to replenish reserves, since after ejaculation, a man loses half of his zinc in the body, and without it, testosterone production is disrupted.

There are also many multivitamins for the male body, which need to be taken during the off-season and vitamin deficiency in the body.

Important! A deficiency of vitamins is as harmful as an excess of them. Therefore, before taking dietary supplements for men, you need to consult a doctor and undergo an examination.

Ointments and Gels

To increase the effectiveness of exercises and training on the technique of natural penis enlargement, you can use special creams, gels and ointments for penis enlargement. To date, the following products have received good reviews:

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  1. Persian Shah — a domestic product that moisturizes soft tissues, increases blood flow, is used for exercises with an extender or in jelqing.
  2. Viagrin’s. Penis power crème — such a tool can be used for jelqing, as the composition tones the skin, accelerates the blood, saturates the body with vitamins and nutrients.
  3. LARGO CREAM — the composition contains cayenne pepper benzyl nicotinate, which accelerates local blood flow. Suitable for manual exercises and massage.
  4. Himcolin — enhances erection due to herbal composition, improves blood composition in the area of ​​the penis.
  5. Moisturising Nipple Cream — another healing product that prevents hematomas and abrasions.

Warming up

A prerequisite for performing any exercise or technique for penis enlargement is the preliminary warming up of the organ. Thanks to such actions, you can prevent injury and damage to soft tissues and skin during stretching, massage and other exercises. Warming up is done in 3 ways:

  1. Shower — the shower must be hot to warm the skin.
  2. Compress — moisten a towel in hot water, wring it out and apply to the penis.
  3. Bath — a member is lowered into a container of hot water, but so that the temperature of the water does not cause discomfort.

Advice! To learn all types of techniques for natural penis enlargement techniques and exercises, you can watch video tutorials, as well as visual instructions for warming up, jelqing, stretching, massage, and the use of all sorts of devices.

Who are the natural penis enlargement lovers and what do they do?

The technique of natural penis enlargement is not just a complex of measures to increase the penis in a natural way, it is a whole course in which millions of men are members. Those who have been training for a long time, follow the recommendations of the natural penis enlargement technique, can communicate in forums with like-minded people.

There are men who have been combining and practicing different techniques of natural penis enlargement for a long time. They also show photos of penis enlargement, share their results and conclusions about the work done.

Are there any real results of the method? Can its use be harmful to the body?

In theory, the very name «natural penis enlargement technique» contradicts the opinion that it can harm a man’s health. Exceptions may be those cases when men were negligent about contraindications, did the exercises incorrectly, abused penis stretching devices, etc.

The real results of the natural penis enlargement technique can be seen in various live forums where men share before and after photos of the results. But in order to get an increase, you need to draw up a whole program of classes for yourself, stick to it for at least 3 months, and preferably six months, and also follow the instructions correctly.

Today millions of men who are unhappy with the size of the penis prefer to train according to the technique of natural penis enlargement. To enlarge the penis, there are many vascular and manual exercises, massages, creams, dietary supplements and vitamins, as well as devices and devices for mechanical action. The experience of penis enlargement techniques before the first results appear should be from six months or more.

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