What kind of foreplay before sex do girls need, and which ones do men?

Intimate life is an important link in a harmonious relationship, so a man needs to pay special attention to the quality of sex. For most women, proper foreplay is important, as foreplay is the only way to get aroused and prepare for intercourse.

Foreplay is a kind of introductory game, the purpose of which involves arousal in the brain, the correct mood of partners, a rush of blood to the genitals and an increase in their sensitivity. According to statistics, most women do not reach orgasm due to the negligent attitude of men to foreplay, therefore, what is foreplay in a relationship and how to carry it out, you can learn from the article further.

What is Sex Foreplay? What do they contribute to?

Sex foreplay is a preparatory stage that stimulates the sexual appetites of both partners. For a woman, preparation is extremely important, since in them, unlike men, sexual arousal passes through the brain and head, psycho-emotional background, and only then through the “lower chakra”.

What does foreplay contribute to in the female body:

  • stimulation of the production of hormones that trigger the corresponding physiological changes in the body;
  • moisturizing the walls of the vagina for the most comfortable and pleasant intercourse;
  • changing the shape of the vagina, narrowing to stimulate the penis;
  • blood flow to the clitoris and an increase in its sensitivity;
  • swelling of the breasts and nipples;
  • awakening of all erogenous points responsible for the onset of orgasm.

What does foreplay contribute to in the male body:

  • an increase in sexual arousal and an erect state of the penis;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • contraction of the scrotum;
  • rush of blood to the genitals and an increase in its sensitivity.

Preliminary games between a man and a woman are primarily needed for the preparation and correct mood of a woman, since it is much more difficult for them to get aroused and it takes a lot of time. In addition to physiological changes between partners, an emotional connection is being established, a romantic mood, and feelings are enhanced.

Highlights of the foreplay

If a man knows for sure what women like in foreplay, in bed he will always enjoy not only his orgasm, but also the enchanting ending of his partner. The types of caresses can be different, the main thing is that the recommendations of sexologists are followed about the partner, what to do to please each other.

Psychological compatibility and trust

Psychologists have long answered the question of whether a woman needs foreplay and why. It was found that it is foreplay that gives a woman tremendous pleasure, being an indicator of the partner’s interest in her feelings and sensations. Realizing that the partner seeks to make the girl pleasant and caress, feelings and intimate relationships are enriched.

A man should start caressing a woman, since in most cases he is the initiator of intimacy. What can be the foreplay at the initial stage:

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  • A romantic dinner is a great idea to diversify your relationship with your wife, bypassing the usual bed scenarios. Most women are insanely aroused at the sight of a man in the kitchen, as is a tete-a-tete conversation.
  • Conversation — this is exactly what most women lack, so a man can smoothly translate a lady into an intimate topic in a colloquial genre.
  • Role-playing games — private conversations will help you learn about each other’s sexual fantasies, which can be safely embodied in role-playing games.
  • Light tactile contact — A big mistake many men make is the quick transition from conversation to intimacy. It is better to start from afar, barely touching the hand, hugging, closing the distance.
  • Eye contact — you can caress a girl with your eyes alone, without foreplay, throwing a languid look at her. Let her, by one eyes, understand the intentions of her partner, which will only spur imagination and interest.

A lot depends on lifestyle and mood, so preparation before sex should first of all be aimed at creating the right mood. Sincere conversations, mutual understanding, pleasant pastime in private will help to escape from the bustle of the world and bring the couple closer to each other.

Foreplay. Where to begin?

Tactile contact for a loved one is an important condition for maintaining passion, mutual attraction and trust. If after the first moment everything went well and the girl is already in the direction of the partner, you can proceed to unobtrusive, but actions — touching, stroking.

What could it be:

  1. Touching hands — during a conversation, you can take the girl by the hand, kiss the palms, stroke them with your fingers.
  2. Embrace — having approached her as much as possible, you can first hug her slightly, then grab her by the waist, press her to you in order to cause an appropriate reaction of her body.
  3. Kissing — this is what men love in foreplay and exactly the same women love, and most importantly, without which the maximum excitement of both partners is impossible. The kiss can be light, blending into a passionate French tongue kiss.

Stimulation of erogenous zones

Every attentive and loving partner should know all the erogenous points on the body of his soul mate. In women, this is the area of ​​the neck and ears, chest, lower abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks, so the following follows:

  • Stimulation of erogenous zones — during a kiss, both partners can use their hands to maximize each other’s excitement. Stroking begins on the neck, shoulder area, gently lowers to the chest, abdomen, buttocks, as well as the inner thighs.
  • Massage — the ideal foreplay begins with a massage that will help any of the partners to relax as much as possible, prepare the body for subsequent actions. Manual massage movements can be alternated with kisses all over the body, foreplay with fingers is also appropriate.
  • Removing clothes — do it slowly in a playful manner so that the partner is least obsessed with it. Having got rid of clothes, tactile contact can be performed with bodies, pressing against each other.
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Completion of the foreplay. How to caress intimate areas correctly?

Many people misunderstand what it means to caress intimate areas, making a number of mistakes. Touching, stroking, and kissing should not be limited to the breasts and genitals. This can be stimulation from the earlobes to the soles of the feet, the main thing is that everything develops gradually and without sudden obsessive movements.

You can caress:

  • breathing — at the initial stage, a woman can react to breathing in the neck, back of the head, chest and lower abdomen;
  • hands and fingers — gently stimulate the whole body from top to bottom, gradually increasing the intensity of the impact;
  • legs — rubbing your feet against each other also increase the degree of arousal;
  • lips and kisses — a standard kiss on the lips can smoothly transition into kisses of the neck and lobes of the ears, chest, abdomen, inner legs and groin;
  • by language — this is the wettest and most delicate part of the body, so you can play with your tongue with your partner’s tongue, the nipples of her breasts, and then with the clitoris and labia.

The final female sex for men and male sex for women, ideally, is oral sex, which in most couples is valued more than classical intercourse. For many girls, this is the only way to achieve orgasm and get the most aroused.

For reference! To answer the most frequent question, how long the best foreplay should last, only sexologists and psychologists can individually for each person. For a man, the cycle of sexual arousal lasts 2-3 minutes, for a girl — 13-15 minutes.

Who doesn’t need foreplay?

According to statistics, only 30% of women can reach orgasm without foreplay in bed. But for men, foreplay is not so important; for many, visual, auditory and mental contact with the object of desire is enough for sufficient arousal. It is believed that foreplay is needed only for the fairer sex. Psychologists and sexologists distinguish several categories of people who are not interested in long lovemaking — quickly excitable, egocentric and little-known people.

People are easily excitable

Even knowing what kind of pleasant and useful foreplay can be for high-quality sex, quickly and easily excitable people prefer not to waste time at this stage. The concept of foreplay for them is only a periodic need, in most cases they have enough elementary techniques of sexual arousal — kissing, undressing, oral sex.

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Self-centered natures

Some men underestimate the importance and meaning of foreplay without realizing why women need foreplay. The reason for this behavior is self-centeredness and obsession only with one’s own satisfaction. Without thinking about how important foreplay is for a partner, intercourse often ends with an orgasm on only one side.

If partners have known each other for a long time

The most frequent queries in Internet search engines regarding foreplay are how to teach a husband about foreplay, what to do if foreplay is not important for a husband, etc. The fact is that in a long relationship passion subsides and the acuity of sensations is rubbed off. As a result, partners neglect the preparatory stage, limiting themselves to monotonous sex at night. Other married couples, on the contrary, know the techniques of sex so much that they can quickly arouse a partner and bring him to orgasm without foreplay.

Can foreplay harm a relationship?

Regardless of the time of day (morning or night caresses), circumstances (in bed, in the car, anywhere else), age (for young girls or adult guys), stage of the relationship (recent or long), foreplay in intimate life is important and necessary for both partners. Its only disadvantage is the difference in how much time a man needs to caress, and how much his lady needs.

If a man gets too carried away with the satisfaction and preparation of his partner, his erection may simply subside during sex. Therefore, it is important for both to feel the reactions of each other’s body in order to be as excited as possible and to begin the main action in a timely manner. Foreplay does not entail any other harm.

The main mistakes that a man makes in bed

In order for a man not only to understand the description of the techniques and secrets of competent foreplay, but also to translate them into reality, it is important to prevent typical mistakes. There may be several of them:

  • haste to switch to sex;
  • impetuous and abrupt movements;
  • inept handling of erogenous points;
  • applying a hackneyed script;
  • too long foreplay.

In order not to make mistakes in bed, men are offered various video tutorials that need to be watched online for visual training.

Foreplay before sex is an important preparatory step for both partners, but it will take a little longer for women to warm up. And if in men the process of arousal and getting an orgasm is simplified, with ladies everything is somewhat more complicated. The success of sex by 80% depends just on foreplay, since without them most women will not be able to tune in to sexual intercourse and orgasm.

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