How to meet a girl on the street or in a public place?

Acquaintance with a girl for most guys is always an exciting and responsible task. Even the most self-confident man, who maintains external calmness, will feel embarrassment and fear of rejection inside. If a man learned in advance from the practical advice of psychologists and masters of seduction how to meet a girl on the street, the outcome of the situation will be positive.

Due to the great popularity of the Internet and social networks, today’s young people have lost the important skills of meeting and communicating live on the street. In these circumstances, there is no context, only external influences, as well as complete improvisation. But to alleviate the plight of the male population, experts offer simple but effective tips on how to approach a girl on the street and make acquaintance with the prospect of continuing.

Take care of your appearance

Not knowing for sure how to meet a girl on the street, if you are afraid of being rejected, a man needs to work on his external data. And to attract attention, he does not have to be handsome with a perfect figure and facial features. For women, several parameters of male attractiveness are much more important, namely:

  1. Cleanliness — clothes, shoes should be clean, ironed, it is also important to cut your nails on time, take care of facial hair, and adjust your haircut.
  2. Apparel — clothes should be harmoniously combined in style and colors, and most importantly, be the right size to emphasize the pluses of the male figure.
  3. Style — girls have always appreciated and appreciate in men a sense of taste and awareness of fashion trends, so you can choose images by following the advice of a stylist or fashion men’s magazines.
  4. Fragrance — a man should always smell delicious, so it is critical not to skimp on perfume purchases.
  5. Posture — girls always choose self-confident men, so a straight back will only emphasize these qualities in character.

Experts also advise men to follow the rules of hygiene, brush their teeth to have fresh breath, use cosmetics for skin care, and maintain external neatness and tidiness. First, women, as a rule, pay attention to men’s shoes.

How to approach a girl on the street

To properly get to know a girl, to create a good impression of himself, a man needs to consider some valuable advice from psychologists on how to approach a girl on the street. Namely:

  • You have to approach from the front, but in no case should you jump out from behind, from around the corner, so as not to frighten the girl with your outrageous exit.
  • If a girl is sitting in a park on a bench or in a café at a table, you need to take the same body position to be on a par with her. Do not hang over her, look from the bottom up, causing a feeling of discomfort and embarrassment.
  • If shortly before this, a man exchanged a smile and glances with a lady he liked, it is important not to be shy, delaying time. In such a situation, a man needs to approach and immediately begin an acquaintance, so as not to seem in her eyes an insecure guy.
  • If a girl walks ahead of a man, you do not need to make an acquaintance, tambourine behind her back. On the contrary, you have to overtake her, turn face to face and say the first phrase to establish contact.
  • During dating, it is better to avoid excessive gestures, increased tone of voice, sudden movements, so as not to frighten the girl away with excessive expressiveness.
  • At the first conversation, a smile is required, which will show the good and sincere intentions of the man. The main thing is that the smile should not be nervous and ingratiating.
  • If a man walks along with a girl along the street or, for example, in a shopping center, to get acquainted and have a competent dialogue, you need to turn around in her about a quarter of a turn, without blocking the path, so that in case of refusal, she has «retreat routes».

Where to start: the first phrases?

To conquer a girl immediately upon meeting, a man needs to choose the first phrases for himself that could attract her attention, as well as form a good impression about him. The first phrases can be a real shot in her heart, or they can be banal and predictable.

Psychologists offer 3 important tips about the choice of such words, namely:

  • compliment — girls love with their ears, so you can touch her heart by praising her appearance, figure, etc.;
  • relevant phrase — the first words should correspond to reality and circumstances, you can talk about the weather or the beauty of the park, the atmosphere in the café, etc.;
  • avoiding one word questions — in order for the first phrase to flexibly turn into an interesting conversation, a man needs to refuse questions that can be answered with one word «yes» or «no».

To show wit, humor and originality, the first phrase can be in the following format:

  • «Dear girl, you have so overshadowed my mind with your charm that if you do not give me your phone number, I will take hostages and exchange them for your numbers.»
  • «Let me ask you, what kind of movies do you like to watch? Let me invite you to the cinema to watch them.»
  • «Girl, please lend me a pen, I want to write down the phone number of a beauty. Dictate the numbers.»
  • «Do you know what time it is? How much spare time do you have to get to know me?»
  • «Girl, what are you doing tonight, what are you doing for the rest of your life? I can offer interesting options.»
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The main thing is that a sense of humor and wit should not border on arrogance, bad manners, vulgarity or even rudeness. In any case, as in the selection of the first phrases for dating, you need to be delicate and tactful.

What to talk to her about?

If a man decided to approach the girl he likes, made an acquaintance with a successful first phrase, now you need to. The first conversation will help young people create a good first impression of themselves and show their intelligence and versatility. Psychologists call the top list of universal themes that are ideal for the first meeting with a girl, for example:

  • cinema — you can discuss preferences in the cinema or new items, subsequently inviting her to a session at the cinema;
  • music — you can talk about preferences in this area, finding common ground;
  • Travel — a man can find out dreams where a girl would like to visit, and possibly fulfill them in the future;
  • books — if both interlocutors are erudite and read books, one or another work can be discussed;
  • hobby — questions about hobbies will help to understand the character and mindset of the girl;
  • goals and plans for the future — what if they coincide, this will be a good sign for young people;
  • philosophy and art — if a girl is interested in these areas, you can give her the opportunity to demonstrate her knowledge;
  • work or study — tell many interesting things about young people;
  • food – you can discuss your favorite dishes and taste preferences;
  • family — you can find out about the girl’s family, as well as how she sees her own family in the future.

Important! During the conversation, the man needs to immediately indicate the purpose of the acquaintance and why he approached this particular girl. This will be the reason for trust in the young man and the motive for communicating with him.

According to statistics, the most frequent topic in the first conversation between young people is the weather. The main thing is that the topics should be universal, in which both the man and his interlocutor understand. Much in the choice of tactics of behavior with a girl at the first meeting depends on the circumstances. For example, when thinking about how to meet a girl in a pharmacy, a man needs to be clear and quick, since it would be inappropriate to have long conversations here.

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How to end an acquaintance?

You have to end your acquaintance with a girl on the street, in a park or a café with the reason for which the man started it all theoretically. You have to ask if the man has a chance to meet again, if the girl gives him her phone number. If she doubts and is not yet ready to share personal data, do not give up and lose heart.

A man needs to ask how she can be found on social networks, most likely, she will be ready to provide such information. Embarrassment is inappropriate, the girl has to be told directly about the plans and desires to see her again. You should not beg for the possibility of a meeting, you have to offer its options. At the same time, the offer will be so interesting that she cannot refuse. Clarity, self-confidence and a clear understanding of their desires will not go unnoticed by the girl.

Practical advice

To increase the chances of a successful acquaintance with a girl and the prospect of a relationship with her, psychologists add some more important practical tips about this.

These are:

  • if a girl refuses to give her address or phone number, for the first time you can limit yourself to her nickname on a social network;
  • if the girl refuses to meet, you can show your determination by saying that the man will wait three days with a bouquet of flowers at this meeting place with her.

When communicating with a girl, you need to be consistent, self-confident, maintain eye contact, show gallantry and courtesy.


If you follow all the recommendations of experts, you can see in practice that making an acquaintance with a girl on the street is actually as easy as shelling pears. Girls love with their ears, and also want to get maximum attention from the opposite sex. Therefore, a well-groomed and neat man who will give her compliments, show interest in her and her life, will be rewarded with a mutual reaction.

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