How to flirt with a girl?

To subtly show sympathy and sexual attraction to the opposite sex, people often use flirting techniques. Some people can flirt on an instinctive level, others have to learn this skill. About how to flirt with a girl, not only psychologists are ready to share advice, but also pickup masters who understand the intricacies of games between young people.

In the process of flirting, you need to remember that such flirting and ways to attract attention should not be vulgar and vulgar. In psychology, flirting is generally regarded as a beautiful form of manifestation of sexual attraction, and many people flirt unconsciously. If a man does not have such skills, but wants to learn the skill of flirting with a woman, there are several main rules and recommendations.

What is flirting?

To be able to flirt with a girl correctly, young people should familiarize themselves with this terminology, learn the forms and types of flirting, and then proceed to practical exercises. Psychology considers flirting as a skillful way of demonstrating sexual attraction without vulgarity and vulgarity. If you learn all the subtleties of flirting, you can skillfully absorb the hearts of girls and fascinate, surprise, master their thoughts.

Thanks to flirting, a man clarifies it for a girl that he likes her. If you hide your feelings and intentions, there is a risk of being left without mutual bestowal. The same principle is followed by girls who, thanks to flirting, attract the attention of the opposite sex. We can say that flirting is a playful form of communication to satisfy desires.

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What are the types of flirting?

Few people know that even in friendly relations there is flirting, but in a mild form, and psychologists call it a superficial manifestation of affection for a friend. The standard form of flirting that is present between people of the opposite sex and involves sexual overtones is also considered. In the psychology of interpersonal relationships, traditional flirting is divided into several types.

  1. Physical — a man shows his sympathy and desire for a girl with a certain set of signals and signs, sometimes with psychological overtones. Examples:
  • demonstration of masculinity — one or two hands of a man lie on his hips;
  • demonstration of sexual capabilities — a man sitting widely spreads his legs;
  • the desire for tactile contact — touching the elbow, shoulder and hands of the girl.
  1. Polite gentlemanly flirting — in this case, the man will look after the object of sympathy, demonstrating good manners and gallantry. In such a situation, a woman can enjoy the care and opportunity to lean on a strong male shoulder. Examples:
  • a man gives outerwear to a woman, helps to put it on;
  • when leaving the vehicle, he gives her a hand;
  • helps to carry heavy bags and other things;
  • escorts home.
  1. Standard flirting — a man uses all means and methods of communication to achieve physical contact with the object of desire. Only the experience of communicating with the opposite sex, diversification, intelligence and a suspended tongue can help in flirting.

How to flirt correctly: basic rules

To properly flirt with a girl and be understood by her, a man needs to give up isolation, self-doubt and distrust of people. Girls are attracted to exceptionally positive, cheerful and easy-to-communicate guys. If you hide your feelings and intentions, you can hardly wait for reciprocity from the lady you like. Further, psychologists offer several golden rules on how to learn to flirt with girls, namely:

  • Be a positive person. Such a man should always be positive, not afraid of rejection from girls. Enthusiasm must go ahead of the man, even if flirting does not lead to a result, it will give the man invaluable experience.
  • Just start a conversation. You need to speak with a girl, smiling and giving her positive emotions. You can talk about everything that surrounds both her and the young man, work, home, leisure, hobbies, plans for life, etc. Furthermore, you can ask her for help, girls like to be useful, you can say compliments.
  • Accessories are of great importance. A man should never forget his gentleman’s set of accessories — a tie, a wristwatch, polished shoes, glasses, perfume, a magazine or book, a purse or something else.
  • Be the owner of the premises. Regardless of the place where a man may be, he should feel like a master in it. This feeling of self-confidence will help you take the first steps towards girls.
  • Appropriate conversations. The dialogue should be at least equivalent, but it is better to be dedicated to a greater extent to the girl. Excessive talkativeness puts pressure on the girl’s brain, repels or creates the impression that the guy is not serious. It is much better to turn the vector of communication towards the girl to observe the development of the conversation from the outside.

Secrets of virtual flirting

To understand how to start flirting with a girl, a man can listen to the advice of experts, and then embody knowledge in real time or virtually via the Internet. The second option is more often used by men who do not yet have enough experience and are too shy of girls. Today, it is social networks that have become a familiar medium for dating with a relationship perspective.

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To flirt with a girl on the Internet using correspondence, you need to follow these steps:

  • start a fascinating conversation with a common topic between partners;
  • show a sense of humor and ingenuity so that the correspondence is not dry and formal;
  • show flirting in a timely manner, responding to messages in time, so that the girl understands that communication is important for a man;
  • end communication in a timely manner so that the girl already wants to continue it intoxicated of some intrigue and understatement;
  • do not rush, do not dump all the information about yourself on the girl, grabbing everything at once, not yet deserving her trust;
  • talk about yourself, talk about childhood, past and present, to get into the girl’s zone of trust and show your open attitude towards her;
  • make compliments because girls love with their ears, showing what exactly a man likes in an interlocutor, but as naturally and sincerely as possible;
  • play with a girl, if she is not ready for dialogue, you can offer a game of associations, cities, you can joke and amuse her with funny stories;
  • not to say too much, loading the girl with uninteresting and useless information, a man should speak to the point so as not to tire the interlocutor;
  • be persistent, since nothing falls on a person from the sky, and sympathy, interest and feedback from a girl must be earned.

Important! Before you start conquering a girl on social networks, you should bring to mind the state of your account. Experts advise to fill out the questionnaire completely, upload high-quality photographs showing the versatility of a man.

What not to do while flirting?

It is not enough to know how to learn to flirt with girls, a man needs to completely exclude anti-examples and misconduct from his behavior. In a fit of desire and passion, men most often make the following mistakes:

  • they try to appear not to be who they really are, for example, they portray a rich and successful person, etc.;
  • lean on alcoholic beverages to liberate themselves, creating the impression of a dependent person with bad habits;
  • boasts too much of his achievements and personal qualities to please the girl, but only repel her with his posturing;
  • excessively vulgar and familiar, talking about past intimate relationships, or unnecessarily touching on the topic of sex.
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The main rule of flirting is a clear awareness of the goals pursued by a man. For some, flirting helps build short-term relationships, while others use its tools to build strong and stable relationships.


Flirting is a kind of dance of passion and desire between people of the opposite sex. Thanks to glances, facial expressions, tonality and intonation of the voice, touches, compliments and flirting, a man in every possible way shows the girl his readiness to enter into a relationship with her. Although we are talking about sexual attraction, flirting is a beautiful manifestation of it.

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