How to stop being jealous of a girl: get rid of a bad habit

There is no such relationship between a man and a woman in which jealousy is not present. But it is one thing when this feeling does not develop into paranoia, another thing is when it provokes quarrels, scandals and restrictions on freedom. Anyone can cross the fine line from norm to pathology, so psychologists give some advice on how to stop a girl from being jealous and save a relationship.

According to statistics, it is men who are more likely to experience this feeling of jealousy due to competition with other men and the external attractiveness of the chosen one. Sometimes, thanks to jealousy, couples increase passion and ardor in a relationship, and girls contrive to artificially cause unrest for a man. In fact, jealousy tends to develop into paranoia, which entails a number of negative consequences.

Why are men jealous of women?

Jealousy for some men is a way to increase the tone in a relationship, unless the feeling clouds the brain. The causes of jealousy predetermine the line between the norm and pathology, namely:

  1. By virtue of their polygamy, men believe that women are prone to adultery exactly to the same extent as she herself. Statistics show that this is far from true.
  2. All people tend to compare themselves with others, and if this property is supported by self-doubt, such a man will constantly be jealous of his girlfriend for more successful and attractive competitors.
  3. Due to dissatisfaction with himself and his life, a man can assert himself against the background of his girlfriend. Jealousy can be caused by selfishness, competitive spirit, demonstration of one’s power and dominance over the girl.
  4. Fantasy and imagination in men work no worse than in women. Therefore, against the background of insecurity in himself and his partner, he will see betrayal in any lateness from work or talking on the phone.
  5. The fear of losing a girl and being alone also often gives rise to other fears, including jealousy.
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In fact, all these reasons are amenable to adjustment, psychologists insist that men cope with them on their own. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid negative consequences; eventually, groundless jealousy will lead to a break in relations.

Why is jealousy dangerous for your relationship?

As many psychologists say, jealousy is the result of an exaggerated sense of ownership and selfishness of people. If you do not get rid of him and the accompanying negative qualities of character, a man runs the risk of not building a strong and long relationship with any woman.

The motivation for dealing with jealousy will be the consequences that it hides under itself, namely:

  • eventually, the girl will get tired of relationships with undeserved suspicions and reproaches, total control and lack of freedom;
  • jealousy leads to a loss of respect on both sides, and the girl will consider her partner to be an insecure and unbalanced person, prone to tyranny;
  • in due time, suspicions of treason will push her to this action, and this already entails a complete break in relations;
  • scandals because of jealousy in the presence of children forms complexes and a similar model of behavior in their fragile psyche.

In any relationship, the key to the happiness of both partners is their freedom and personal space. Jealousy does not allow a man to trust his girlfriend, distorting her image in his eyes.

Jealous people tend to limit their woman’s freedom so much that they begin to follow her phone, social network, places she goes, and even her friends. Further, in the relationship, reproaches, undeserved accusations and scandals will increasingly sound. Eventually, the girl will get tired of being considered not who she really is, having decided to leave.

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How to stop being jealous of a girl for everyone?

Understanding how serious the damage caused by unfounded claims is, a man must find the best methods for himself on how to stop being jealous of a girl for everyone. Psychotherapists have even separately developed options, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate the causes of male jealousy, and hence the feeling itself. The list of the most effective methods includes the following options:

  • self development — the perfect solution to increase self-esteem, as well as a great way to increase self-respect according to a girl;
  • improving physical fitness — nothing improves the psycho-emotional background of a man and his attitude to life like an increase in his body condition, so it’s worth reconsidering nutrition, visiting the gym;
  • new hobbies — only a woman should not be a source of pleasure, as this leads to obsession with her, in connection with which a man needs new hobbies, be it sports, tourism, yoga, foreign languages ​​and much more;
  • diversity in relationships — to be confident in the feelings of a girl, a man needs to constantly come up with ways to please her, whether it be dates, surprises, compliments, and more;
  • good sex — another source of positive emotions, strong feelings and passion in a couple.

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Following such simple rules, a man can be sure that a girl will even mentally think about someone else. Only by developing yourself and strengthening your relationship can you be firmly convinced that a girl will never cheat on her partner.

How to stop being jealous of an ex-girlfriend?

There are situations when the relationship has already broken up, and the feelings for the ex-girlfriend do not go away, supplemented by devouring jealousy. In this case, it is much more difficult for a man, since there are no longer prospects for a relationship, as well as the possibility of controlling the girl, and feelings and jealousy for her haunt her. Psychologists give some valuable instructions on how to forget an ex-girlfriend, namely:

  • you need to abandon the past, as it slows down the offensive and shortens the future of a man;
  • in thoughts about an ex-girlfriend, you need to think about the fact that a man was lucky enough to spend her beautiful youth with her, while another man will get her older and more cynical;
  • you need to clearly follow the principle “if it’s not out of your heart, then it’s definitely out of your eyes”, you can’t follow her social networks, write SMS, store her things and joint photos;
  • you can survive jealousy if you understand that she does many things with just such a goal to bring the former young man to emotions.
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The fact cited by psychologists that her new young man will definitely be jealous of an ex-boyfriend for some time helps to cope with jealousy for an ex-girlfriend. Yes, yes, this is precisely what usually happens, especially if the girl started a new romance too quickly, not allowing her old feelings to cool down.


Jealousy is both a good and a bad feeling that can both inflame passion and attraction between partners and destroy trust and understanding between them. If jealousy does not go beyond the norm, psychologists do not consider it necessary to deal with this feeling. When a man begins to be pathologically jealous of his chosen one for all men, eventually, this will lead to a break in relations. In this regard, it is worth practicing with the advice of psychologists on how to get rid of jealousy.

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