How to make a girl run after you: various methods of influence

In modern society, even despite the emancipation of women and progressive feminism, men still have to conquer women’s hearts. And the situation when a girl herself seeks the location of a guy is non-standard and dubious. But many men want to know the secrets and tricks of how to make a girl run after you to bathe in female attention.

Some men are uninitiated innately and wait for the first steps from the girls, while the latter do not understand what they really want from them. Today, the psychology of interpersonal relationships offers effective ways and techniques for men to attract attention from the opposite sex, so that girls themselves will fight for the prospect of relationships.

Features of an attractive man for girls

In order for the girl herself to literally start running after the guy, he needs to analyze himself and how different he is from the female ideal of a life partner. Only by cultivating certain qualities in yourself, by which girls evaluate potential suitors, can you become ideal, and therefore in demand among the opposite sex.

The ideal guy is a man who:

  • self-confident;
  • decisive and purposeful;
  • independent and self-sufficient;
  • strong and able to protect the girl;
  • intellectually developed and striving for further self-development;
  • neat, tidy and stylish man.

The desire of girls to find a successful and wealthy man is not due to their commercialism. Psychologists believe that on an instinctive level, future wives and mothers are looking for a partner who can support a family.

Ideally, a man should clearly understand what he wants from life, be able to make plans, and also find ways to implement them. And even if a man is only at the bottom rung of the career ladder, the main thing is that he knows exactly his path to growth and self-development. You need to set realistic and achievable goals for yourself to grow and strengthen faith in yourself.

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How to make a girl run after you: effective methods

In addition to the listed criteria that a man must cultivate in himself to attract female attention, there are also several effective techniques for making girls practically run after a man.

These are:

  • You can’t show a girl excessive interest in her, but being too indifferent is also risky. It is the halfheartedness of behavioral tactics that fuels the girl’s interest, such a demonstration of feelings with notes of detachment.
  • Women respect men who have hobbies and different interests, be it fishing, hunting, sports, various intellectual pursuits. This will show her the versatility of personality and the determination of a man.
  • Showing your own insecurity and vulnerability. If this feeling is shown, the girl will feel dominated by the guy, resorting to further manipulation through jealousy.
  • No need to write and call her every time a free minute appears, without really having a reason to do so. If she needs support, it should definitely be provided, but while maintaining the look of a busy person.

Thanks to such simple rules of behavior, a man will be able to profitably turn the relationship model in his favor, enjoying an entirely different attitude of the girl in his direction. The main thing is to know when to stop and not go too far, so that yesterday’s romantic does not become a true cynic today.

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Psychologists’ advice

To tame a proud girl and make her run after a man, it is enough to listen to a few tips from psychologists. First you need to stop in every possible way demonstrating the readiness of a man to move mountains for her sake. A woman needs an equal partner, you have to show this with your appropriate behavior. To begin with, you can create the illusion that a man is more than in demand among the female half of society.

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The girl, seeing this, will think again whether she should have behaved like this with a man who has many good qualities, since he is popular among girls. If a man pursues a woman, she will be the main one in the relationship, and vice versa. The principles of a relationship where the main will be a man are as follows:

  • not be interested in the girl’s past life;
  • do not show jealousy;
  • have their own hobbies and hobbies that are not related to the girl, that is, personal space and time;
  • do not call the girl and do not write without a good reason;
  • constantly develop.

Important! Such advice is superficial and can be somewhat adjusted by a man, taking into account the individual characteristics of the girl and himself. For example, if a girl has a difficult period in her life, it may not be the right time to show indifference and detachment.

How to make your wife run after you

In family relationships, it is not uncommon for a woman to behave aloofly towards her husband, losing interest and passion. To stir up her interest and literally make her run after her spouse, you must follow a few rules:

  1. Get better. A man needs to find flaws in himself, because of which the relationship could gradually collapse. After that, they have to be corrected so that the spouse notices positive changes in the man.
  2. Spend more time with your wife. You can rekindle the wife’s past feelings and emotions by doing any business together. It could be a date, watching a movie together, cooking dinner, or going on vacation to refresh your senses.
  3. Solve any problems together. If a man takes upon himself the solution of his wife’s problems, this will cause her a feeling of gratitude and admiration. Such emotions sometimes lead to the fact that a woman falls in love with her companion again.
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In family relationships, couples often lack emotions and freshness of feelings. To correct the situation, it is worth spending more time together and outside the home, being distracted from everyday life and work by visiting various entertainment places, etc.

How to make your ex-girlfriend chase you

Experts in interpersonal relationships are also ready to talk about how to make an ex-girlfriend run after you. First you need to analyze past relationships, finding the objective reason for the breakup, and then correct this state of affairs. But for this, it is not necessary to pursue an ex-lover and beg her for a second chance.

It is necessary to direct forces to the development and improvement of oneself, but in such a way that the ex-girlfriend finds out about all this. Appropriate photographs and social networks where they need to be posted can help with this. The girl must see that the man does not suffer without her, but on the contrary, he is having a good time. She also has to show that the man is in demand by the female sex so that she reconsiders her assessment of the ex-boyfriend.

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The psychology of relationships will teach men techniques, thanks to which the girls themselves will begin to run after them. But the purpose of such behavior should not be the humiliation of women’s dignity and self-affirmation of oneself. Thanks to such methods, it is possible to build a new model of relationships where a man will dominate.

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