How to kiss a girl on the lips for the first time: practical advice for beginners

A kiss is an intimate way of conveying feelings and passion, and many sexologists equate the importance of a kiss with sexual contact. The very first kiss is always reverent and exciting for both partners, especially for those who do not yet have rich experience. Today, not only young guys, but also quite experienced men ask about how to divorce a girl for a kiss.

Such interest is due, not so much to the fear of screwing up or embarrassment, but rather the desire for everything to happen on time, according to mutual desire and at the highest level. Of course, no one has canceled the improvisation and individual approach of a man, but experts still advise preparing for a kiss in advance so that this moment brings the couple closer and becomes unforgettable for the girl.

Proper preparation

A kiss is not just a tactile contact of a man with his chosen one, it is a physical, emotional and spiritual rapprochement between them. Therefore, it is critical for a man to remember not only the technology itself, how to kiss a girl on the lips for the first time, but also about neatness and hygiene. Preparation includes several items:

  1. A man should smell good, for this you can pick up a pleasant, but unobtrusive and not too specific perfume.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to the state of health of the teeth and oral cavity, brush your teeth on time and make sure that the man has fresh breath.
  3. You also need to take care of the condition of the lips so that they are not weathered or with irritation, herpes or catarrh rashes. Lips should be lubricated with a moisturizer, and any defects should be cured in advance.
  4. It is important to pay special attention to facial hair. If a man prefers a beard and mustache, they need to be brought into a neat state.
  5. The general appearance also plays a significant role, a man has to dress in clean, ironed clothes, polish his shoes so that the girl would be pleased to be near him.
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An equally important aspect is the moral state of a man; he should not show his excitement or self-doubt. If you do not cast aside doubts, the girl may consider that the man dislikes her so much, since he does not dare to move on to the next step in the relationship.

What do you need to remember?

There are 5 golden rules on how to divorce a girl for a kiss on the lips, following which you can only show yourself from the best side. Before the kiss, a trusting relationship, mutual sympathy and tactile contact should be built. If you neglect the recommendations, you can not only face embarrassment, but also destroy the “chemistry” between young people.

Do not hurry

Many men believe that the kiss should take place already on the first date, as a proper result of the meeting. In fact, rush is far from always appropriate, since for many girls there is a widespread taboo — they do not kiss on the first date. Yes, and many have a fear that after such a hasty rapprochement, a young man may find a girl accessible. Therefore, kissing on a first date is possible only when the girl flirts in every possible way and gives hints to the guy.


Many men, not knowing how to kiss a girl on the lips for the first time, are so worried that they are faced with not entirely successful attempts. Usually, this happens to those guys who have never had such an experience before. Therefore, it is better to know in advance all the subtleties of a kiss to be confident during the first kiss. Experts advise you to get acquainted with different kissing techniques by practicing, for example, on a tomato.

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Choose the right moment

As mentioned above, not every girl is ready to kiss a guy right away because of some principles or banal embarrassment. Therefore, you need to approach only when there are visible signs and hints of it. Namely:

  • a girl can be closer to a man than at a distance of 50 cm, letting him into her comfort zone;
  • during communication, she touches her lips or plays with her hair;
  • when a man speaks, she periodically looks at his lips;
  • the girl maintains eye contact without looking away in embarrassment;
  • any unobtrusive touches are not perceived negatively by her.

A kiss between young people for the first time requires an appropriate setting. Almost all girls are embarrassed to kiss in a place where there are other people, and even in a cinema it is not very convenient because of the dark room and the audience sitting nearby. It should be a calm and comfortable place where passing people will be kept to a minimum.

Avoid sudden movements

Many men pay too much attention to the very technique of kissing, which is why it turns out to be mechanical and without accompanying passion. A kiss should carry the feelings, tenderness and desire of a girl, so a man needs to pay attention to the accompanying tactile contact. A man does not need to push her, be too vulgar in terms of touching, or make sudden rough movements.

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Ideally, a kiss should be based on 3 points:

  • gradually approaching the girl to get into her comfort zone without pushing her away from you;
  • maintaining eye contact;
  • a slow touch of his lips to hers.

If you do everything in stages and slowly, the girl will have the opportunity to evade, suddenly she changes her mind. If you do everything abruptly and abruptly, it will only scare her away.

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Take it easy on rejection

Any girl is individual in character, reactions, principles and format of behavior with a man. Someone dislikes a long look at themselves, someone dislikes a quick rapprochement with a man, and someone considers a kiss with an unfamiliar guy unacceptable. If a girl refused a kiss to a companion, he needs to remain calm and self-confident. It is important to continue the date in the same format as before, without showing any reaction.

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Should I ask a girl for permission?

Before a man thinks about how to kiss a girl on the lips first, he has to think about whether to ask her permission. Pickup masters, for example, consider this an unacceptable offense, after which a girl will see a man as an insecure weakling. Psychologists say that a kiss is permissible only by mutual desire.

Reasons why a man needs to ask permission:

  • a man will show his upbringing and respect for her opinion;
  • this will prevent an embarrassing situation when the girl is not ready for a kiss;
  • some girls fundamentally do not go for a long time to get closer, demonstrating their chastity;
  • touching lips to lips without permission and consent can be considered violence.

Otherwise, a man can decide for himself whether he will ask permission for a kiss from a girl or show his determination. Much depends on the individuality and character of the girl herself, which can only be understood during communication.


In the question of how to kiss a girl on the lips for the first time, a man needs to be guided primarily by intuition. If a man arranged an unforgettable date, showed himself to be an attentive, romantic and serious person who can be trusted, the girl herself can show signs of her readiness for a kiss. Perhaps she is a person with certain moral boundaries, so a man should not rush her with rapprochement.

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