How to understand that a girl likes you?

The question of how to understand that a girl likes you is so relevant among men that psychologists and experts in this field have compiled more than 30 signs and signs that speak of her sympathy. Thanks to such tips, you can determine the disposition towards yourself from the side of the object of desire, be more self-confident and courageous in communication. At the same time, it is important to remember that the first step to communication and relationships should always be taken by a man.

But due to fears of rejection, self-doubt, falling in love and embarrassment, many men simply “pass” in those situations where the girl’s interest is actually present. But at the same time, none of the fair sex will vehemently express interest. You can learn about her sympathy and attitude towards a man by verbal, non-verbal signs, which will be discussed later.

Learning body language

The main indicators that a girl liked you are her manner of speaking, behavior, as well as non-verbal signs and manifestations. It is enough just to take a closer look at her behavior, listen to the conversations and subtext, look into her eyes, at her body position, to understand for yourself the presence of sympathy or antipathy. Thanks to such knowledge, a man will always be ready for action.


It is no secret to anyone that the mirror of the soul of any person is the eyes. Therefore, when talking and contacting a girl, a man needs to peer into her eyes, and even if you don’t communicate, you can understand a lot from your eyes.

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Sympathy is manifested as follows:

  • a woman maintains long-term eye contact without looking away (normally this contact lasts 3 seconds, with sympathy — 5-6 seconds);
  • a glance rushes from under the eyelashes;
  • when a girl looks into her eyes, you can see dilated pupils;
  • surrounded by other people, she will pay most of her attention to the man with her eyes.

If a woman and a man look into each other’s eyes for about half a minute or more, scientists have found that this is either a consequence of sexual desire, or a desire to kill.


The main tool regarding how to understand that a woman likes you, according to most psychologists, is her hair. Almost all women give out sympathy and sexual attraction to the opposite sex, playing with their curls. These are:

  • sorting hair with fingers;
  • winding a curl on a finger;
  • throwing hair from one side to the other to demonstrate the line of the neck;
  • excessively frequent correction of hairstyles;
  • shaking hair to get attention.

Photo 3

It is no secret that any woman perceives her hair as the best indicator of her beauty, therefore, when communicating with a man of interest to her, she will demonstrate her hairstyle in every possible way. In practice, this is the most working and frequently used flirting technique.

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If a girl communicates openly, but she hides her sympathy and interest with fake indifference and calmness, a man can declassify her true motives by her lips. Often, even unconsciously, girls give non-verbal signals thanks to their lips, namely:

  • light biting of the lower lip;
  • frequent manifestation of a smile to a man;
  • lip licking.

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Thanks to such uncomplicated manipulations, a woman draws attention to her lips, which means that she is already ready to accept active steps and courtship from a man in her direction. To achieve this, sometimes you don’t even need to talk, just bite a little and lick your lip.

Body position

Another technique for understanding that a modest girl likes you is to understand her body language. First, interest in a man is manifested by the position of the body turned towards the man. Even the most casual and uncomplicated conversation can hide a different context, which can be read by the following signs:

  • during the whole conversation, the girl looks purely at the man;
  • the woman’s body is turned in his direction;
  • the toes of the legs are turned towards the opponent;
  • at a convenient moment, she will approach the man.

The subconscious never hides its motives, especially in the manifestations and movements of the body. A girl can unconsciously touch the body of a man, the girl will take the most attractive and advantageous position, show her legs, and also gesticulate excessively to attract as much attention as possible.

How to understand the behavior of a girl?

Another important detail in the question of how to find out that a woman likes you concerns her behavior during a conversation. Regardless of whether she hides her sympathy or wants to subtly hint about her, all motives can be understood from her behavior.

Photo 6

You need to pay attention to 3 more signs:

  1. Touch. The best way to demonstrate desire and passion is through physical contact. It can be quick, and barely perceptible touches, tweaks, attempts, as if accidentally, to collide with a man. Touching is an integral part of flirting, except that such a technique is unacceptable with an unfamiliar girl. The following manifestations are worth paying attention to:
  • during the greeting, she puts her hand on the shoulder of the guy;
  • during a conversation, she can brush off dust particles from her shoulders;
  • during a trip on public transport, she can lean on a man;
  • during a conversation, he can squeeze a man’s hand.
  1. To attract attention. Surrounded by other people, the girl will look with her eyes for the object of her desire. Even in a conversation with other people, she will periodically look at a man, give him a smile. Her conversation can be somewhat louder than usual, and her laughter is louder and more emotional, all this is necessary to draw attention to her person.

For reference! In order to win over a man with obvious sympathy, a girl will much more often turn to the object of her passion by name. Psychologists say that for each person, their own name is the best melody for hearing. This technique is used by many who know this fact.

Learning Communication

Communication is the most informative way to gain new knowledge. If a man is concerned about whether a certain girl likes him, it is enough just to pay attention to a few typical signs during communication. Namely:

  • Mindfulness — with sympathy, the girl will carefully listen to everything that the man says, keep up the conversation, but will not interrupt or argue.
  • She likes a man’s jokes — if a man wants to conquer a girl, he will first try to cheer her up. If a girl laughs at every joke, even if it was somewhat ridiculous, then she is showing interest in a man.
  • She will discuss the man with her friends — if a girl has intentions towards a man, she will discuss with her close friends their opinion about him, whether they are suitable for each other and whether there is mutual sympathy between them.
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Thanks to these three indicators, you can once again make sure that the girl shows a lively and undisguised interest in her opponent. Often, the same signs determine the reciprocal passion and affection for a man for her.

Interest in a guy on social networks

Even if a woman is older than you, psychologists say that her experience and wisdom will not hide non-verbal manifestations of sympathy. Communication in social networks makes it much more difficult to understand these moments, but still, according to some signs, you can understand the sympathy of a girl:

  • she monitors the page on the Internet and the posts on it;
  • likes photo and notes;
  • reads public and blogs, like a man;
  • posts news and notes on the page that demonstrate the similarity of interests with a man;
  • rewrites in messages, asks for help, seeks communication in every possible way;
  • comments on posts, jokes, flirts.

Photo 8

In any discussions and debates, she will always take the side of a man, even if her opinion may differ somewhat from his point of view. After getting to know the object of sympathy, she can post her photos more often in the best angles to demonstrate her virtues.

Image changes

Even if a man does not communicate with a woman for any reason or circumstance, she can in every possible way show a keen interest in him. Another pronounced indicator of love is a change in image, external transformations. Many girls tend to devote more time to make-up, hairstyle, selection of outfits, if she wants to win the heart of a man.

Important! Perfume is another tool in the hands of a girl to attract a man to her. At a meeting, it will be pleasant and much stronger to smell from her with an attractive aroma that demonstrates her inner charm and charm.

During sympathy, she becomes more self-confident, this can be seen even in her posture. When meeting a man, she will demonstrate her beauty to him in every possible way, using cutouts in clothes, the right length of a skirt, heels, jewelry. Many are characterized by cardinal changes in the image, for example, a change in hair color or length, the use of bright cosmetics.

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Decipher hints correctly

The psychology of relationships names 7 signs and peculiar hints, thanks to which a woman “gives the green light” to a man for active actions in her direction. Namely:

  • Hand play with jewelry, a glass in hand, with a phone and other objects.
  • A slight smile at every eye contact.
  • Slight exposure of some parts of the body, such as the knees of the legs or shoulders.
  • Sexy gait and swaying hips with a man.
  • Flirting with another guy in the presence of an object of desire to assess his reactions.
  • Loud conversation and ringing laughter to attract attention.
  • Approximation is physical, depending on the circumstances.

Photo 10

Thanks to such transparent and sometimes even “flashy” hints, a woman tries in every possible way to achieve a man, but in such a cunning way that, as a result, he himself takes the first steps towards her. Psychologists call this female cunning and wisdom, flirting and coquetry.

Candid Dialogue

If there is sympathy, a woman will always be open in communication and not clamped, so a man can easily lead her to a frank conversation. You can first ask a few questions of a personal nature, but if she gets offended and leaves the answer, respectively, the man is indifferent to her. If she is ready to share frank thoughts and feelings, from one personal topic to another, we can consider her to have conquered the peak.

Photo 11

At the same time, experts advise not to confuse a woman’s openness with a desire to arouse pity, since modern society is full of hypocrites and insincere self-serving people. If the girl is constrained and modest in her temperament and character, this technique may be inappropriate. It may take her much longer to trust and loosen up.


Leading psychologists and specialists in interpersonal relationships are ready to share how to understand that a woman likes you. You can understand the girl’s disposition towards a man by her conversation, intonation, questions, body position, gestures and non-verbal signs. Communication can be live or virtual, it is not so relevant, even through social networks girls manage to show their genuine interest.

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