How to meet a beautiful girl: increase the chance of success

The question of how to meet a beautiful girl to make a good impression on her worries many modern men. Difficulties in communication began to progress because young people more often prefer communication in networks, losing communication skills. Psychologists offer various tricks and tactics of behavior so that a man can easily make new acquaintances with the beautiful half of society.

For starters, the reasons that make it difficult to get to know the opposite sex are important. Only by identifying these factors, a man will find ways and means to solve the problem. After that, psychologists advise thinking through each step in advance, plan ways of dating and phrases to be on horseback in any situation. Only knowing what girls love, what factors they pay attention to, you can cope with embarrassment and fears when meeting.

Why is it so difficult to meet a girl now?

Such a simple task as just getting to know a girl and chatting with her is simply beyond the power of some guys. Psychologists have analyzed today’s young people, coming to the conclusion that the following factors may be the reasons for such difficulties:

  1. Fear of a girl — dependence on the assessment of others and the fear of being rejected do not allow a man to take the first step.
  2. Wrong Beliefs — many men believe that women like handsome, pumped up and successful guys with great financial opportunities, not considering themselves as such.
  3. Not knowing how to behave and what to say — theory alone is not enough to get to know a girl the first time and build relationships with her, in such matters practice and learning from your own mistakes are important.
  4. Complexes — many men underestimate themselves and even underestimate self-esteem, seeing the problem in excess weight, lack of promising work, unsightly appearance, etc.
  5. Bad experiences in the past — almost every man in his youth had failures on the love front. Many are afraid of a repetition of the situation, knowingly choosing the wrong women.

Psychologists advise all men who do not have the skills to seduce the opposite sex in practice to gain knowledge. To achieve this, you need to surround yourself with girls at work, study, in the company of friends, communicate with them to understand their psychology and preferences. This will help in the future to find points of influence in the girl that the man will consider for building a relationship.

How to meet a girl the right way: tips that work

To properly meet girls for a serious relationship, a man needs to remember 5 tips from pickup masters. But first, a man has to understand and accept the fact that the initiative will lie solely with him. So, masters of seduction name 5 rules that work towards the correct acquaintance with a girl:

  1. Eye contact — in the process of getting to know a girl, you need to look directly into her eyes, taking them away from time to time so as not to drill with your eyes.
  2. Showing Interest — the purpose of dating is not to dump all the information from your life on the girl, but to find out more about her, so you have to ask questions, give compliments.
  3. Her signals — any girl during an acquaintance gives certain signals, for example, if she liked a guy, she will smile and reduce the distance between herself and him, if not, she will fence herself off from him with non-verbal gestures.
  4. Calmness — even if a man is terribly worried, outwardly he should not show this, maintaining equanimity and balance.
  5. Flirtation — girls love attention to their own person, especially if it is expressed in the form of flirting, the main thing is that it should not be vulgar and vulgar.
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No need to be original and turn an acquaintance with a girl into a whole theatrical performance. Without knowing the girl, her tastes and preferences, you have to conquer her with your adequacy, self-confidence, politeness and manifestation of sympathy.

How to meet a girl in an original way?

For those who want to conquer a girl from the first minute with their creativity and innovative thinking, psychologists advise looking at several options on how to get to know a girl in an original way. For example:

  1. Drop a banknote near the girl in the hope that she will notice and speak to the man.
  2. Ask a girl for the street or even what kind of city it is, pretending to be a lost person. At first, it will cause bewilderment, then laughter and interest.
  3. Slightly kick off shoes, then ask the girl to help with her support. At this time, you need to straighten your shoes as naturally as possible, holding the girl’s hand, and then say that only a true friend and kind person can help.
  4. Ask her to hold the briefcase ostensibly to tie her shoelaces, which would evoke a note of confidence in her, as she had already held the man’s personal item in her hands.
  5. Cover her with an umbrella if it started to rain suddenly outside, and she doesn’t have her umbrella at hand. Showing concern will make the girl feel grateful.

If all the ways to get to know a girl and make an indelible impression on her have gone out of their heads, a man can simply give a rose to a stranger. Such an act is the most effective, since all girls love flowers, especially for no reason.

How to meet a girl on the phone?

Another topical issue among modern men is how to meet a girl on the phone? As a rule, the task of meeting a beautiful girl on the phone is necessary for those men who, due to employment, do not have the opportunity to communicate live. The instruction from psychologists in this regard consists of several points:

  • The phone number can be obtained through mutual friends or on the Internet on a page on a social network.
  • To quickly get to know each other, a man does not need to conduct a long dialogue, it will be enough to intrigue the girl and invite her to a meeting.
  • The girl needs to explain where the man got her phone number from, and also name the purpose of the acquaintance.
  • During the conversation, a man should speak in a pleasant and calm timbre according to the rules of etiquette and courtesy.
  • At the beginning of the conversation, be sure to greet the girl and introduce yourself.
  • If a girl is ready for a conversation, you can start neutral topics, ask about her occupation, hobbies, childhood, etc.
  • With a positive development of the dialogue, the man needs to be offered a meeting or, in extreme cases, permission to make a second call.
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In a telephone conversation, a man has to be open, sincere, try to listen more than speak. Now had to try to be better because in the end it will lead to disappointment for the girl. It is also important to know, and it is worth considering in advance!

By correspondence

The easiest way to network, the solution. In addition, today, almost 90% of young people use social networks on the Internet. Finding a pretty girl on the Internet is not difficult, it remains only to start dating correctly to get to know each other better.

Important! To cement a connection with the girl he likes, a man needs to abandon banal phrases such as “Hi, how are you, what are you doing.”

It is better to make the first message short, concise and understandable, so as not to set up communication in a boring and painful way. Further, during communication, it is necessary to indicate your name, the purpose of the acquaintance, and why the man wrote to this particular girl. A good reason to get to know each other will be common interests in a social network, for example, reading the same public, a passion for music or cinema.

At work

Office romances are also common, as are emancipated women and shy guys, so the question of how to meet a girl at work is no less relevant currently. In addition, there are more opportunities at work to consider a girl who is worthy and suitable for your desires, and you can make an acquaintance without a good reason.

Regardless of whether it is a young girl or an adult woman with children, you need to start a relationship at work only with serious intentions. You can start a conversation with work questions, or you can sit down with a girl in the cafeteria, offer to give her a lift after work, etc. In fact, the circumstances themselves deign to communicate, it remains only to take the initiative.

How to meet a girl if she is with her friend all the time?

If a man prefers to meet women for bumps and experience, you can just make friends. In the case when a man wants to meet a girl for a relationship, but she appears in his field of vision with a girlfriend, psychologists advise not to drift and get acquainted with both at once. It will be more interesting if a man comes up to meet a young and beautiful girl and her friend, being also not alone, but with a friend.

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When a friend is not around, you need to get acquainted yourself and immediately with two girls. To achieve this, you have to contact two at once, mark both with compliments, and then during the conversation ask for the phone number of the lady you like. Only by endearing both girls to oneself can one expect a positive outcome of the acquaintance. If a friend interferes and interferes with communication, you have to say directly that it’s good when a girl has such a friend who understands and does not interfere with her.

What to do if you are afraid to meet?

Often a modest guy is prevented from getting acquainted with girls by a banal feeling of fear and self-doubt. And when trying to start a conversation, fears manifest themselves in the form of slurred speech, stuttering, sweating, shortness of breath and trembling in the body. There are several ways to get rid of such reactions:

  1. No complexes — a man needs to find those points in himself that become the causes of complexes, and then eradicate shortcomings in himself or accept himself as such.
  2. Self-improvement — to increase self-esteem, you can go in for sports, read more educational books, find new hobbies, learn new skills.
  3. Practice — to stop being afraid of women, you can make contacts with different ladies in your environment. To achieve this, you can even make friends with a married girl, colleagues at work or study to gain experience.

You can also practice in advance at home in front of a mirror, how cool it is to talk, so that thanks to a sense of humor and preparedness, conquer the girl with your charisma. On the Internet, you can find ready-made examples of phrases to start a dialogue and attract the girl’s attention to yourself.

Mistakes to avoid when dating

Regardless of where a man will meet a girl, in a bar, at a resort or on the street, at a university or at work, no one is immune from typical mistakes. If you make mistakes, then even the most original and well-planned acquaintance will become a failed undertaking. These errors include:

  • tricks and tricks to show better than a man actually is;
  • when a man uses the same approach and scenario to meet different girls;
  • if a man fawns over a girl, agrees, agrees with all her words;
  • in speeches there is foul language, jargon, sarcasm.

Communication should be as sincere as possible, open and without exaggeration, since the decision to even just meet a girl in the future can develop into a relationship where each person will show his true face.


To start a conversation with an unfamiliar girl, a man needs to know the main points and parameters that all the fair sex pay attention to. These are appearance and speech, self-confidence and a clear position, charisma and the ability to flirt. Dating methods may differ slightly from the factor in which conditions it will occur. The main thing is to get rid of fears, embarrassment and excitement, as well as to prevent typical mistakes and mistakes that can repel a stranger you like.

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