How to quickly excite a girl at home: what a man needs to know

The intimate side of a relationship is just as important as the feelings between young people. But there are times when passion subsides, and the girl increasingly shy away from intimacy. Experts say that the most common reason for this behavior is insufficient sexual arousal. In this regard, the question of how to excite a girl quickly is relevant among the entire male half of society.

In fact, the process of arousing a woman is complex and multifaceted when compared with male arousal. You can get a girlfriend not only with tactile contact, foreplay, but even with the right words and conversations. Experts are ready to name the most effective variants of foreplay, as well as all the erogenous points on a woman’s body, which will quickly lead her into «combat» activity.

The nature of the girl and her excitability

Few people know that sexual arousal also has different symptoms and characteristics, like many processes in the human body. To bring a girl into an active sexual state, a man needs to position her morally and physically. A man just needs to correctly place emphasis on the preferences of the girl herself, as well as her erogenous zones.

By their nature and processes in the body, all women are different, which means that the process of arousal is different for everyone. One girl can get turned on by a passionate kiss, another will only need a couple of obscene words, the third will like a relaxing massage. Experts say that only in a relationship where a man knows the nature of his woman’s body and her preferences, excitement comes as quickly as possible.

For reference! According to the physiology and anatomy of the female body, on average, a woman needs about 15 minutes of passive and active caresses for sexual arousal.

If men love with their eyes and at the sight of a spectacular girl they can already be instantly turned on, then with women everything is much more complicated. She is attracted to a man with a strong dominant image who uses compliments and words of admiration, uses tactile contact, is in her zone of trust and always finds time to speak with her. Male excitement is controlled by instincts, female — by psychology.

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What you can use

To easily excite a girl at home, a man just needs to study her character, psychology, preferences, that is, you just have to know her well. At the same time, specialists will help in finding erogenous zones and the best ways of sexual stimulation. To excite a woman, it is enough to go through several stages of sexual caresses — kisses, tactile contact, gentle words and caresses.


The most important and familiar way of conveying feelings, affection and tenderness is kissing in a couple. If young people are in a relationship for a long time, they can master several kissing techniques at once to diversify their intimate life. You can quickly excite a woman with kisses as follows:

  • caresses with the lips of a man or the lips of a woman;
  • a tongue-piercing kiss that caresses the woman’s tongue and palate;
  • gradual touching of the lips with the lips with a gradual penetration of the tongue.

According to physiology, without a kiss, it will not be possible to quickly excite a girl, although many men underestimate the importance of this stage of foreplay. Accordingly, a kiss is the main generator of the beginning of intimate contact, which can continue even during the entire sexual intercourse, warming up the passion and sensations of partners. If a girl refuses a kiss, the reason for this may be bad breath, poor oral hygiene, or low sensitivity to this type of caress.

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You can relax physiologically, and morally, a girl thanks to tactile contact. To begin with, you can put her to bed, accompanying the process with gentle touches on her body. Further, touches can be of the following format:

  • you can touch the girl’s body with your fingers and at the same time with your tongue;
  • you can decide on bold experiments in touch to kindle passion in her;
  • thanks to skillful use of hands, you can bring the girl to a moment close to orgasm;
  • you can touch the girl from top to bottom, increasing the degree of liberation.

After touching, you can gradually move on to sexual games and direct sexual intercourse. Tactile sensations are the most favorite pastime of girls due to their increased sensitivity, a man can use his hands with his tongue, do an erotic or just relaxing massage, using erogenous points on the body in the process. The main thing is that the touches should be gentle, not causing pain and discomfort.

Caresses and words

Sexual arousal in a woman occurs not only physiologically, but also in her brain. Therefore, it is possible to strengthen feelings and strengthen sensations thanks to words. In general, experts advise starting intimate contact with the right words. Pleasing a woman’s ear, you can awaken her instincts, sharpen her sensations, awaken desire and liberate her.

The words should be before the foreplay stage, during this, some women like it when a man talks to her in a certain format even during intercourse. Words can be of several options — affectionate and tender words of love, compliments and words of admiration, vulgar and familiar words playfully, obscene proposals, as well as recognition of one’s irresistible desire for her.

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Erogenous zones

On the body of each person there are a number of erogenous points, the stimulation of which leads to sexual arousal, relaxation of the body, awakening of passion and animal instincts. Each woman has the most active and less effective points, which can only be tracked through trial and error by stimulating them and studying the woman’s reaction to the partner’s actions.

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You can excite a girl by influencing erogenous zones according to the following algorithm:

  • touch with fingers and tongue;
  • rapid transition of exposure from one area of ​​the body to another.

Experts note that every woman has several types of erogenous points — weak, medium and strong. You can start caressing from the weakest places, so that as stimulation builds up, sexual arousal increases. If you move in the wrong direction, this can lead to over excitation and a quick loss of a girl’s interest in sexual intercourse.

Erogenous areas of weak sensitivity

The very first in the process of sexual games between partners, the calmest erogenous points are usually used. They rarely incline a girl to intimacy, but bring her pleasant sensations and relaxation.

The following areas fall into this category:

  • neck;
  • hair;
  • arms;
  • eyes;
  • ears.

You can start by touching the head, twisting the hair or combing it, touching the top of the head or the back of the head. An effective head massage will speed up blood flow, increase natural impulses in the body, and also turn off distracting thoughts in the head. Then you can move on to the décolleté and neck area, using the lips and tongue. Kisses can spread not only along the neck, but also go to the collarbone and shoulders.

Another area that is sensitive to kissing is the fingers and hands of a woman. Do not forget about the ears, in the process of kissing you can whisper pleasant words, compliments and even obscene sentences to excite the woman’s brain. She will experience indescribable sensations if, thanks to her lips and tongue, caress her earlobes, lick her auricles.

Places of medium sensitivity

After the man has “worked out” the places of average sensitivity, you can move on to more serious stimulation. Tender points of moderate sensitivity include:

  • chest;
  • thighs and buttocks;
  • back;
  • lips.

As practice shows, the chest reacts appropriately to any touch, the main thing is not to overdo it with the impact. If a man touches the mammary glands during ovulation, the result will be much stronger. There are girls with a high degree of excitability who can give an orgasm from touching the breasts, areolas and nipples.

Also, in bed with a girl, a man can do a relaxing massage of the buttocks, back, waist, starting with stroking with his hands, ending with touching his lips and tongue. The greatest attention can be paid to the area called «cat’s place», that is, the place between the shoulder blades of the back. Kisses and touches here will cause tremendous pleasant sensations for the girl.

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Thanks to massage and tactile effects on these areas, blood flow in the body is accelerated, which means that blood will arrive faster to the pelvic organs. All this causes natural physiological arousal, which is called “butterflies in the stomach” by women. It is possible to enhance the effectiveness of such stimulation of erogenous zones of an average degree of sensitivity with kisses and acupressure of the tongue along the contour of the girl’s lips.

Final stage

Now, after a comprehensive and effective foreplay, when a woman is literally ready for sexual intercourse, a man can safely move on to stimulating the most active erogenous zones — the inner thighs, as well as the perineum. You need to caress first along the line of the legs, using hands and lips, gradually moving towards the most important place — the woman’s genitals.

In general, the perineum is divided into several zones:

  • clitoris;
  • the entire area from the lower wall of the vagina to the anus;
  • labia;
  • vaginal vestibule.

The most sensitive area is the clitoris, stimulation of which can speed up the process of orgasm. You can also enhance the sensation of contact by acting on the entire area from the lower wall of the vagina to the anus, adding spice to the relationship. The largest number of nerve endings is observed in the vestibule of the vagina and labia minor. You can stimulate these zones throughout the entire sexual intercourse to enhance the sensations during orgasm.

Important nuances to consider

To quickly excite a girl, a man always has three types of weapons in his arsenal — non-verbal signs, voice and touch. Particular attention should be paid to the voice, having worked in advance. To achieve this, you need to add velvety voice and caressing, playful intonations. It is also worth improving body language, following an even posture, external self-confidence, relaxed and smooth movements.

Pickup masters advise using the “sticky look” technique, that is, do not take your eyes off the girl and smile, giving eye contact a certain mystery. A romantic setting, compliments and a manifestation of admiration for a partner can dispose to intimacy. You should never rush things, as this may look like psychological pressure, accompanied by a withdrawal.


If a man can be aroused by a frank and sexy appearance alone, then it will take time and various tricks to arouse a woman. You can win over a girl with a frank conversation, compliments, admiration for her beauty. Next, tactile contact is important, namely touches, kisses and hugs. To excite and adjust to sexual intercourse will help the impact on the erogenous points of her body.

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