How to have sex on the first date and is it worth it?

The most relevant and controversial topic among the male and female half of society is sex on the first date. If some are sure that in modern society, there are no limits on this matter, and no one will consider such immoral behavior, then others are afraid that fast sex will lead to a loss of interest for both partners, and therefore to a break in relations, which have not yet begun.

As practice shows, most men are favorable to sexual intercourse after the first date. But among the girls there are more doubting persons who, due to suspiciousness and ambition, are worried about their honor and dignity. Psychologists give weighty pros and cons, and pickup masters are ready to teach men how to have sex right after the first date.

Sex on the first date: pros and cons?

Attitudes towards sex on the first date differ between men and women, although many girls are simply ashamed to admit that they are not against it. From the point of view of psychology, different views are explained by the fact that men are hunters innately and want to achieve their goal as quickly as possible, while girls simply do not want to be a one-time target, striving for a serious relationship with a family perspective.

The pros of having sex on a first date are as follows:

  1. A woman quickly understands whether she has a sexual attraction to a man, which means that desire can arise spontaneously already on the first date. We live once, why conventions and limits?
  2. After the first sex, the partners will immediately understand how they fit each other in the intimate sphere. There is no need to spend weeks and months on a hopeless relationship if the couple in sex does not suit each other at all.
  3. Sex can become an indicator that a woman is not a prude, and a man is good enough in bed, that is, sexual intercourse becomes a way of self-affirmation.
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If a storm of emotions, passion and attraction arose between young people, is it worth interrupting the flow of feelings, and then moving away from excitement for a few more days? Eventually, it will happen, and stereotypes and suspiciousness only delay the process.

The cons of sex on the first date are as follows:

  • It is rare when sexual intercourse between unfamiliar people gives maximum pleasure. The fact is that the partners still do not know each other’s preferences well enough, and against the backdrop of excitement, the desire to show themselves from the best side, one may not be fully excited and not justify one’s hopes.
  • If a girl quickly agrees to intimacy, perhaps this is a simple «collector» or a girl with easy behavior. And this can already promise a man a lack of prospects for a relationship.
  • The risks of transmission of genital infections are quite high if the girl is easy on sex, and it is normal for her to end the first date with sex.

Despite all the advantages of sex on the first date, a man needs to remember that getting what he wants quickly usually leads to the loss of all interest in the girl. Is it worth it to follow desires if the main goal is to find a life partner for family relationships?

How to prepare for a first date?

Since girls are subject to emotions and changeable in terms of mood, it is critical for a man to prepare for a date to subsequently arrange her for intimacy. The following points need to be considered:

  1. A place. It should be comfortable, conducive to close communication, romantic and quiet so that you can communicate.
  2. Communication. A man has to be open in dialogue, share information about himself to enter the girl’s circle of trust. Be sure to say about the intention to find a girl for a serious relationship, to show yourself from the best side. In addition, a man should ask about the girl and listen to her carefully, showing his interest.
  3. Touch. As soon as the girl ceases to be shy, begins to behave relaxed and open, the man needs to gradually reduce the distance between them thanks to tactile contact. You can fix a curl in her hair, touch her hand, hold her waist for the occasion, etc.
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To make the date seem emotional to the girl, you can change the location, take a walk around the city at night, go to a café or invite her to your home under a weighty pretext. A man needs to behave as if they have known each other for a long time. You can liberate and interest a girl with a good sense of humor, compliments and pleasant deeds.

How to get a girl into bed on a first date?

In order for a date with a girl to end in an intimate relationship, a man needs not only to carefully plan his scenario, but also to work on himself. Pickup masters give a few tips:

  • appearance — a man should be stylishly dressed, smell good, shaved, with a neat haircut and a snow-white smile;
  • courtesy and gallantry — you can’t say vulgar hints and jokes, on the contrary, you need to seduce a girl with beautiful flirting, backed up with signs of attention and care;
  • time and money — you have to spend both on a girl, organize an unforgettable date, accompanied by a storm of her emotions;
  • confidence in himself — women love self-confident, persistent men who know exactly what they want, calmly without haste achieving it;
  • compliments — girls love with their ears, especially if the compliments are honest, individual and sincere;
  • infiltration into her zone of trust — you can tell something important from your life, showing the degree of trust in her, and the girl will definitely reciprocate;
  • prelude – you need to establish physical contact at the same time as emotional, starting with unobtrusive tactile contact with the view, as if nothing special is happening.
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If a man sees that the girl is already excited and ready to move on to closer tactile contact, but the place and environment do not allow, the man has to invite her to his home under the pretext. Naturally, the house should be ready for guests, as well as the reason for visiting it (a movie, a playlist of good music, a bottle of good wine, etc.).

What if the girl refused?

If the girl refused, the man needs in every possible way not to show that he is disappointed or angry with her or the circumstances. We can say that he respects her choice and position, is ready to wait for her favor, but would like to know what he did wrong. This will show his willingness to work in this direction further, which means that the next time the girl will give up.

Despondency is a biblical sin, so a man must be prepared in advance for different outcomes of a date. Not all men manage to achieve the desired result the first time, which means that there is still something to work on. In the skill of seducing girls, failures are only an experience, but not a fiasco or a reason to refuse further attempts.


Absolutely any man can subdue a girl so that she agrees to end the date with sex. To achieve this, you need to think over an unforgettable date, topics for communication, a model of behavior and your appearance, and also come up with a reason for the girl to agree to go to the man’s house. Otherwise, the pickup masters offer several golden rules on how to win a woman’s heart and bring a girl to bed.

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