How to understand that a girl wants you: the main signs

Not every man is well versed in female psychology and nature, which means that he cannot always understand hints and signals. For example, all the representatives of the stronger sex would like to know for sure how to understand that a girl wants you. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this field of knowledge, it is enough to pay attention to the behavior of the girl, non-verbal and verbal signs.

In addition to intuition, a man will be helped by effective advice from pickup masters who specialize in such matters. They will name one hundred percent signs and manifestations of a woman, by which you can get the green light for rapprochement. Not every woman can directly state that she wants a man, but almost everyone consciously and unconsciously gives unambiguous signals.

How to understand that a girl wants you?

Non-verbal and verbal signs will tell you how to understand that a girl wants sex. It remains only to get acquainted with them, namely, with the format of the behavior of a girl ready for sex, the format of her communication and other indirect hints. If you misunderstand the girl’s behavior, you can not only face an embarrassing situation, but even push the girl away. And therefore, a man needs to familiarize himself with all the signs of her sexual readiness in advance.

By behavior

The behavior of a girl is the main indicator of her attitude towards a man, if she has sympathy, she will smile, flirt and show her best sides in every possible way. If she is sexually inclined towards him, desires intimacy with him, a number of manifestations of sexual overtones will be added to the basic signs of sympathy. Namely:

  1. She will smile and flirt. According to experts, flirting is aimed specifically at sexual seduction and attracting attention. Therefore, when a girl sees a man, she will smile, flirt with him in every possible way, for example, strive for tactile light contact, play with her hair, demonstrate the wrist area, etc. And if she does not stop in her female game, but goes further and further, respectively she is ready for sex.
  2. She will breathe deeply and often. During physiological arousal, pressure rises, which means that the girl’s breathing quickens, her heart rate increases, and the pupils of her eyes may expand. A man needs to correctly interpret her breathing, without asking questions regarding well-being and health.
  3. She will seek tactile contact. The girl will gradually reduce the distance, imperceptibly and as if inadvertently touching the man, and most importantly, she will not move away from touching him.
  4. She will blush and show excitement. This sign says, first, that a man is sincerely attractive to her, even if we are not talking about sexual overtones. But will a girl be ready for intimacy with someone she simply dislikes?
  5. She will play with her hair. Hair is almost a fetish for a woman, to which she devotes a lot of time. It is thanks to hair that ladies often seduce men, and winding a curl around a finger is a direct sign of readiness for sex. But sometimes playing with hair can be the result of a nervous condition, so it’s important not to confuse the two conditions.
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Also, experts say that you can understand the desires of a girl by looking, for example, a sexually aroused girl will look a man straight in the eyes longer than usual. In this state, the fair sex often dry lips.

By conversation

In the presence of strong sympathy, many begin to mirror the behavior and habits of the partner, his gestures or manner of communication. To make sure once again whether a girl wants you, a man, in addition to non-verbal signs, should pay attention to verbal manifestations, that is, what the girl will talk about. Obvious signs include the following:

  • She will shower the man with compliments. If in a conversation she begins to intensely praise the external data of a man, the beauty of his inner world, exaggerate his qualities, then this can be considered a direct sign of her readiness for the next stage in their relationship, for sex.
  • She will offer a solitary pastime. In this case, the main thing for a man is not to be embarrassed by her initiative, but to say that he himself wanted to offer her the same. If sex is impossible, it is important to gently and delicately refuse the girl, citing reasons.
  • She will be open about her desires. In fact, most men dream of a frank and liberated woman who would directly say that she wants sex. But at such a moment, many are lost from the determination of a woman, making a big mistake.

A man should take such direct signals extremely calmly without showing enthusiasm, but with notes of enthusiasm. A woman should see that she did not plunge the man into a state of shock, but, on the contrary, made him pleased with her own words.

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Other signs

You can definitely determine whether a girl wants you by her appearance and choice of outfits. In fact, women take a responsible approach to choosing clothes for a particular circumstance and event. When she sexually desires a man, her clothes will show it with bare shoulders, a deep neckline, a short skirt or a long skirt, but with a deep slit. And during the conversation, to draw attention to the dress, she will correct it.

There are several more indirect signs that a girl wants her companion, for example:

  • she will notice details in him, such as his perfume, a new haircut, or muscles peeking through clothes;
  • she is ready for a kiss;
  • she will run into compliments from a man;
  • she will laugh at all his jokes;
  • she will initiate communication herself;
  • during dinner, she will share food;
  • her voice timbre will sit down;
  • she will talk about sex;
  • she will quickly respond to calls and messages;
  • she will be interested in the criteria of an ideal girl in his understanding.

It is critical to pay attention to the position of the girl’s palms, open and inverted palms are a sign of her readiness for the development of a relationship, and clenched fists indicate her distrust and lack of sympathy.

How to make a girl want you?

There are times when a young man communicates with a girl for a long time, but she does not show any signs of readiness for intimacy. To speed up this process, a man needs to follow a few golden rules, namely:

  • Rule № 1 — Be confident and energetic. In a relationship, a man should take the leading role, amuse the girl, tease, please with pleasant deeds. Nothing excites girls like male charisma, sense of humor and intelligence.
  • Rule № 2 — create sexual tension by maintaining tactile contact. To achieve this, a man needs to touch her in such a way as to create sexual excitement in her mind. For example, how to hug her in a friendly way during a walk, support her hand at a convenient time, hold her waist, straighten her hair, as if in a friendly way without hints. But then after some time, when she gets used to it, touches can be smoothly transferred to an intimate format.
  • Rule № 3 – flirt with other women in front of her. There is nothing more stimulating and inciting desire in girls than the feeling of jealousy. That is, you need to communicate with a girl in a friendly format, as she feels comfortable, and with her friends become playful and flirt with them. This will show how good a man is, since he is in demand, and the girl does not let him get closer to her in vain.


For a woman to want a man who cares for her, she must see in him strength, reliability, male charisma, a sense of humor and intelligence. These are the main criteria for choosing a companion for the average woman. It is important for a man to recognize in time non-verbal, verbal and indirect signs that she will desire him sexually. After that, one should not show haste and excessive joy, but also not miss such a great opportunity, since all girls are fickle in their desires.

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