How to hug a girl: the nuances are important

Tactile contact is important in any relationship from the very beginning and in the future, to warm up feelings and make the couple even closer to each other. But not all men are competent in the question of how to hug a girl in different situations so that she is pleased. In psychology, several types of hugs are considered, according to the circumstances and the emotional message.

Unfortunately, many men underestimate the importance of hugs, while psychologists believe that to feel happiness, every person needs to hug every day. For girls who are more sensitive and emotional innately, any manifestation of a man’s feelings is critical. Therefore, men need to consider the types of hugs and how to hug your girlfriend properly.

Hugs are a means of expressing feelings

Hugs between people are not just a gesture of politeness or good relations, but a mutual exchange of emotions, feelings and attraction. If between people of the same sex hugs act as a manifestation of friendship, affection and intimacy, then between a man and a woman it often becomes a manifestation of feelings and passion. For some, such tactile contact is the result of an outburst of feelings, while others use hugs to achieve global goals.

Most often, hugs represent the following types of feelings:

  1. A hint of intimacy and flirting. A man in a secluded setting with a girl reduces the distance between them, and thanks to tactile contact, he tries to kindle passion and desire.
  2. Inspiration. When a joyful event happens to a person, or he is simply in a good mood, he can hug a loved one in a fit of these feelings.
  3. Support. If a girl is faced with troubles and difficulties, a man can hug her to show his indifference. The same behavior is appropriate when a girl is crying and a man is trying to comfort her.
  4. Protection. If a girl is afraid of something or is faced with injustice, a man can hug her, showing the degree of security.
  5. Getting joy. Influenced by feelings, caress and tenderness, many girls love to hug, using tactile contact as a way to get joy and pleasure.
  6. Emotions There are situations when it is difficult for a girl to find words to express feelings and emotions within herself. A simple hug can be a great alternative to eloquence.
  7. Proximity. If people feel good with each other, this can be shown through hugs, which show the degree of closeness between them.
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As practice shows, regardless of the message and types of hugs, in any case, they bring only positive results and emotions. Even the most emotionally dry person will enjoy having their partner hug them often.

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Types of hugs and their meanings

Hugs can be entirely different in semantic and emotional understanding. In entirely different ways, experts advise how to hug a girl properly when meeting, but how to hint at a possible intimacy with her. Psychologists name several common types of hugs between a man and a woman today, namely:

  1. Friendly — they are difficult to confuse with love hugs. The first thing they differ in is their duration, a man tightly hugs a girl for just a few seconds at a meeting or goodbye. He may even pat his companion on the shoulder or back.
  2. Love hugs between loved ones — depending on the emotional message, such hugs are divided into subgroups:
  • hugs from the back as a demonstration of the support and protection of the girl, placing his hands on her waist;
  • “lock” hugs, when partners tightly grip their bodies in a fit of feelings or out of fear of losing each other;
  • “flying” hugs, when partners show passion in this way, the man slightly lifts the girl off the ground;
  • hugs with visual contact, when, regardless of the position of the bodies, the partners look into each other’s eyes, non-verbally demonstrating their feelings and their strength;
  • «pickpocket» hugs, when young people hug, keep their hands in the back pockets of each other’s pants, showing a desire to be together.
  1. Comforting hugs — holding both hands on the girl’s back, the man will carefully hug her, showing her his excitement and indifference to everything that happens to her. And to give her a sense of security and protection, a man needs to stroke his back, the most vulnerable spot on the human body.
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In fact, this is not the whole list of types of hugs that are practiced between different people. But these are the main variants of tactile contact that are practiced among members of the opposite sex.

How to understand that a girl wants you to hug her

Any manifestations of feelings and emotions must be appropriate and timely; otherwise they will lose their value and meaning. Only an attentive and sensitive man will know exactly when his girlfriend needs tactile contact, and when it may be superfluous. Psychologists call the main signs by which you can understand when a girl wants a hug:

  • she will look straight into her eyes inseparably and notes of expecting something from a man, and there will be pauses in her conversation;
  • she will repeatedly fix her hair or clothes, attracting the attention and sympathy of a man in her address;
  • her voice and intonation will show sympathy and good disposition towards a man;
  • her body will be slightly tilted towards the man and in every possible way reduces the distance between herself and the man;
  • she will share experiences and problems with a man in the hope of consolation on his part.

Studies have shown that each person needs at least 8 hugs per day to feel happy and secure. And for this, no reasons and reasons are needed, it is enough just to give loved ones your warmth and feelings through hugs.

How to hug a girl so that she is pleased?

To give a girl pleasure from touching and hugging, men need to learn this art. In fact, the wrong technology of hugging can lead to a false interpretation on her part, and even to misunderstandings. Therefore, psychologists teach men how to hug a girl properly, namely:

  • How to hug a girl when you meet. You have to hug a girl at a meeting to set a positive mood of communication. Such hugs should be short so as not to create an awkward situation.
  • How to hug the girl you like. You need to hug a girl if there are signs of her disposition to this. It is necessary to slowly reduce the distance between each other, and if she does not move away, she must be delicately and gently embraced.
  • How to hug when breaking up. In this case, hugs can be long, accompanied by warm parting words, depending on the situation.
  • How to hug properly to share desires and feelings. If romance is present, the hugs can be long, followed by deep inhales and exhales. Hugs can be strong, but not causing discomfort to the girl.
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For a girl, hugs are always nice if there is sympathy for a young man, as they give a feeling of security and warmth. Such a desire has been laid down since childhood, when only close and dear people could hug a child, but not strangers. Hence, the understanding that someone who can be trusted can hug.

It is important for all women to understand that a man hugs her not only to intimacy, so tactile contact should be present everywhere. You can clearly see how to hug a girl so that contact brings pleasure to both partners at once in the video instructions:

You can hug a girl with whom a young man is in a relationship in any situation, while watching a movie, while walking down the street, before intimacy and after that. Such gestures strengthen relationships, promote trust and emotional relationship.


To establish an emotional and spiritual relationship between a man and a woman, psychologists advise hugging as often as possible. Hugs are the best way to convey feelings, in addition, girls in this way establish a trusting relationship with a partner. A man only needs to recognize when a girl is ready for contact, as well as how to properly hug her according to the circumstances.

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