How to seduce a girl into sex: step by step instructions

The intimate component in a relationship can start quickly, literally from the first date, or it can start after weeks or even a month. As the pickup masters say, there are no unavailable or accessible girls, there are different men. This means that the question of how to breed a girl for sex is more relevant among the male population than ever. Not every girl is ready for quick contact, but a man can convince and arrange her.

Important aspects in the speed of the transition from courtship to intimate relationships are the degree of trust in the relationship, the model of the man’s behavior, the format of the relationship in principle. Girls are very fickle personalities, which means that if you try, you can convince them. Pickup trucks offer some actionable tips on how to seduce a girl into sex.

Preparing for seduction

In order to seduce a girl that a man likes, he needs to start with the process of preparing and squeezing the maximum out of his attractiveness. You can increase the degree of your attractiveness for a girl in the following ways:

  1. Improvement in appearance. Here you need to analyze the general picture of a man’s appearance, evaluate the style of clothing, the neatness and neatness of a man. Women look at haircuts, facial hair, choice of clothes, cleanliness of shoes, personal hygiene by a man, his smell and aroma.
  2. Conversations. As practice shows, women are excited by the brain in a man. Therefore, he needs to demonstrate his versatility and education, leading conversations on all sorts of topics. During the conversation, you need to compliment the girl, be eloquent and be able to listen to her.
  3. Tactile contact. Any girl pays attention to the fact how much a man strives to get closer to her. You can show your interest and sympathy with the help of tactile, but unobtrusive contact. You can give a hand, hug the girl, straighten the curls in her hair, or periodically touch her hand in her hand during a sincere conversation.
  4. Situation. Half of the success depends on the place of the meeting and the arrangement of the date. The girl will love a romantic, secluded environment, dim lights, quiet music, etc.
  5. The initiative of a man. Many guys, fearing to scare off the girl with their pressure, miss the right moment. Pickup experts advise you to use any good moments to get closer to the girl. This should be done beautifully and not vulgar, but as if under the influence of feelings and passion.

Alcohol to help

A great tool that helps you find ways to seduce a girl into sex is a little alcohol. It is known that a couple of glasses of intoxicating drinks relieves tension, stiffness and embarrassment from girls, and also allows them to become more frivolous. Alcohol is present in the atmosphere of a romantic date, the main thing is that it should be in moderation.

If you overdo it with strong drinks, a girl can easily agree to intimacy, but as a result, the situation may not turn out to be in favor of a man. She will simply consider him for a dastardly person who took advantage of her unstable and defenseless state. And as practice shows, intimate relationships under the influence of alcohol lose the degree of sensuality and pleasure.

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First Date Seduction Techniques

Will drag the girl into bed on the first date, it would seem, only a pickup truck master and experienced ladies’ men can do this. In modern society, such a situation will not shock anyone if there is sympathy and passion between young people, and a man skillfully seduces his chosen one. Pickup masters name several steps to seducing a girl after the first romantic:

  1. Self-confidence challenge. During the meeting, a man needs to show through communication his adequacy, a sense of humor, intelligence and good personal qualities. And also it is worth asking about the girl’s life, listening carefully to the story.
  2. Excitation. During the conversation, when both partners have already become open and the embarrassment is gone, you need to increase arousal with tactile contact. You can touch her hand, straighten her hair, touch her shoulder, hold her by the waist, etc. If the girl does not move away from the man, you can move on to hugs, a kiss.
  3. An invitation to go home. You can offer to continue the date in a comfortable environment, at home, for example. But there must be a reason for this, for example, a man has a luxurious wine, an interesting movie or a playlist of amazing music.
  4. Correct behavior at home. First, the girl needs to be given time to look around and get used to. Next, you can offer the girl a drink while continuing to maintain tactile contact. If she is not aroused enough, you can offer her a relaxing massage or invite her to lie down on the bed.
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In such a case, a man needs to prepare in advance, to put things in order at home, stock up on good alcoholic drinks and snacks, as well as contraceptives. In the process of seduction, it is important to be proactive, but in moderation so that everything looks as natural as possible, and not like fulfilling a plan to induce a girl to have a one-time sex.

How to excite a girl?

To drag a girl into bed, you need to win over her, arouse interest and trust, and then arouse her step by step. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • start with small touches, for example, take a hand, hug, smooth hair, etc.;
  • whisper something pleasant in her ear, exciting at the same time with your languid voice and breath;
  • stroking her cheek with the back of your hand while maintaining eye contact;
  • touch the back of her head, then lightly massage her neck with your fingers;
  • holding her hand in your hand, you can kiss the inside of the wrist, as this is an erogenous zone;
  • play with her hair, running a hand through her hair and curling it, stroking it;
  • touch her leg, placing a hand on her thigh or knee, but lightly, making stroking movements;
  • go to a kiss, holding it with your hands behind the head, back of the head, neck, then moving on to the waist;
  • touch other places with your hands, watching for the girl’s reaction;
  • say that a man wants her;
  • focus on other erogenous zones, gradually descending from one point to a more sensitive other.
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It is in this sequence that you can gradually, without pressure and some vulgarity, bring the girl to maximum excitement. You need to spend at least 15-20 minutes on everything, this is exactly how long the foreplay should last so that the woman is sufficiently prepared for sex.

What is not worth doing?

If the girl says no, the man is better off stopping and apologizing if he was incorrect about her. You can also ask the girl what the man is doing wrong so as not to make such mistakes in the future. In the case when the girl has gone too far with alcohol, it is better to abandon attempts to drag her into bed, otherwise it will look like sexual violence.

To seduce a girl into sex, a man first needs to work on himself, bringing his appearance, behavior and character to the standard of male beauty. Next, you need to attract the girl’s attention as much as possible, invite her on a date. At a meeting, you need to show yourself in the best light, show interest in the girl, create an appropriate environment, and establish tactile contact. If you proceed in stages, as described above, you can even get consent to sex after the first date.

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